A Teacher's Quest For Glory

Sep 10, 2022

There have been many epic battles throughout the history of EF. Many encounters, filled with lust and orgasms, domination and submission. One such tale concerns the teacher that many came to love, adore, respect and fear. Her name was Shirley. And she was hungry. Hungry for victory. And the orgasms of her fallen opponents. Once, she claimed the Lesbian Wrestling Ring title as her own. And throughout an ongoing tournament, she both defended the title and went on to conquer all who stood against her in that tournament. I am here to tell you this tale and bear witness to the woman that set her sights on the ultimate goal. To break the record for most LWR title defences.

This is her story...

The first title fight saw Shirley taking on Lina for the title

Hearing from her wife that Shirley has already claimed she will kick her ass, Lina meets with our Teacher and decides to settle things between them then and there. Lina takes her shoes off, whilst Shirley leans in and licks her ear seductively. In response to this, Lina rubs her opponent's pussy inside her panties, taunting her for already being wet. This is quickly repaid in kind, seemingly getting Lina a little worried at just how good Shirley is with her fingers.

They trash talk as they continue to size each other up, raising their own egos as they tangle together, with some nasty leg drops breaking out to cause some pain amongst the pleasure. Shirley takes Lina's bra, deciding she will keep it as a memento of their battle, alongside the title belt.

Taunting each other with their bodies, they continue to grapple, whispering sweet nothings before getting more aggressive, with Lina licking her foe's pussy through her panties, whilst Shirley slams Lina's head into the turnbuckle, making her tap out and take a full minute of strap-on fucking action.

Lina takes her strap more as the fight goes on, despite showing Shirley how good her fingers can be as well. They both take a brief break before going back at each other, fingering both pussies and ass as they get more and more heated. Lina initiates a pussy battle multiple times, claiming that only Meda has ever beaten her in a scissoring battle. Shirley bites back by reminding her that she's already destroyed Meda before this fight.

To further assert her dominance, Shirley takes a few turns to get as much of her energy back as she can, and then she locks Lina into a rough scissoring pin. Lina tries to scissor back against her, doing all she can to resist as they engage in this heated battle. Moaning as she finds herself being ground into the floor, she can't hold it back and cums hard under Shirley, her powerful orgasm leaving her shaking on the floor!

Shirley closes in and keeps her on the edge, impaling her pussy on the ropes and making her moan some more. But Lina won't take such actions lying down, pushing the slutty teacher down and getting her into a wrestle fingering pin, giving it her all and making her cum all over the mat. She takes a timeout, allowing Lina to kiss her and massage her pussy, still throbbing with pleasure.

Once they're both back on their feet, they go all out, fingering and licking each other, fucking with double-ended dildos. Before long, the end comes into sight as Lina begs for mercy as Shirley gives her all, wrecking her with pleasure. Seizing the moment, Shirley grabs a vibrator and uses it on Lina, driving her wild as she tries to resist again. But after such an intense ordeal, the title holder cannot hold on anymore and cums her brains out!

Trembling, Lina drops to the mat, finding herself under the foot of the new champion and title holder, Shirley. And thus begins the Teacher's journey.

The next fight saw Shirley Vs Andromeda Sterling in an epic match

This is a daring tournament match for our Teacher, as she needs to win this match to move forward in the tournament AND she needs to win to keep that belt in her possession! A double whammy!

No holds are barred as they charge at each other from their corners, throwing each other to the floor to gain the upper hand early on. Shirley manages to get into Meda's panties quite quickly, getting a feel for how wet she is. Not letting up, they break out some true wrestling moves, including the bronco buster and a figure 4 lock-in. They were trying to break each other in every way that they could. Calling in friends from the audience to double-team each other, finger battles taking place between the two rivals, nothing was held back as they vied for dominance.

As the fight heats up, both fighters score an orgasm, with Shirley taking the first blood and Meda bringing it back by licking her opponent's pussy in the corner, making Shirley cum in her mouth!

