Gabi Gabi's day off!

Personal Oct 09, 2021

It's yet another beautiful morning in EroFights City. As the dawn breaks, its inhabitants are slowly waking up from the slumber or finishing their business from last night before heading to bed. The rays of the morning sun slowly replace the lanterns illuminating broad roads, buildings soaring high to the clouds and people swiftly moving towards their destinations.

The City is remarkably quiet as if everyone was carefully watching their steps not to make even the scantiest sound, afraid of waking someone up. Be it a terrifying beast or a sleeping princess...

In a luxurious villa on the hillside, conveniently located on the outskirts of the city, in a lovely district, far from the uproar of the town, lives Gabi Gabi. A young idol who made it to the top of the list in mere weeks from her debut causing a big sensation and making it to the cover page of every single article covering news of the music industry and more! Being the most popular Idol and music artist in the City, all events in which she participates, instantly become the talk of the town.

The same rays of the sun that indolently fall on the EroFights City, fall into Gabi Gabi's room through the broad window that gives her a marvellous view of the City and her private pool. The girl tosses in her bed through her sleep, trying to shirk the light that mercilessly tries to wake her up. Suddenly all her efforts are crossed out as the loud sound of the alarm on her mobile goes off and abruptly ends her nap.

"Hnnn..." - The young girl groans as she stretches her body, ignoring the alarm.

"Why have I chosen such a terrible ringtone... I should have gone with one of Clara ara's songs..." -She says to herself as she tosses the duvet aside and sits on the edge of her vast bed that could easily fit 2 or 3 more people in.

Gabi Gabi slowly opens her eyes only to discover that her line of sight is blocked by messy strands of her hair loosely falling all over her face. With few swift moves of her delicate hands, she restores her 20/20 vision and gets her silky hair back in something that was neither orderly nor completely chaotic. She looks around her room, watching the pink walls, oak furniture with beautiful adornments, all themed in a very girly style. Her eyes keep searching for something until they stop on a giant 2m tall bear plushie with a pink ribbon tied around its neck.

"There you are, Mr Tuffy!" - The girl says with a joyous tone in her voice, looking at the giant bear stuffed on top of her gargantuan wardrobe. One of many she has to store all the clothing. She gets off the bed, feeling her feet, which were a few centimetres above ground, meet the soft and fluffy fabric of the white carpet that covers the whole room.

Her hand finally reaches for her mobile and unplugs it from the charger, belatedly turning that alarm off. She giggles and starts browsing her Spotify, looking for her morning playlist...

"Where is it...?" - She asks herself, lost in the countless playlists she made for various occasions. As she's browsing through the titles, she often stops for a moment to get lost in the reminiscence of past events...

"Oh! I remember that! I made that one when I was waiting in the staff room at the Nurse Cosplay Event! I think I still have some pictures... I wish Clara ara were there..." - The girl says when she finally says when she settles on a playlist.

As the music swiftly fills the room Gabi Gabi starts going through the gallery on her mobile, looking at all the pictures she has taken since she arrived at the EroFights City. The airport, the streets, convents, parties and of course concerts... She almost gets lost in all these memories but a sudden realisation that she's late makes her snap out of it.

"Kyaaa! I'm running late already! " - She shouts and leaps towards her bathroom, which is connected directly to her bedroom. She quickly brushes her teeth to the rhythm of part-time lover by Stevie Wonder and washes her face with Ellie Goulding, gracefully lending her voice. After a bit of a struggle with her entangled hair, she finally gets them in order and looks at herself in the mirror.

"Someone's looking especially beautiful today hehe..." - She states grinning broadly - " But something is not right..." - she keeps starring at her pretty face, smooth skin and her perfectly combed hair adorned with a pretty blue hairpin. All of them are in a perfectly neat state...  Suddenly it dawned on her:

"DEAR LORD! I'M STILL IN MY PYJAMAS!" - She stormed off her bathroom straight into the cloakroom. The chamber itself was even bigger than the bedroom. Several wardrobes for cloaks, dresses, skirts and a big space designated for shoes. With Katy Perry providing the music cover for the moment she started assembling her attire... It was a battle that would take a separate chapter to describe so let's skip that... As soon as she finishes dressing up she takes a look at herself in the mirror. She keeps posing for a while and finally with a nod of approval she gets to her bedroom only to notice that her maid is already waiting for her.

