Raven Chronicles: A tale of a machine without a purpose

Story Nov 20, 2021




Copyright 2021 YoRHa (R)
Loader v 7.2.1
Exec Version 41.10
256k RAM System
‡‹E ąDç‡ Bytes Free
No external disc found
Load ROM(1): DEITRIX 303


Core system status: Nominal

Initiating the main program...

G.A.B.R.I.E.L.A. -  General assessment (on) Bans, Reports (and) Intelligence, Efficacious Lissom Assistant Initiated.
YoRHA type A No. 3 Special force unit.

Running routine scan...

Danger! Severe damage to the unit detected. Immediate repair required.
Danger! Vision module not found.
Danger! Memory module damaged. Data loss possible.
Danger! Motor system damaged!
Danger! Unit's combat efficiency below the norm!
Danger! Power generator module damaged! Emergency shutdown imminent!

Initiating emergency protocol...

Redirecting resources to core modules...

Emergency protocol active.

Overriding primary directive.

Primary directive changed.

Initiating the program in emergency mode...

"It's so... dark."
Analysis: Vision module not found
"Where am I...? What is this place?"

Analysis: Localisation module disengaged. Emergency mode active

"I... Need to kssshht make necessary repairs..."

Scanning the area...
Spare power module found.

"I won't make it there... Not without vision... I need to fix my sight first..."

Scanning the area...
Spare Vision module found

The machine arduously moved her body around so it was easier to reach for the vision module. Unfortunately, the scanner was influenced by the emergency mode and she wasn't able to tell where precisely it was located.

Danger! Power level below 8%

She tried moving her hands trying to feel it... trying to find anything until finally, her fingers reached something that seemed like a very cluttered shelf... She started browsing the items and moving them away trying to find the promised module.

"It's next to me... It must be there..."

Danger! Power level below 7%

She kept searching until she finally felt the familiar shape beneath her fingers.

"Got it. Only one... Will have to do for now..."

She grabbed it, and with a cold motion, put it inside her head, right in where the right eye would normally be.

Vision module detected...
Danger! Power level below 6%
Vision module: Online

As the android finally managed to restore her sight, at least partially, a sight of a desolate compound unfolded before her. Long gloomy corridors that haven't seen a living soul in ages now fallen into ruin, a reminder of a once glorious past that was no more. She looked around the room she was in, trying to recognise her surroundings but to no avail.

"I need... I need to fix my power generator..."

Danger! Power level extremely low. Emergency shutdown imminent

"I know... I need to hurry..."

The robot tried getting on her feet, but each time resulted in a rather harsh fall as soon as she almost made it to the standing position.

Analysis: Motor system damaged. Leak in hydraulic system detected

"I don't think I'll make it there on my feet then..."

Having no choice, she started crawling on the floor that was probably insufferably cold. Only the fact that she was an android, a machine made to imitate humans protected her from the unfriendly environment. As she kept slithering on the ground she tried recollecting some memories about how she had found herself in this situation but all attempts were cut short with the cold agonising voice of her system. Each time she advanced an inch closer to her destination a new warning was issued.

Danger! Power level extremely low. Emergency shutdown imminent
Danger! Power level extremely low. Emergency shutdown imminent
Danger! Power level extremely low. Emergency shutdown imminent
Danger! Power below 3%. Emergency shutdown imminent

But no matter how many warnings she received, she didn't plan on stopping for even a second. She didn't feel fear nor hesitation, not that she could in the first place. She was only a machine designed to fulfil a task. Feelings weren't part of her program. And now that program told her to restore her body to working condition.

"Almost there... I think I can make it..."

She crawled near the door leading to a workshop. At least that's what the label on the door indicated.

Danger! Power level extremely low. Emergency shutdown imminent

She tried pushing the button near the doors, but the hydraulic lock held them tightly shut.

Analysis: Doors locked.
Analysis: Hydraulic lock damaged
Analysis: Hydraulic pressure of 18 thousand lbs present
Analysis: Force action necessary

"I don't think I have much choice indeed..."

She moved her body again so she leaned with her back against the lower part of the door, placed her hands on a handle of the upper part and started pushing it upwards.

Danger! Power level extremely low. Emergency shutdown imminent
Danger! Power level extremely low. Emergency shutdown imminent

After a while, the lock finally gave up and she managed to open the way, at least partially. She grabbed on the handle and tossed her body over the lower part of the now unlocked gate.