Cum in her mouth!

Fighting on, Shirley soon finds herself on the defensive, shocked as Meda is able to resist another orgasmic attack. Despite being the champion, her opponent had found herself in a strong position and seemed determined to keep it. Taking it in her stride as she is fucked hard by Shirley's strap-on, Meda taunts and seems to think that soon the roles will be reversed and Shirley will be the Jobber. Having other ideas in mind, Shirley flips the odds by eating out and licking Meda's pussy, making her cum hard, despite her efforts to hold back!

Feeling a breaking point approach, our fighters resume their attacks, Tribbing and fingering each other, with Shirley calling in a friend to double-team her foe for some fun. They give as good as they get, licking and sucking, stopping for nothing. Soon, Shirley senses weakness and tells Meda that, despite her training, it was time for her to cum and end their battle. Locking her into a wrestling pin, she finger fucks Meda hard and fast, pushing her to the absolute limits of her endurance. Holding on, she tries to fight it but alas, Shirley proved superior as she forces Meda to cum on her fingers, draining her completely and ending the match!

Wrestle fingering (Special)

The match ends with a happy ending, a standing ovation for the two lovely ladies and a sensational match, with Shirley advancing to round 2!

The next fight saw Shirley take on Nisa

In a quick and private battle, our Teacher faces Nisa in a frenzied bout.  Little time is wasted as Nisa exposes Shirley's tits, then pays for that move as she's locked into a taunting pin and dominated by superior wrestling tactics. They dial it back a bit and show off their bodies to each other, taunting each other as they prepare to go all in.

Nisa shows her determination to win her biggest match so far by trapping the teacher in a series of choke-holds and pins, keeping her on edge. As the fight goes on, they pull out all the stops and break out the straps, fucking hard against the wall, scissoring each other and fingering like this was the last fight of their careers.

Shirley takes the first orgasm as she fucks Nisa hard with a dildo, though her opponent proves capable and fights through the pleasure, fucking her doggy-style and making Teacher scream in orgasm, their juices soaking the mat.  Coming off of their orgasmic highs, they resume the battle; fucking and fingering each other, both desperate to edge their foe closer to a crushing defeat. Nisa grabs her own dildo and fucks Shirley to orgasm... but not one strong enough to secure the win.

Shirley knew she needs to be careful. One false move could spell disaster. So she bides her time and takes everything that Nisa can give... until the opportune moment presents itself. Getting Nisa caught in the top rope, the slutty teacher licks her pussy voraciously, giving it everything she has. And Nisa, despite having fought a valiant battle, is unable to hold back the pleasure and cums hard, wiping her out of the battle as she is dominated with pleasure.

Shirley had to admit, she was worried for a moment. But she keeps the momentum going as she moves forward to her next challenger.

Next, the battle between Shirley and Britt

The fourth title defence and our Teacher is going strong. Now comes another challenger in the form of Britt. The terms are set and they agree to focus more on the dirty trash talk than the RP.

They get started as Britt declares her intent to break Shirley's record then and there, before grabbing her and throwing her about in a swinging backbreaker. Talk about an explosive opener. The action comes fast, so anyone watching would need to keep up or risk missing everything. Shirley gives Britt some torture on the ropes, which leads to her getting teased through her clothes. But in that regard, Shirley gives as good as she gets.

They take turns in testing each other's limits, tackling one another to the floor, and fingering each other when the opportunity arises. Slowly, they strip each other, with The Teacher gagging Britt with her own panties. Things get hotter as they continue to finger and tease each other, both of them getting wetter by the second. So wet, in fact, that they break out the strap-ons to "help" each other out by fucking like crazy.

Soon, Britt makes her first move in making her opponent cum with some hard anal, doggy-style. Despite how good an ass fucking can feel, Shirley pushes her off and retaliates by licking and sucking Britt's pussy. Despite Britt's initial confidence, she soon falters and cums hard on Shirley's tongue!

