A first meeting

Jun 4, 2022

Nervousness grips me. I sit anxiously, waiting at the cafe. Across the street, the package station sits, empty parking around it. I’m on my third cup of coffee, looking around constantly, knowing that you will come, hoping to see you, fearing how you'll react. My mind plays out every possible scenario.

It was five days ago, I went silent in chat. You, my sweetheart, messaged me every day, wishing and hoping that I come back online, telling me how much you love me, how much I matter. I watched your postings from the shadows. It broke my heart, to see you in such worry, but had to stay strong, or I would ruin everything.

For six months, we've been together, introduced in an Erofights chat room. Grinning to myself, remembering my online persona grinding on the lap of a rather sweet blushing sub, when you arrived, and challenged me to pleasure you at the same time. How could I refuse; you so confident, knowing what you wanted. Myself; euphoric from being the centre of your attention.

My reminiscing is interrupted, as I see a man in a winter coat, approaching the package station. I watch intently, then sigh in disappointment, seeing he approached he wrong box. Taking another sip, my coffee empty once again, I wave over the waitress, and ask for another.

Since that day, we played together, so much. You'd find me in matchmaking, and pulled me into your erotic fantasies. I'd hunt you down in group chats, and tease you until you begged for release. I wouldn't always give you what you wanted, and it drove you wild.

Smiling blissfully, my coffee arrives. I take a sip as I remember how we became even closer. You found a mistress, that satisfied your desire to try chastity play. At first I was a little sad, bringing you to orgasm after countless edges was my favourite activity. You were the one I wanted most to talk to, every day, every night. Desperate to hold onto that connection, I begged you, to let me join you in chastity. Of course you said yes, thrilled that I’d want to share this with you. Myself nervous, having never had the courage before, to wear a cage for more than an hour or two. I couldn't have known then, how much I would love it. How much I would love sharing my desires, my frustrations with you, revealing my most taboo thoughts, and wants, as my arousal breaks through my fears of reprisal.

What made it most special though, I found a kindred spirit in you. The interests we have, the desires that move us so similar. After two weeks of chastity together I encouraged you into such a submissive state that you were able to handle your largest of toys, a goal you'd only dreamed about. And in reciprocation, you dominated me for hours, taking dildos and vibrators of increasing sizes, until finally I learned to climax hands free. Submitting to each other’s lust-driven needs became our greatest joy for weeks on end.

We understood each other, accepted each other, proved to each other that we weren't the alone, in a society that finds us abhorrent for our kinks.

Idly watching a woman approach the packing station, her low heels clicking on the payment, stockings occasionally showing as the gentle breeze billows her long skirt. She reaches up to one of the boxes, and pulls out her parcel, holding it against her narrow waist as she strides off. The last I see of her is a wave of her long brunette hair, as she rounds the corner.

Anxiously, I wonder how long you'll be. Will you be excited to see me? Or will you be scared, finally meeting in person? I can only hope for the prior at this point. Having travelled all the way from the states to your hometown, fighting language barriers and learning local customs, I finally made it here. Amazed at myself for doing all this, well beyond my comfort zone of small town and computer communication. The hardest part though, was by far watching from the shadows, as you searched for me.

The first day I watched as you roamed the chat rooms looking for any sign me, only to be found wanting. I could see the worry build in you, I’d rarely been offline more than to sleep, and it had now been a whole twenty-four hours. So badly I wanted to come forward. Only one day into my plan, and I was about to cave. But I had to stay strong. I had boarded my plane, and said goodbye to cell signal for the next 4 days. From airport, to train station, hotel to hotel, I finally made it here to this Cafe. And across the street, the package box that you registered, when I begged for a place to  send you a gift. Grinning to myself as I remember the amazement in your voice when you called me, ecstatic and giddy with love, when you receive a bouquet of pink roses.

I shift in my seat, remembering airport security, having to explain to the security woman the device locked onto my package, and why I couldn't remove it for the scanner. Being pulled aside to a private room, the invasive pat-down, so much more contact than I’d had before. But after all this, it'll be worth --

I tense, seeing a small car park haphazardly near the package station. The door flung open, a figure in a hooded sweatshirt barbells out of the car, and runs to the lockers.

Breathing heavily, I watch him approach that one special bin. I hurriedly make my way across the street, eyes on you as you retrieve my letter. At last, you pull back the hood, and from the side, I finally get to see your face in person. My god, you're beautiful! I get a weakness in the knees, and hold onto the side of your car as you open the envelope, and a small key falls out. Admiring your form, as you bend over, your eyes widen as you realize what it is. A smile lights up your face, I watch you hurriedly take out your phone to message me, as you walk back to your car. You're almost upon me as you finally look up.

You gasp, shaking your head in disbelief, as I stand there, blushing furiously, shyly returning your gaze. "Umm...surprise!"

You just stare at me, in shock. I squirm under your gaze, afraid I crossed a line. I start stammering, "I umm, am sorry I've been missing, I haven't had a phone for days, and i--"

Suddenly you leap forward, wrapping me in your arms, and kissing my, eagerly, passionately! melting into your embrace, I wrap my arms around you, returning your kisses as voraciously as you give them.

Pulling back, I see your joyous smile, your eyes watery and you at last speak. "You're here! Sweetheart, how..? why..?"

"Because", I reply, my own eyes watery, "because I love you."