"I'm finally inside... I need to hurry... I'm almost out of power..."

Danger! Power level extremely low. Emergency shutdown imminent
Danger! Power level extremely low. Emergency shutdown imminent
Danger! Power level extremely low. Emergency shutdown imminent
Danger! Power level extremely low. Emergency shutdown imminent
Danger! Power level extremely low. Emergency shutdown imminent
Danger! Power level extremely low. Emergency shutdown imminent

Warnings invaded her relentlessly, not stopping for even a split second now with every single move she made. She knew she won't make it far... She had to find the spare power module as soon as possible... She gazed upon countless shelves and cabinets located in the room, trying to spot anything that would resemble the part she was searching for when suddenly her vision went black.

Danger! Power level extremely low. Emergency shutdown imminent
Danger! Power level extremely low. Emergency shutdown imminent
Power level extremely low. Vision module disengaged. Emergency shutdown imminent

"I need to make it... I just... Need to."

The cyborg didn't hesitate for long. The lack of vision didn't move her at all. After all, it simply made her task harder, but no matter how abysmal the chance to succeed was, she had to try. That was what she was programmed for. She kept crawling and searching the boxes, cases, tables and shelves, trying to feel for anything that would resemble the module.

Scanning the area
Error. Scanning disabled due to low power level

She kept searching. And searching. Finally, she reached a case with some kind of latch. It was big and heavy and as she moved it, a sound of metal clacking reached her ears. She unlatched the box and reached inside it.

"I found it! Now I nee-"

Power level dangerously low.
Emergency shutdown initiated
Shutdown in: 10

"I need... to make it..."
Shutdown in: 9

She moved her hand to her chest to open the panel covering her damaged power module.

Shutdown in: 8

With one swift motion and zero hesitation, she grabbed it and started pulling with all her might trying to get it open as soon as possible.

Shutdown in: 7

She kept pulling but she was a fine android. One of the best models. Durable, never fails, the very fact she was able to reboot her system was the proof of this. But the polymer she was made of stayed untouched.

Shutdown in: 6

She kept pulling, trying to rip that chest apart. She can fix it later. But if the power runs out, it's all over.

Shutdown in: 5

The material started giving up... A small hole was formed in her chest, revealing the inside modules and machinery.

Shutdown in: 4

She opened it just enough, just enough to make the exchange.

Shutdown in: 3

She ripped the old module out, tossing it away

Shutdown in: 2

She reached for the new module with her hand but she couldn't find it. She couldn't see it. It was nowhere to be found.

"Where i-"

Power level critical.
Shutdown initiated.
Disabling the core systems

Suddenly the room went silent again, as the android went offline once more...





Copyright 2021 YoRHa (R)
Loader v 9.3.7
Exec Version 51.07
1024k RAM System
502 137 342 385 284 239 213 Bytes Free
No external disc found
Load ROM(1): Unknown


Core system status: Nominal

Initiating the main program...

G.A.B.R.I.E.L.A. -  General assessment (on) Bans, Reports (and) Intelligence, Efficacious Lissom Assistant Initiated
YoRHA type A No. 3 Special force unit.

Running routine scan...

Attention! Unknown components detected.
Attention! Calibration necessary.

Initiating calibration...

All systems nominal.

Initiating the programme...

As the machine opened her eyes, she was immediately blinded by an intense white light that seemed to come from directly above her. Trying to avoid it she tried turning her head but no matter which direction she tried, the light relentlessly kept blocking her vision.

Attention! Vision module calibration in process. Please stand by.

She couldn't tell much since new components weren't yet fully operational but she managed to determine she was laying on some kind of metal table or bench.

"Seems that I'm online again... I need to check my status..."

Running routine scan
Calibration of new components in progress
All systems nominal

"That's strange... But I don't think the system is damaged. Someone must have repaired me."

Motor module online

The android finally regained control of her limbs and as soon as she did so she tried getting off the table, only to be stopped by some kind of shackles on her wrists and ankles. She tried yanking with both her legs and hands but to no avail. Whatever held her in place was made so it could resist her attempts to breach this temporary containment.

"So I'm locked here... I need more data..."

