Gabi Gabi vol 2.

Personal Oct 22, 2021

EroFights City, Villa of Gabi Gabi 3:24 am.

"LISSSSAAAAAAAAAA" - a shout of young girl echoes in the corridors of the mansion as she keeps opening one pair of dorrs after another, checking if Lisa, her maid, is there.

"IT'S SUPER IMPORTANT!" - The girl keeps trying to summon her servant but to no avail. - "IF YOU DON'T COME OUT, I'M GONNA REDUCE YOUR SALARY"

With that last sentence, a large wing of the solid oak door moves aside as Lisa, the maid in question, appears in her pyjamas, looking as if she just woke up from a deep slumber, holding a pillow and a cup with the image of two anime characters she adores. Gabi Gabi, the cause of the uproar, gave a quick reproaching look to her maid and with a voice full of discontent stated:

"I can't find my favourite nail polish! It's an absolute disaster! How am I supposed to go out like that? I can't possibly show myself like that to anyone!" - The Idol finally explains what caused her sudden outburst of anxiety. Fortunately, the housemaid is the only other inhabitant of the estate.

"Have you... Have you checked the bottom left drawer, M'lady? The one you always use to store cosmetics for your nails" - Lisa asks, just to verify if the missing item is, in fact, indeed missing.

"O-of course I have!" - Gabi Gabi responds with a stronger note of disapproval than before. - "I wouldn't be as irresponsible as to cause such a ruckus if it wasn't missing! Hmpf!" - The Idol crosses her arms and pouts, turning her head by 34 degrees to the right. The perfect angle, she determined by years of practice and experimentation.

"Shall we check together, M'Lady?" - The other girl asks, knowing her Mistress and her tendency to overlook such things in her constant hurry.

"You can check all you want, but I can tell you that it's not there!" - Gabi Gabi responds with what she thinks is a brilliant and clever retort. The two of them head towards the private bathroom, through Idol's bedroom to confirm the fact that the polish is missing. Lisa opens the aforementioned drawer and instead of somewhat organised contents, she finds proof that the entropy of the universe is always increasing. Chaos in there can only be described by the 2nd law of thermodynamics. The disarray is so immense that the maid immediately decides to make necessary alterations in order to sort everything again.

Given that she was the best of the best she quickly begins her work by emptying the drawer and sorting everything by colour and type of cosmetic. Despite the fact that everything has been put in place there is no sight of the missing nail polish...

"See!? I've told you! It's gone! How can I go anywhere now..." - Gabi Gabi complains to Lisa, now that the fact has been confirmed. One could say that this is but a trivial issue, but Lisa knows better. None of the 74 bottles of polish in the drawer might possibly replace that one. It's a special one designed for Gabi Gabi and her only on her request, and more importantly, it's her favourite one.

"Don't worry, M'Lady. I'll have a new bottle in an hour so you may proceed with your day!" - having said that, Lisa storms off the room to her chamber where she gets dressed and leaves for the only place in the city where she can get that polish. Meanwhile, our Idol idly lays in her bed starring at her mobile. She keeps browsing her Twitter feed, thinking of her schedule for the day... Usually, she'd sleep at this hour, but since she'd have to wake up in an hour or so either way, there is no point in trying to sleep anymore...

Abruptly, she stops scrolling when she notices a post Clara Ara made yesterday. She recently signed a new contract and is going to record a few songs with Gabi Gabi for her new album. That collaboration is supposed to shake the city, but so far, everything has been kept secret. Until now. The girl clicks on the picture attached so she can see the details more clearly... Suddenly she spots something familiar in the locker, right behind Clara... It's her Nail polish! But what is it doing there...

"Well, Lisa is taking care of it, either way, so I might as well forget about it for now..." - the young Idol thought to herself as she resumes her idle scrolling... A few minutes later, another post catches her attention.

It's an ad for the concert she has today in the evening... She has been rehearsing for a long time, but no matter how much she does it, Gabi Gabi can never get rid of that stupid anxiety until she starts singing. Quietly humming, she gets up from her bed and slides into her private cloakroom.

It's always important to have good appropriate attire! Given that Gabi Gabi spends hours trying to pick the perfect one so her fans can appreciate her natural beauty while listening to her songs. She browses through her numerous outfits trying to find the one to her liking... Tries it on, poses a little and finally decides that this one is acceptable.