"Lisa! Morning! I overslept a little tee-hee..." - Gabi Gabi says slightly blushing. The maid nods and leads the idol to the Dining Room where the breakfast is ready. Pancakes with maple syrup and a cup of tea that perfectly finishes the combination. She turns the broad TV on and keeps switching channels while nomming on the delicious snacks her maid prepared. As she's sipping her tea she recalls the ball after her debut... She never was the one to drink as all so even the smallest amount of alcohol makes her tipsy and all breaks are out once it happens...

As soon as she finished her first glass of wine she became all giggly and she started flirting with random people. Fortunately, nothing happened since the party ended soon after.

A little bit embarrassed about that memory Gabi Gabi quietly keeps nomming on her delicious pancakes while watching the TV. She dismissed these thoughts and focuses on EroFights Style, her favourite TV station where fashion and lifestyle are discussed. By weird coincidence, the programme is about her and her daily lifestyle. The presenter keeps mentioning numerous facts about Gabi Gabi such as where her debut was.

That is what makes the girl recall the day of the debut as well... She still had long hair and she debuted at "The Evening Nip".  A place owned by Countess Sasha. It has its own unique ambience that is very overwhelming for people who aren't regulars. Given that Gabi Gabi has never performed prior to that she was incredibly stressed... And her style was a lot different too. Still, it ended up with a big success and songs that she sang on that night were ones that constitute her first album.

Suddenly Gabi Gabi takes a look at her mobile to notice that she's 40 minutes behind the schedule... Not that it's something out of ordinary...

"Crap..." - She takes the last bite of the pancake, grabs her bag and changes into more casual attire. Her driver is already waiting in the car and 25 minutes later the girl safely arrives at the dance studio she practices at. Usually, that's where she comes every 2nd day to keep working on her choreography but today she only has to deliver some papers and meet with her manager.

"Well... Apart from the boring stuff maybe I can hang out with girls... It would be nice to go to the Evening Nip again" - She thought. The building itself was located in the centre of EroFights city, in the vicinity of Discordia, a massive hotel where most newcomers live. Some stay some decide to move out but Discordia is undeniably a place to keep in mind.

She pushes the door in and enters inside. The lady sitting at the reception immediately recognises her and smiles at the girl. Gabi Gabi reciprocates the smile and takes the elevator upstairs. The 5th Floor is where the studio is located. The place where she visits the most. Out of habit without thinking too much she presses the button and waits as the door to the elevator close and reopen a few moments later.

She slowly walks towards the changing room and opens it with her private key. All female idols training at this studio had one, as well as a private locker to keep their belongings. Still driven by the force of the habit she unlocks the cabinet and takes her dancing clothes out. Suddenly she hears a familiar voice from behind:


"KYAAAA!?" - Gabi Gabi screams surprised, dropping her keys to the ground. She turns around and recognises the guest with a single glance.

"Clara! Nice to see ya! Don't you have your practice in the evening?" - The Idol asked her colleague.

"No? I thought you had a day off so we moved ahead of the schedule... I'm quite surprised to see you here in fact" -

Gabi Gabi went silent for a moment, gathering her thoughts... She has practice, right? She always has the practice at this time... After a moment she realises that she doesn't have the class today... Only meet the manager... Her cheeks turn red again...

"OH MY GAWD... I'M SUCH A GOOFBALL" - She says, ignoring the fact that Clara ara can hear every single thing.

"U-uhm! I should keep going... The manager must be waiting!"

Clara ara only giggled making way for Gabi Gabi who stormed the exit and took the stairs to get one floor up, right to the manager's office. There she takes a look at the secretary who's glaring at her, displeased with the delay... Gabi Gabi reaches inside the bag... Finds the file with the documents... And notices a big heart-shaped box with chocolates on the other side of the room... Her hand slowly takes the papers out... Places them on the secretary's desk and Gabi Gabi is gone. So are the chocolates.