Britt turns things around as she fingers Shirley's pussy as she's trapped on the corner, making her cum hard. But the dirty trash talk just keeps on coming from both of them. Shirley soon has to tap out under some vicious fingering and ends up a minute of pussy licking, then has to endure another orgasm as Britt keeps licking her pussy.

Shaken but still determined, Shirley grabs her strap and goes all out with Britt's holes, as well as fingering her every chance she gets. Britt smothers The Teacher with her tits and makes her tap out again, forcing her to take another minute of pussy licking. This time, she jumps right back into action and finger fucks her foe some more. Britt tries to anal fuck her into yet another orgasm but misses the mark.

The slutty teacher shows off her fingering skills a lot in this fight, but now she pulls out all the stops and gets Britt into a deadly finishing move, rubbing her pussy relentlessly...

And succeeding in making Britt cum once more, making her scream her name as she squirts on the mat!

Securing yet another title defence, with no signs of stopping, Shirley annihilates Britt in a pretty close fight and goes on to her next match.

More twists and turns as Shirley takes on Day!

With both a tournament match and the LWR title belt on the line, Shirley has a lot to lose in this fight. But the sluttiest of teachers is never one to back down from a challenge!

Day, on the other hand, intends to fight dirty, starting the fight by punting Shirley directly in the pussy!

After taking a moment, Shirley pays this back in kind as she plants Day down on the ground with a Facebuster. From there, it was a battle of grapples, pinning and stretching each other's bodies, testing their endurance and flexibility. Once the stretching was done, off came the clothes, stripping each other as they taunted and dirty talked, neither one of them backing down.

Getting the audience involved, Day has them pull out as many Strap-ons as they can find and start fucking Shirley into the ground, spreading her pussy as they use her as a toy for a few minutes. But before long, Shirley is free and back on her feet, but not for long, as she pushes Day down and grinds their pussies together. Loving every second of it, Day can sense that Shirley is pent up and ready to pop, so she fucks her pussy with a vibrator, making the teacher cum hard all over it!

Fuck her pussy with a vibrator

Brimming with confidence, Day seems adamant that she's already won. Shirley has other plans, using her slender fingers whilst keeping her foe pinned down as she fingers her like crazy. Despite still being a relentless tease, Day is pushed over her limits and cums hard on Shirley's fingers.

Ready for more, still set to win, Day bounces back and the fight resumes, both fighters fresh and horny off their orgasms. Roughhousing all the way, they slam each other down and finger and lick in their most sensitive areas, until Shirley is choked until she has to tap. As a one-minute penalty, Day grinds and scissors their pussies together, moaning as she goads Shirley.

Once they break free for just a moment, Shirley takes a big risk and launches a special move, pushing Day onto her back and eating her pussy whilst Day fingers her back. The struggle is intense and they both give it all they have... and Shirley comes out on top as she makes Day squirt all over the mat!

Lick her pussy while she's trying to finger yours

Besting Day, Shirley pins her with her foot and holds her title belt high. With another tournament win AND title defence claimed, Shirley once more walks away victorious as she progresses into the next round of the tournament!

An epic match takes place as Shirley battles Huhu

Both of our fighters have waged wars to get to this stage in the tournament and now these two titans must do so again to secure that coveted place in the final. Shirley needs to pull out all her moves to keep a hold of the LWR title belt she still has in her possession!

As they take their places in the ring, Huhu seems to think that this will be an easy match well deserved after her last two fights. Shirley isn't even phased as she tells Huhu that this fight won't be easy and that she also isn't going to win. She then starts by donning a strap-on and slapping the teacher right in the face with it. Talk about not holding back!

They soon get down and dirty, with Huhu quite enjoying rubbing Shirley's pussy through her panties, before ripping each other's bras off and exposing their boobs to the crowd. As they grapple and play with each other, Hu taps out and is forced to take a deep and rough fingering, feeling her pussy get wetter by the second. But once she has the chance, Hu strikes back and gets her rival on the top rope, giving as good as she got by fingering Shirley fast.