Scan initiated
Please stand by
Scan complete

"I see... I'm in some kind of... facility. The number of floors is enormous... And the said facility is certainly erected above ground... it must be visible from afar...*

Accessing database...
Error. No data found

"And there's no data on such a facility either... I should get out of here...*

The machine tugged again, trying to rip the shackles off, again not achieving the desired outcome. Suddenly her optics started becoming clearer and clearer, till the complete disappearance of the white light blocking her sight.

Vision module online

The android looked around at its surroundings. She was in a white, clean room, one that very much reminded a laboratory with all kinds of advanced devices and high-tech innovations laying all over the place. She tried getting up, only to be reminded about her restraints. She directed her sight to them. A set of 4 metal fetters kept her tightly locked in place.

Unknown Alloy. 32.7% Iron, 10.1% Titanium, 7% Radium, 51% other metals and salts

The girl kept looking around and she noticed a huge cable attached to the bottom of the table. She traced the other end connected to a port of a huge computer unit. She glanced over to the monitor displaying all sorts of complicated code and numbers.

Standard Issue Computer Unit
Tech data available
Current task: Idle

"I should try getting these off first..."

Force usage suboptimal.
Hacking possible.
Calculating scenario...
Initiate hacking...

The android carefully observed the progress bar on her HUD, when suddenly she heard the sound of a hydraulic lock being disengaged, soon followed by the sound of footsteps of people entering the room.

3 unknown entities detected
Caution advised

Given that she needed to buy time until the hacking is complete, she tried acting as if she was still offline. Even if it won't buy her much time, it will at least push it a little back in time.

"Please check the status, Michael" - A man with an Asian accent said to what seemed like one of his assistants.

"On it, Professor"

"Do we have any scheduled tasks for today, Dr Li?" - The same man, turned to his right now and asked his other colleague.

Audio recording started

"Yes, the Director wants us to hasten the process of bringing the android back into working condition. They were really persistent this time and I don't think we will be able to prolong it much longer."

"That's crazy! When we found her, she was as good as a piece of junk with some sophisticated software! Even if we manage to launch the system it will take time to get her accustomed to new parts!"

Statement confirmed true

"Sir...? She's online." - Michael, the assistant checking the PC unit said, interrupting the other scientist in his livid rant.

Recording terminated
Initiating combat mode...
Error. Safety engaged.

Android yanked on her shackles once more, trying to break free. Once more achieving nothing apart from screams from the surprised research team.

Hacking: 60% completed

"Where am I? Who are you? Why are you keeping me here?" - The girl started asking the researchers, trying to buy more time and maybe get some useful information about her whereabouts. After a brief moment, necessary for the scientists, their leader finally spoke:

"We're currently in the Dharma tower. A facility designed for research and maintenance of high-end technology. I'm prof. Koizumi Mitsuo and I'm the lead researcher of the "Omega" project. I'm... We are the ones who brought you back into working condition. These are my assistants. Dr Michael Shaw and Dr Clara Li."

Statement confirmed true
Hacking 63%

"Fixed me?"

Hearing the question, the man working on the PC unit responded:

"Our scavenger team found you in a really bad condition. Almost all core modules were destroyed and you had a big hole in the chest. In other words... A piece of junk with very sophisticated software. It's a miracle we made it work. It took almost 7 months. Spare parts... You can't buy them. We had to make everything from the scratch"

Statement confirmed true
Hacking 65%

When Michael finished the female doctor took over and continued:

"We had to develop new alloys that will be able to handle massive g-force and provide decent protection from possible attacks and the effects... Well, they are beyond any expectations. A direct hit of a nuclear missile wouldn't leave a scratch on you now."

Statement confirmed true
*Hacking 68%

"Why are you keeping me locked here?"

Warning. Subjects have heightened stress levels. Caution advised.

The question echoed in the room, putting an end to the conversation just like a gunshot to the head. Soon, nothing but the heavy sound of silence was left. The researchers kept giving awkward looks to each other, knowing the android is carefully observing their every move. The 3 of them had a lot to explain to her, and a long day full of different procedures and checkups was ahead of them.



Hey! Gabi here! I know the ending may feel kinda prematurely cut but in fact that's what I have intended! The original piece is about 15 thousand words and I decided to split it into few parts so it's easier to read and well, you can always look forward to the new chapter! I hope I managed to pick your interest and you're looking forward to see the next part of the adventures of the android!

In the next chapter we'll learn a lot about the world and the reality she found herself in so make sure to read it thoroughly once it is published!


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