A few moments later she's already before the studio, back on the street. It took her merely a minute to run 6 floors down and leave with a random box of chocolates... Heavily panting from the sudden physical exercise, the girl smiles and slowly lifts the lid only to discover the endless abysmal void that filled in the box. It wasn't just empty. It was EMPTY with capital letters.

Disappointed beyond measure she throws the box away into the nearby bin. She takes a look at her limousine... The girl heavily thinks for a good couple of minutes... She wants to go somewhere fun now that she has a day off but she also wants something sweet... That's when it dawned on her again, for the second time this day. Evening Nip. That's where she shall go! She takes her mobile out of her bag and text some friends, inviting them to the place. After all, it's been a while since they did something together...

An hour later Gabi Gabi arrives at her favourite pub. It's a cosy place, rather small at that, but the ambience is really friendly and it has some kind of unique charm. It's also a place where people don't go all crazy when they see her. Last time at the handshaking event there was a guy who had their hand covered in cum. He was swiftly removed but since then Gabi Gabi always wears gloves outside... You never know...

She sits at her favourite table and orders her favourite position from the secret menu. Cherry-Vanilla Frappe with strawberry shortcake. Well, it's not exactly Frappe since there's no coffee and it's mostly flavoured milk with ice cream. She takes the first sip and a wonderful flavour spreads inside her mouth in no time... She keeps enjoying her snacks when her mobile buzzes. These are her friends, they will be late... She sighs and takes a look around the familiar walls. Pictures of champions of the wrestling arena... That's right... This is this sort of a place... She keeps looking around only to spot the belt that is proudly displayed above the bar. Sasha's belt.

Gabi Gabi takes a bit of her cake as she keeps thinking about the place... About people that were inside about stories that happened inside... About bad and good times... She frowns as she tries to recall details of a case she read in the archive... A man named Kip and a girl... Gai Gabi tries to recall her name but to no avail... Both of them visited the place where it fell to ruin... the circumstances are unknown but it's back to life... It would be a pity if such a place were to close...

Gabi Gabi redirected her thoughts and took a look at the screen of her mobile. Is she popular? Yes, yes she is, but is it what she really wants? What's the point of being in the throng if you're but a nameless part of a big machine known as society... Does she have someone to rely on when she struggles? Does the path she had walked so far have any meaning? Do anything she does matter?

Her thoughts wander off to the nurse cosplay event... When part of her costume was missing... She had nobody to turn to... Nobody paid attention as she was crying alone in the corner...

Nobody? She feels as a single tear flows down her cheek... That's not true... She had herself. She always was a strong girl and she has to keep moving forward. She swiftly wipes the tear and regains her composure just in time for her friends to arrive.

Gabi Gabi smiles at them and the fun soon begins! They spend the evening together chatting and playing board games... Gossiping and laughing without looking back.

Soon her sombre thoughts fade away and she's back to her cheerful self. They talk about everything and nothing, having the time of their lives. When the time comes, Gabi Gabi returns to her home laughing and gigging with a broad smile on her face. She rushes upstairs to her room and quickly changes into yet another attire. A neat apron and a nice dress, a perfect outfit to cook in. She walks to the kitchen and starts baking cookies. Her favourite ones, with creme and fruits. Nothing like a treat to end the day after all.

She ends up having to do them twice because the maid accidentally knocked the tray with cookies over. With the snacks ready Gabi Gabi goes back to her room where she relaxes with a book in hand, cookie in her mouth and music on.

But she can't stand doing something so idle for long, she turns the music on and starts dancing and singing for a good hour before she falls to the bed exhausted.

"It has been a good day" - She says to herself. - "I got to spend a lot of time with my friends after all... And hehe, I even got a cute picture of myself! She took her mobile to take a look at it again. "

"I should do it again sometime..." - She puts the device away - "It was a good day... But now sleepies!" - She wraps herself in her pink duvet and falls asleep. Without setting her alarm. Someone's going to be late again...


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