Scissor Domination

The match gets truly heated as they dominate each other with strap-ons and fingers, neither of them backing down as they get lewder on the mat. Soon both fully stripped, they start calling for help from their allies in the audience, using them to distract and arouse as they save what energy they can in between fingering and fucking. Taking a chance whilst being fondled, Hu fingers Shirley once more, this time bringing the teacher to a loud and shuddering orgasm. But the move may have been strategic, as Shirley now takes control, forcing her opponent to ride a strap-on hard, followed by pushing her down and finger fucking her to an intense orgasm that left Hu shaking!

The Teacher goes on an all-out offensive, keeping Hu down and bending her body, trying to make her tap. Despite feeling every inch of what is done to her, Hu doesn't break. But now she can barely catch her breath and hasn't uttered a word since that mind-breaking orgasm. With no choice but to take it, Huhu lets Shirley fuck and toy with her body, until she finally has the strength to fight back, managing to fuck Teacher back with her own Strap-on. With a huge push, Hu has her foe in the corner, eating out her pussy until Shirley cums all over her face!

Playing it smart, Shirley recovers from the orgasm almost alarmingly quickly and pins Hu down, flashing the vibrator that was used earlier in the fight, the same one that failed to get Shirley's third orgasm. Turned on to max power, it finds itself pressed against Hu's pussy and clit, making her quiver and cum all the mat.

Left exhausted and beaten, Shirley moves on to the finals AND retains her belt in another stunning title defence!

Next, Shirley takes on Hitomi!

It all comes down to this. One fight to determine the champion of the Lesbian Wrestling Ring Tournament of 2022!

The stage is set, and the fighters are ready. Each of them was determined to win this tournament, with Shirley once more putting her LWR belt on the line. Both eager to taste victory again, they go all out as the fight takes off. Rushing at each other like they were charging across the field of battle, things get rough as they wrestle each other to the ground, countering each other's moves before getting a little lewd, rubbing and groping each other as they warm up.

Crotch Lever

Locked together in the ring, they rub each other's pussies, probing for weakness as they moan together. Shirley switches things up a bit with an old favourite, the face-sitting pin, before grabbing a strap-on and fucking Hitomi as she chokes her. As the fight progresses, Hitomi is able to get free and slides a double-ended dildo into both of their pussies, then tries to press the advantage and force an early orgasm. Shirley takes this in her stride and the duel continues, our two sexual warriors still grappling on the floor. Not content with just this, Hitomi attacks as if possessed, ravaging her foe's body, desperately needing to make her cum. And after how hot they've made each other, Shirley can't hold back an intense orgasm. But, fuelled by need and desire, Shirley grabs a vibrator and presses it hard against Hitomi's pussy and makes her cum so damn hard, that it almost knocks her out of the match all together!

Squirting Vibrator Orgasm

After a quick moment's rest, the fight marches on and they lock into a fingering duel, neither one of them backing down now that they are both close to falling. They can taste victory, as well as each other. Despite Hitomi's fingers trying to seize the moment, Shirley fights her off and returns the favour by fingering her on the top rope, It was so tense and close but doesn't hit the mark. Both drenched from each other's juices and exhausted, Hitomi gives her all in another bid to finish it, rubbing and fingering Shirley as they make out. Desperation settles in as The Teacher feels her pleasure spiking and can't stop it as she's made to cum again... yet still keeps going strong!


Both combatants barely clinging on, Shirley strikes as Hitomi is spent from her last attempt to win, unable to fight back as she is bent over and her ass is fingered hard and rough. With no energy to resist, Hitomi squirts as she has an anal orgasm, wiping her out and ending this gripping final match!

It comes to one last fight as Shirley battles Lisbeth for the record!

