A little fantasy...

Erotica Aug 7, 2021

I imagine a world where no woman can bring herself any pleasure. Sure, she can rub her clit all she wants, but she barely even notices it. It feels like someone has put numbing cream on her clit – it's useless, a part of her body with no function. The only way a woman in this world ever gets to enjoy the intense pleasure of clit rubbing is when a man does it for her – a man she is married to. Usually, girls stick to fucking their pussies for a few years. It feels nice, gets them horny and wet, but still, they are unable to cum. Naturally, most women seek to get married as quickly as possible, but there is another way. Every city has doctors that are specifically trained to masturbate girls. They are the only men that can bring an unmarried woman pleasure.

I imagine being so horny, so frustrated, so desperate that I make an appointment at my doctor's office. As soon as I arrive, he tells me to strip and sit down on a chair with my legs spread. I blush and consider leaving, but the need is too strong. He sits in front of me and looks at me while one of his hands gropes my tits and pinches my nipples. I flinch, but before I can complain, he starts talking. “Your first appointment, Miss? That's a special one. I guess you are here because you are horny.”

I can feel my cheeks burning in shame. There is no point in denying it, though, because my pussy clenches and leaks onto the chair. “It's perfectly fine, I see a lot of girls daily. Here are my conditions. You will get the first treatment for free because it is your first time. After that, I will expect services from you. You can pay me with money, or you suck me off, let me fuck you, or whip you. I can give you a flyer on the way out if you want – but basically the more you offer me, the longer I will touch your useless clit.”

I want to die on the spot, but I also can't wait for him to touch me.

“Your first session will be thirty minutes. If you want that, you can now formally beg me to touch you.”

I stare at him, and I see the amusement in his eyes. He is enjoying my humiliation.

“Please, can you touch me?”, I whisper.

“Louder. And call me Sir”, he replies.

“Please, can you touch me, Sir?”, I say, a little louder.

“We will work on that if you choose to come back.”

With that, he leans forward, and I feel a long, cold finger against the opening of my pussy. It is my first time being touched by someone else, and it sends a shiver down my spine. I involuntarily buck forward, but he pushes me back.

“Stay still or I will stop and ask you to leave”, he warns me before he pushes one finger into my pussy. I am wet, of course, so it slips into me deeply without any resistance. I can feel my pussy clench and contract a little. Is this what pleasure feels like?

“Please, Sir, touch my clit!”, I beg after just a few moments. Now that I am finally here, I want to feel it. I want to know what pleasure means, what an orgasm means. I need it more than I need oxygen.

When he touches my clit for the first time, I feel like I am going to explode. Pleasure shoots through my body and I moan loudly, closing my eyes and throwing my head back. “Oh my god!”, I scream as the doctor begins rubbing my clit in slow circles. I arrive at the edge in no time. I can feel something – my orgasm – approaching quickly.

“Keep going, please, Sir, keep going”, I beg, but at that moment, he pulls his fingers away. My eyes open wide and I whimper.

“Oh, shh, girl. You're getting half an hour, right? We don't want to waste the rest of the time just because you came in the first minute, right?”

So he keeps going, brings me to the edge again and again. My pussy clenches and drips while my clit gets harder every second. I am feeling helpless and needy. I continue begging, but the doctor just laughs and shakes his head every time I do.

Eventually, the thirty minutes are up.

“Are you ready to enjoy the first orgasm of your life, little slut?”, the doctor asks with a mischievous grin on his face. In my horny state of mind, I don't notice that.

“Yes! Please Sir, please make me cum, I need it so bad, wanna cum so bad, please!”, I babble.

“Let's get you close”, he answers and his fingers speed up a little.

I am right there, I can feel it. Even though I have never experienced an orgasm, I feel as if I know what is coming. I will tip over the edge and experience pleasure like I've never felt before. I can't wait to be satisfied.

“Almost there, Miss. Almost...”, the doctor says and I know that he is right. In a few seconds, just a few seconds! My legs are shaking and my pussy keeps pulsing, my clit is throbbing… I am moaning and squirming. It's there, it's there! I can feel it, I am cumming, I am…

The doctor pulls his fingers away. My clit goes numb immediately, and I look down at my clit. It is twitching. My pussy contracts but I don't feel anything. My precious, first orgasm – gone.

“Noooooo!”, I scream, thrash around. “Please! I need it, I need an orgasm!” But my begging is useless, just like my clit is useless. Helplessly, I feel my orgasm fade away. I have never been hornier in my life. Between my mourning cries over a lost orgasm, I can hear the doctor talking.

“Stupid girl. You just had an orgasm. It's called a ruined orgasm, and it's the only thing you will ever experience here. Did you think I would let you cum for real? Oh, how pathetic. Girls should only ever cum with their significant other… but do you want to know a little secret? Most men never give their wives a real orgasm. A life full of ruins and frustration is ahead of you…”



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