The Chronicles of Dame Gabriela's Mansion Chapter 4: The Fox

Erotica Jul 31, 2021

Lisa Smith stood proudly, her posture clearly indicative of the education, as well as the social manners, that had been taught to her for years when she was still an apprentice maid.
As usual, her hair was impeccably styled, pulled together in a ponytail adorned with a ribbon, perfectly matching her attire.
Being the personal lady-in-waiting of the Duchess' herself, she had to be an impeccable example of what a maid should be. Flawless demeanour was necessary and any deviations were severely punished.

But Lisa Smith, the most renowned maid in the whole mansion would never need to worry about such trivial things. After all, she'd never allow herself for any shortcomings. Her fixation on this was so strong that it even defied basic laws of physics preventing and creases to appear on her elegant black maid's dress no matter what.

This attitude, as well as her position within the domain, had earned her today a relatively special task.
The Lady was absent today, on a delegation to a distant place called "Erofights," but Lisa Smith did not have the audacity or the right to question the Lady. All she had to worry about was the completion of the task given to her ...

She glanced at the Kitsune in front of her ... The Lady had ordered her to train the young maids of the Manor, and show them some ... "techniques" ... for the day when and if they too, would have to go to this unique and bizarre site. In other words, she had to show them how to serve, and best fulfil a man's desires. And the creature in front of her would make a perfect guinea pig ...

Slowly, yet decisively, she stepped forward, the sound of her Mary Janes' heels, black and patent, echoing through the room with every step.
In order to serve a man, it was necessary to know his vices, his urges, and to make the best use of them. A well-trained individual needs only a glance to determine all they need... All the small movements of the body, small reactions and expressions... It all gave a hint... Indication of what you should do...

But here, there was no need for that ... She stopped in front of the Kitsune, and smiled at him. She already knew all his weaknesses...

In an instant, the top of her leather boot met Fox's crotch, causing a wave of immense pleasure mixed with pain to go through his body.
A fast, well-placed kick. She watched the Kitsune's facial expressions change from shock to pain to intense pleasure as she pulled her foot away, letting him fall to his knees in front of her.
A muffled murmur ran through the ranks of the young maids carefully observing the whole situation, blended with a few exclamations of surprise, and a few quick and muffled giggles.
Lisa Smith turned around to face her audience.

“Lesson number one!
To give proper service, you need to understand the kinks of your customer!”

Without further ado, she stared at the Kitsune, still kneeling, and sent the tip of her shoe to meet his crotch again, before turning back to her audience, not paying attention to the Fox collapsing to the ground.

“And it’s really important to understand his limits too! You need to give him pleasure, not destroy him! ”

One of the maids, hand over her mouth, looking shocked, shyly raised her arm, and spoke when the first-class maid motioned to her, allowing for the question to be posed.

“B-But… that looks so painful…”

Lisa Smith smiled.

“Ballbusting is a really uncommon and unusual kink, where people are able to experience pleasure by feeling their manhood getting kicked and tormented in various ways.
This Fox… - she pointed to the man who was somehow able to get back on his feet - loves this, especially kicks, or knees...”

As if to prove her point, a conspicuous bump appeared between his legs, reassuring everyone present that it was indeed what he was into.

“And after this, he's just feeling even hornier!”

Lisa Smith motioned for the young maid to approach, which she shyly did.
The clothes worn by apprentices differed from those worn by experienced maids. It was a kind of code, making it possible to tell a person's status just by their appearance. Of course, the differences were not major because the outfits had to respect a kind of uniformity.
It was mostly less embellishment, lace ... and very important detail here, flat, strappy shoes, similar to the Mary Janes worn by the maids already in service, but without heels.
Lisa Smith led the young maid and made her stand right in front of the Fox who was clearly anticipating what was about to come.

“See? Now he’s just asking for more… ”

The young maid gazed hesitantly at the Kitsune, then suddenly swung her leg back before throwing her foot between Fox's legs.
Lisa Smith immediately spotted several mistakes in the technique, but that didn't seem like a problem for the kitsune, who moaned loudly as he collapsed again.

“Well done! It was slightly off but not bad for the first attempt!”

The apprentice, embarrassed at first, widened her eyes, then smiled, seeing the bulge in the pants getting bigger again…. What Lisa Smith also noticed, of course.

“Now, it’s time to proceed with Lesson number 2! Because the subject here doesn’t have only this kink! So we need to completely fulfil his needs!”

She knelt down, expertly gripping and removing the Kitsune's pants and underwear, revealing his private parts to the whole room.

“Here, the customer is already having a full erection, and we can see there isn't any visible damage!”

Her gloved hand gripped his penis and began a slow up and down massage.

“Does anyone here have any idea what his other kinks are?”

