Tourney Calendar Update

Feb 22, 2023

Hello EroFights users!

I'm here to bring you all an update about our tournament schedule!

We've noticed a few problems with our current schedule, namely with staff fatigue. Believe it or not, running tournaments where contestants have conflicting time zones in a timely manner can be a bit tiring!

To counteract this, we have decided to change the schedule up, and the tournaments themselves.

JAN - FEB: Lesbian Wrestling Ring
FEB - MAR: The Wrestling Ring
JUN - JUL: Classic
AUG - SEP: EroPets
SEP - OCT:  Hentai Halloween

The biggest change you will notice is that the regionals and December invitational have been replaced. This is for a few reasons that I'll explain in a bit.

They have been replaced with a Classic tournament and a Hentai tournament, the latter replacing the old Halloween tournament. This gives us a tournament for all 4 modes, and Eropets, which was very well received in its last iteration.

The issues with the Regionals and the Invitational

First and foremost, America/NA and Europe are the majority, but not all of EroFights' user base. Having two of the largest tournaments being region locked can lead to users in Asia, Oceania, etc. being left out.

Secondly, these tournaments use both Classic and Hentai, which isn't an issue for most, but some users only want to play one or the other.

These two factors, combined with TWR and LWR having their own tournaments, lead us to scrapping the regionals and replacing them with the modes themselves, open to all regions.

With the regionals gone, the December Invitational was soon to follow, with it being more connected to them and not particularly fitting with the new schedule.

We hope that by restructuring tournaments, we can better serve the community by delivering high-quality tournaments, and also prevent burnout by staff, competitors, and spectators, and ensure that tournaments remain events that are worthy of anticipation!

Have a good day, and good luck competitors!

Phoebe Sunrise

Hiya~! EF's favorite Inu has a blog now! Just looking to have some fun, and now bring you all tourneys!