Suddenly the door open and Lisa slides in holding a fresh container of the missing nail polish. She smiles at Gabi and puts the bottle on the desk.

"Your nail polish, My Lady"

"Thank you, Lisa! You're da best ♥" - The girl responds and sits down getting ready to do her nails. A couple of hours pass on idle activities such as reading, watching the news and listening to music but finally, the time comes for Gabi Gabi to leave for the Evening Nip! After all, the first rule of any public performance is: "Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!" And Gabi Gabi has a firm belief in that notion.

She gets inside her limousine and calls Clara Ara. The idol she works with. No response. The girl tries a couple more times but finally gives up. Instead, she looks through the window and takes a look at the surrounding scenery. The sight beyond the window is truly magnificent. Colourful buildings soaring to the sky, people moving through the streets like cells in the veins. One is certain, EroFights city is alive in its own way. And the place Gabi Gabi is heading now to is nothing else but its very heart.

As she leaves the limousine, the sound of the street immediately reaches her ears.

"Ah... I already miss, the silence of the insulated limousine..." - She thinks to herself as she pushes the door. The pub is empty apart from Sasha sitting at one of the tables, quietly sipping some drink, probably alcoholic from her crystal glass. She idly stares at the belt, displayed above the bar, a relic of the glorious past. One thing must be said about the owner of the pub. In her prime no one was her peer. A truly unparalleled talent in the ring. Gabi Gabi isn't the biggest fan of wrestling but even she has heard of her. Sasha is a celebrity of a kind. A respected individual that is a part of the city council, also known as moderators.

These people are the core citizens, those acknowledged for their contributions, but also character traits and will to work for and with the community, commonwealth all citizens of the town constitute for.

Gabi Gabi and Sasha were well acquainted with each other and that is a fact known by many, but only a few chosen ones know the circumstances in which the two have met. It's a long story... A story that will probably be forgotten with time, merely one of many in the city of EF...

It's been some time since Gabi Gabi arrived in the city... She was known under many titles: Dame Gabriela, Duchess Gabriela even an Empress... But those who gave value, any meaning to these titles were no more...

Gabi Gabi sits at the table, in front of Sasha and grins.

"Long time no see!" - she starts, with a slight giggle following shortly after.

"Indeed, snugglebunny... Long time no see.." - Sasha replied, with a hollow voice as if devoid of any hope and energy - "Long time no see..."

"Still thinking about the..." - Gabi pauses here for a moment carefully observing the reactions of her interlocutor, trying to see if the subject wouldn't be better off avoided - "...Incident from last week?"

"Yeah... That was a real shite..." - The owner responds taking another sip from her glass

"Listen, I know it's hard and we all do with this but at le-" - before Gabi can finish Sasha stops her with a gesture of her hand and points at the pictures of famous wrestlers on the wall behind her.

"Do you know how many of them are gone now? Valeria for example... And you know it's not only wrestlers: Kat, Ramona..." - Sasha starts idly.

"Yes, I know. I remember all of them. I still remember all the people I've met. All the memories we shared. But what is your point?" - the girl responds with a slight note of irritation in her voice

"I don't know if I can keep going forward... Things have changed... It's no longer the place we've known..."

"Of course it isn't! We changed it! We did all we could to make it a better place! AND IT IS ONE. With the help of others, we did it. We fucking did it." - Gabi Gabi says slamming her hand on the table only to take a deep breath - "Look, I know... I get it... Sometimes... Sometimes you just want to screw it all and you feel like that's the end. And maybe it is. Maybe..." - a single tear runs down Gabi's face - "I don't know Sasha... I don't like it... I don't know what I'll do if you'll be gone too..."

"Snugglebunny..." - Sasha starts with a much softer voice but stops allowing a heavy silence to drop in the room. It lasts for a few long seconds until a quiet cry breaks it... It's Gabi fighting her tears, trying to hold them back, hating every single moment of this talk... She just... She refuses to acknowledge it...

A few minutes pass and the door to the pub open as Clara ara and Winston enter inside. Their chatter immediately stops as they feel the heavy ambience between the two girls quietly sitting at the table staring at their feet. The two newcomers sit next to them and instantly spot that Gabi's eyes are red. With a quick exchange of looks with Sasha, Winston immediately grasps the situation. The four of them keep sitting unostentatiously as if they don't exist, waiting for a miracle, for someone to break that heavy silence.