She gripped his penis harder, and with both hands, began to jerk it firmly, as the Kitsune kept moaning, driven by the pleasure he was constantly forced to experience. The maid who just kicked him spoke again:

“I… I guess he could have… a foot fetish?”

Lisa Smith nodded, as her hands ruthlessly pumped the Kitsune's penis, forcing an even more audible moan.

"Exactly! The subject here has a Foot Fetish, but it also includes, in his case, of course, shoes and the scent! You have to fulfil all these desires at the same time to provide maximum satisfaction and excitement! ”

With a confident gesture, she took off her right shoe and pressed it against the Kitsune's face, so that his nose was trapped inside it.
The reaction was instantaneous.
The Fox's tail stopped and his penis jerked violently in her hand.

“This reaction means the subject has reached an edge!
His kinks, cumulated with a good stimulation, are making the service easier if you use them correctly!"

Then she resumed the movement, oscillating with one hand, while the other held her elegant shoe firmly pressed against the Kitsune's face.
She made him do a few more edges, then stopped, and stood up.

“Soo… the subject seems to be already close to cum, but that wouldn’t be a good thing to finish your service without exploiting all his kinks!
After all, we’re here to please the customer… ”

She put her shoe back on, leaving the Fox on the ground, panting, ears raised, eyes filled with pleasure.

“There are many ways to provide good stimulation! Of course, a good handjob is one of the basics you have to master… but you can obtain a similar effect with other parts of your body!
So who has an idea of ​​how we could finish properly our service here? ”

She turned to the group of apprentices, who were now watching the scene curious and excited.
A voice then said:

“With our feet!”

Lisa Smith smiled, apprentices were learning quickly ...

“With your feet, indeed…
So you will all rub him with your feet, and you have to make him edge at least 100 times, using only your feet, or your shoes, and what you have learned here! And that will be the end of the lesson ”

Lisa Smith turned her back to the group, as the apprentice maids walked over to the Kitsune. She walked to a seat, before sitting down, and observed the scene with obvious satisfaction.

The apprentices literally walked over him, putting their stocking-clad feet all over his body, placing their soles on his nose, or imitating their mentor and pushing their shoes on his face.
The more ambitious rubbed their feet on his penis, slowly, or very quickly, as the Kitsune's tail swayed uncontrollably, reacting to the intense pleasure that ran through his body.
A few of them, including the one that has tried kicking the Fox earlier, even took the opportunity to kick his private parts a few times, with or without their shoes, triggering a general burst of laughter when “pre-cum” began to come out.
Despite their inexperience, none of them pushed him too far, and they kept him on the verge of ejaculation, never making him cum.
Lisa Smith even saw two of them team up to perform a "double footjob", each with one foot on either side of his penis, moving in rhythm. This exercise was particularly difficult, and she would soon personally congratulate these two apprentices. ..

The end of the day came ... and the lesson was already over... The inhabitants of the Mansion were slowly getting ready to sleep, until only the night staff was still awake, ensuring surveillance and protection of the Manor and its guests ...

Lisa Smith was standing in the great hall of the Manor.
The Lady had returned, and she had to report to her.
When permission was given, she entered a long sequence of corridors, before entering a sumptuous room, set back in the palace.
Being a First Class Maid acquired her permission to access certain wings of the estate, including this one.
The Lady's personal bedroom.
She was there, sitting and silently leafing through a huge book, her favourite tea lying on the table right next to her, still steaming.

“Hmmm? ~ Come in please, my dear Lisa~
I guess you have something to report, right?~ ”

Lisa Smith stepped forward, bowing, and then began her report to the Lady... When she was done, the Duchess had an amused expression on her face and with a very feminine and playful voice she said:

“Hmm~ My my~
You did a really good job here~
And where's my Foxxxy now?~ ”

“He’s in the special room, as you ordered it, Madame… I tied him up to the ceiling and left him here, as instructed”

The Lady smiled, and took a sip of tea, before raising an eyebrow.

“Is that some new shoes Lisa?
I don't recall asking you to change them ”

Lisa bowed

“My apologies for my misdeed Madame, but I allowed myself to leave the old pair with the Kitsune… He seemed to really like the scent”

The Lady's gaze shone, and she smiled as she took another sip.

“That’s a wonderful idea~
But ... I'm sure he'd enjoy mine more~ ”

The Lady pointed to a pair of shoes in the corner of the room.

“Please, be sure to let him have a taste of these~”

Lisa bowed

“I'll do as you wish Madame ”

She turned on her heels, ready to go.

“Hmmm~ Lisa?~
I have another task to give you~
Until I come and make my Foxxxy cum personally with a strappy~
Would you like to stroke him to the edge ten times each day?~
But no cummies for my Foxxxy~
Not until I allow it~ ”

Lisa bowed once more, grabbed the shoes, and left the Duchess' Wing.
She had a job to do ...
And she would not disappoint the Lady ...



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