A Fox's Past 7

EF Novella Feb 3, 2021

Winston walked down the hallway past the bedrooms of the Beach House.

He was worried.

It had been a week ... a week since he had last seen the young Kitsune.

Not the slightest hint of a tail swinging behind a piece of furniture, ears sticking out from behind a table, or a light on in the pantry late at night when Fluffy tried to steal food.

He quickened his pace.

A week since the letter...

Obviously he had looked sad while reading it, it had been hard for him too ...

He stopped in front of the bedroom door, and grabbed the doorknob.

He just hoped that ...

He opened the door, and was dazzled by the sunlight.

He entered the bedroom, looking around for a pair of ears, or a bushy tail.

The bed was unmade, the pillow soaked ... a letter lying right next to the futon ... the letter she had given him ...

Empty papers were strewn on the bedroom floor, probably having contained food… but no trace of the fox.

He glanced around the bathroom, the bathtub was empty, and it looked like it hadn't been used recently.

There was no trace of the Kitsune inside ...


He walked to the balcony door, which was slightly ajar… and sighed in relief.

There he was… asleep, on the floor.

His tail was ruffled, his coat, once silky, now looked dull, lackluster.

His skin was pale, much more than usual ... and it seemed to him that he had lost weight as well ...

Other than that, he looked fine, he was relieved ...

But deep down, he still couldn't help but be angry. This silly fox ...

Leaving him alone hadn't been a good idea, so he was going to take matters into his own hands!

Sensing his presence, the fox awoke, staring at Winston with reddened eyes.


The Fox looked at him, then looked at his mistress's letter.

Winston followed his gaze ...

"Do you miss her that much Fluffy?"

The Fox nodded, tears appearing again at the edges of his eyes.

"So why don't you try to write her a letter?"

The Fox looked at him in disbelief.

"I write to her regularly, and I think she would be happy if you write to her too."

His tail began to move slowly, his eyes lit up.

Winston smiled ...

The paper was on the table, the pen in the hands of the Fox, who was staring at him.

“Go ahead, Fluffy! Write! ”

He looked at the paper… but his hand remained still, in the air.

Winston sighed… and he pulled a letter out of his pocket.

"Here, read this, Fluffy, this is the letter I was planning to send her today."

The Fox picked up the letter, and read it for what seemed like an eternity to Winston.

He looked up, thought for a moment, and began to write, first shakily, then more confidently.

Winston smiled, and walked out of the room, the Fox had found inspiration… best left him alone for now.

He lifted the pen ... and reread the lines he had written.

It wasn't perfect, he knew… but he didn't think he could do better.

He jumped up from the chair, and grabbed the sheet.

Now he had to find Winston to give him his letter.

He left the room, and ran down the hall, letter in hand, his tail swinging behind him.

He ran down the stairs, and entered the bar.


Winston was there, right in front of him, looking at him, taken aback.

"Are you done already?"

The fox handed Winston his letter. Grabbing it, he looked at him.

"Can I read it?"

The Kitsune nodded, and stepped back, as Winston began to read ...

He knew what he had written was not extraordinary.

Winston's letter was much better than his.

Winston looked up.

"Fluffy ... it's beautiful ..."

His ears pricked up on his head, his tail wagging quickly behind him.

“We're going to send it to her, okay?”

He followed Winston, who inserted the letter into a strange device, which began to vibrate, emitting light.

"And here it is… she received your letter"

He looked at Winston without understanding

“It's a device that allows you to exchange messages, no matter the distance.

So when you send a message, the recipient receives it immediately. ”

He wagged his tail, and his belly made a loud noise ...

Winston smiled.

“I'll go get you something to eat, Fluffy”

He sat down in the seat, and waited for Winston, his tail wagging slowly behind him.

The device began to vibrate, and emit light again.

He pricked up his ears as a letter came out of the device.

He caught it on the fly, and began to read it.

Winston came out of the kitchen, carrying a plate, and looked at him.

“Fluffy? Is that her answer? What did she say ?"

Winston put the plate on the counter, the Kitsune said nothing, handing the letter to Winston, who grabbed it, quickly devouring its contents.

He looked towards the beach, visible through the windows of the Beach-House.

His tail swayed slowly behind his back.

Winston looked up, smiled, pushing the plate towards him, and returned his attention to the letter.

He felt a hint of jealousy rise in him as he reread it.

He put the letter down next to the Fox, who lifted his head, mouth full, and immediately sank back into the plate, his tail swaying quickly.

Winston shrugged, and walked back to the kitchen… something told him that the silly Fox wouldn't be full after he finished his plate...

A few days had passed ... and the Beach House was back to business.

EroFights began to welcome more and more people, and you could, even at night, see a queue in the arenas of the city ...

The number of residents of the Beach-House had also grown considerably, and Winston had ended up hiring domestic staff.

The corridor was still dark, the rising sun darting its first rays above the horizon ...

A door opened ... and two long ears popped out, followed by a curious head.

The Kitsune looked left and right, before jumping happily out of his room.

As usual, it was early, and he was unlikely to meet anyone in the Beach-House at this hour.

But anyway, he had no intention of staying here.

He hopped down the hall, smoothly down the stairs, sneaking up to the bar, and grabbing some treats from the pantry, before stepping outside.

He stretched, breathing in the fresh air at the top of his lungs, and left for the city, munching on his plunder.