Suddenly Gabi with a slightly shaking voice speaks up - "I... I don't understand... I don't want it to happen... Look Sasha, I'm not doing this without you... I'm not doing this without any of you goddamit. I... don't want you to go... You... You know it's more than a job, hell it's not even about the job, it never was... It was about people... All the fucking time... I... I don't want you to go... I... don't want to go..."

The idol takes a deep breath and continued still struggling to keep calm to any extent

"I... I am stupid, aren't I? I know, I'm causing a lot of trouble and I'm unbearable at times, I know I'm not perfect either but I like what I, we are doing... It's something more than just a label to your name... Maybe not for you but for me... I know... I'm a mess I..."

Suddenly she's interrupted before she can continue by Winston's warm hands wrapping around her body in a tight embrace. Gabi tries her best to grasp what is going on but she can't see much as tears suddenly fill her eyes blurring her vision... But she can tell that Clara and Sasha hug her too... The girl starts crying uncontrollably weeping as never before... She just... Stays there in their warm embrace unable to hold back any longer.
The tears keep running down her small face one after another... It takes good 10 minutes for her to calm down...

"I... I'm sorry... I'm not used to showing this part of me to others... I just... I hate it... I don't want to be perceived as weak... I want others to rely on me, I want to feel that others need me... I..."

"Shhh... It's alright." - Clara stops Gabi from saying anything else as Sasha puts a cup of apple juice and a piece of cheesecake in from of the Idol - "We'll get through this. We're in this together right? " - Winston adds

"Yeah... You're right... We'll manage... We always do. Somehow. I... I wasn't a good friend... But I'll try to do better now... I promise. - Gabi states with a wide smile on her face as she noms on her cake. The ambience becomes lighter and four of them are soon joined by TG, running late because of some appointment. But they're joking and laughing spending awesome time, playing games. A lovely evening.

After some time only Sasha, Gabi and Clara stay given the concert the two idols have to give in the evening. The staff is slowly appearing and it's time to get the place ready. But just before Sasha goes to the bar to prepare the snacks, Gabi grabs her by the sleeve of her shirt and says:

"I... I don't know what the future holds but I'll enjoy all the time you're willing to spend with me... Cuddlemuffin" - she giggled and ran off to change her attire.

Before long the two idols are ready to rock on the stage and open their concert with their new song "It will be alright". Everything goes smoothly and all guests have a lovely time, of course including the idols and the pub owner. But a sequence of good things is a sequence that must terminate.

Soon the night falls and Gabi is back at her residence, exhausted she falls right into her bed, with a head full of thoughts. The concert was lovely, maybe not as big as the main stadium but... That isn't important now to the girl, more concerned with her future. She cried in front of people... She never does that... She hates that... But it felt... She felt as if a heavy burden was removed from her shoulders... Gabi sighs and wipes her glasses.

"Well... I don't know if I can stop it, but what I can do is do my very best. This is something I worked on with my friends and I don't want to let it go. No matter how stupid that is. " - she thought to herself tossing in her bed.

Suddenly the door to her room open and Lisa enters inside. She's holding a cup of hot chocolate and a pillow in the other. She quietly sits on the verge of the bed and hands the cup to Gabi, patting her head with her free hand.

The two of them understand each other without a single word... Lisa is the only person in the world... She felt comfortable confiding in her... She is like a sister to her... A sister she never had... The girl softly leans on the shoulder of her maid, enjoying the sensation of having her cheek tenderly caressed with the back of the maid's hand.

"It's alright, M'Lady... I'm sure you'll figure it out... I'm not sure what's bothering you, but I'm sure you'll make the right choice"

"Mhm...Thank you... Thank you for being here for me, Lisa..." - Gabi mutters quietly slowly sipping the warm chocolate from her favourite cup. - "I think I figured it out... I'm still unsure if that's a good call but I have lovely people around me so when it's tough and hard to make progress, I know I will be able to rely on them... And... Thank you for being one of them, Lisa..."

The two of them stay like that until the cup is empty... Usually, Gabi hates being touched but... Right now she wanted to be tugged in bed... She pulls on the sleeve of her Maid's attire... And without a single word or question, Lisa lays her pillow next to Gabi's and both of them slip beneath the gargantuan duvet...

That night the Idol had a lovely good night sleep... She knew she'll start the new day with a new batch of energy, ready for whatever challenges life has ready for her, confident in her choices as ever. She knew one heavy burden was off her shoulders and that she could be herself... At least a little bit more...


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