He walked along the avenues leading to the arena, his tail swinging behind him, looking around…

Within months, the city had been completely transformed.

The number of blue figures had diminished, replaced by real people, each looking different!

He loved meeting new people, reading their profiles was one of his favorite activities!

He had even met several of them as well!

He stopped, the massive arenas loomed ahead of him ...

But he only had eyes for the that stood directly before him.

The huge sign, written in beautiful red and black letters, read “Lesbian Wrestling Ring”.

He wagged his tail in wonder… he wanted to explore this new place!

He walked into the building, with a joyful step… and smashed against an invisible wall, which stopped him dead in his tracks.

A red message appeared in front of him.


He tried to enter again, but was blocked in the same way ...

Sullenly, he wagged his tail slowly… then turned around, disappointed, heading towards the central building…

The queue was reduced to a few blue figures, but there were lots of people chatting in the lobby, seated or standing, each holding a ticket in their hands.

He slipped silently into the hall, heading towards the machine, glancing at the groups he passed ...

He pressed the button on the machine, and watched his ticket pop out of the slot with a slight whirring noise, before grabbing it, and peeking into the public arena.

"Hello Foxy, no need to watch, there is no match in progress"

He turned around.

A man was talking to him, smiling ...

Well built, elegant, and flirtatious… he could be categorized as handsome, by human standards.

“Join us, if you like!”

His funny accent echoed in his ears, it perfectly matched his seductive aspect.

The man pointed to a group behind him, smiling, and he looked over his shoulder.

He had seen these people at the Beach-House before. Nodding, curious, the Kitsune walked past the man, who stared at his long wagging tail behind his back, and went to sit in one of the seats near the group, staring at them.

They were talking, joking, hitting each other ... He didn't understand everything, but he was happy to see them chatting like ...


The group jumped, as he lowered his ears to his head ...

"Oh ?! Do you have a match, Foxy ? ”

The elegant man smiled at him winking at him

“Go ahead, good luck...  and have fun"

He inhaled… and stood up, searching for the door that had opened for him…

A match ... it had been a long time ...

He walked to the door… resolved… his tail swinging smoothly behind his back…

He was ready!

Barely stepping past the door, he found himself teleported ...

Surprised, he looked around… the place was familiar to him…

He saw the first figures settle in the stands of the public arena, discussing among themselves, placing bets ...

“Hey Thorny ~”

His ears twitched in his opponent's direction, as he slowly swiveled to face him.

In front of him, an elegant young woman stood in a provocative position, putting forward an imposing chest, looking at him while smiling mischievously.

Long white hair cascaded down her back, an unusual color, but beautiful…

His gaze was captured by the imposing chest, barely held under the young woman's dress.

His tail swung behind her back… slowly…

The young woman's eyes followed the movements of his tail as she bit her lip.

“Mmmmm… we’re gonna have fun, right?”

He smiled… his tail swinging slowly behind his back as he examined his prey…

She wants to have fun? He was going to give her some fun, all right ...

This fight was going to be interesting~

The young woman was trapped in his tails.

Panting, shaking, her face flushed, she screamed in pleasure over and over again, unable to do anything, as he watched her, fully focused on the movements of his tails, and the various weak points of her body.

The fight hadn't been as easy as he had imagined.

The young woman surprised him, giving him a lot more pleasure than he had expected, and he couldn't resist her incredible blowjob.

But from the moment he started using all of his tails, the fight had definitely turned to his advantage.

He had assaulted the young woman from all sides, submerging her completely under the multitude of sensations, forcing her to surrender to the pleasure her body demanded ...

The woman cried out, her body spammed over her body as she came for the fourth time in a row ...

Her body buckled as best it could, constrained by his tails, and a new stream of liquid flowed from her pussy, to enlarge the puddle that had already formed on the floor, as she moaned loudly.

She lowered her head, trying to catch her breath, in shock.

He smiled, playing with prey always had its limits, and it seemed like he had reached them ...

Gently, he rested his body on the soaked mattress, freeing her from the grip of his tails.

She moaned, unable to move, as he handed her one of the water bottles lying next to it.

He had read it in a book called… “A Guide To Aftercare”, by Lucifer - a manual of aftercare, after the fight…!

His tails disappeared behind his back, and he staggered slightly, calling on them for that long was still so exhausting, but he was satisfied with the result.

His tails slowly swayed behind his back, as the woman moaned slowly on the bed.

"Stop ... don’t ..... don’t stop .. mon rusé ..."

He slowly stroked her cheek with the tip of his tail… and slowly wiped her face, covered in sweat.

The game was over, and he wouldn't say no to a good bath ...

He narrowed his eyes ... ready to pounce on his prey ...

This time, she wasn't going to escape him!

He flexes his legs, and leapt, in a great splashing wave, his hands outstretched, ready to catch his target!

Once again, the soap slipped from his grasp…

Sullenly, he buried his head in the water up to his nose, his tail floating behind him, mouthful of water.

It was a losing battle ...

He got out of his bath, vowing to ask Winston to change that horrible soap he couldn't catch, and grabbed a towel, heading to his balcony, naked.

He grabbed his favorite brush as he passed, and sat outside, admiring the scenery as he curled up in his towel, starting to brush his tail.

In front of him, the sun began its slow and repetitive course in the sky ...

A new day was beginning.

Another day full of adventures in the city of Erofights ...



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