She had conquered many to get to this point. Winning the LWR tournament and maintaining her LWR title. It seemed like none could best her. She was unstoppable. But the coveted record lay behind one last battle against the current holder, Lisbeth Rose. Everything lead to this and nothing would be held back.

Shirley makes the first move, charging out of her corner and pulling Lisbeth's panties up into a wedgie. A classic move. They test each other, warming up as Lisbeth assures her that the record will remain unbroken and the belt will be back in her position before long. The teacher didn't seem to agree and used a strap-on slap to the face to prove her point.

They start to tussle, grappling in the ring, causing them both to conveniently lose their tops and bras, exposing themselves. Feeling a little intimidated by Shirley's bigger boobs, Lisbeth strikes and manages to rip her opponent's panties off, leaving the slutty teacher in a precarious position. Within seconds, Lisbeth is fingering Shirley, taking advantage of her nakedness. Shirley simply enjoys it, then engages in a titty battle.

They keep fingering each other, pressing their bodies together as they continue to test each other's limits, looking for signs of weakness. Lisbeth rubs and teases Shirley's pussy at every opportunity, which is repaid as our Teacher gets Rose in a hardback bend and then fucks her hard with a double-ended dildo. Offering her pussy and spreading her legs, Lisbeth tries to goad Shirley into a scissoring battle but soon finds herself fingered hard in both holes.

Both fighters soon find themselves riding a double-ended dildo again, only for Lisbeth to use that to mount Shirley and fuck her hard to try and make her cum. Shirley slides her fingers over her foe's pussy, rubbing her frantically and making her cum, despite being relentlessly fucked with a dildo at the same time!

Recovering from that orgasm took some time, so Shirley helped Rose along with some anal fucking via the dildo that had just been used on her own pussy.  Putting the record holder on the offensive, our Teacher dominates with both the strap and her fingers. But the tables are turned as Lisbeth breaks out a special move, Tribbing Shirley whilst fingering her ass as they kiss deeply. Such a strong combination of moves on top of the building pleasure and desire forces Shirley to explode in an intense squirting orgasm!

Left panting for breath and struggling after such a strong orgasm, Shirley recovers what strength she can, taking everything that Rose dishes out as she keeps grinding their pussies together. But once back in the game, The Teacher strikes and fingers Lisbeth hard, making her squirt in revenge for the strong orgasm she had to endure!

Lisbeth is left hanging on the ropes, struggling to handle just how good that orgasm was. They toy with each other, each of them close to their limits. One more orgasm from either of them will end this fight and declare a winner. Shirley chokes and fucks Rose, looking to build up her need to cum. But from out of nowhere, Lisbeth slips her fingers into Shirley's pussy and fingers her harder than ever before.

She tries to resist how good it feels, how much she wants it... but it was too late, The damage had been done and Lisbeth was relentless. Shirley squirts once more and cums all over the mat, ending the fight... with Lisbeth Rose as the victor. Laying motionless as her body betrays her, her mind broken by pleasure, Shirley falls just short of the ultimate goal as Lisbeth reclaims the title belt and maintains her record for the longest-running defences of the LWR title.

It was a sour note to end on, and Shirley considered hanging up her wrestling attire for good. But you can only keep a good fighter down for so long. And our Teacher is an amazing fighter. She will be back, fitter, hotter and more ready than ever to challenge anyone that gets in her way of reclaiming the title and meeting Lisbeth in the ring to break that record once and for all...

But in the meantime, we wait with bated breath for such a return. Now, you might be wondering:

"TG, why did you write this post? Are you stalking Shirley, what's the deal?"

Good question, dear reader. The answer is: no, I'm not stalking Shirley. Apparently, she likes what I write. Don't ask me why, I can't write for nothing. But when she was fighting in the tournament and going for the record, I came up with the idea of chronicling her mission as I do for the tournaments. She liked the idea, so I went ahead and did it. You just read it.

"But TG, this all happened ages ago, why is it only out now?"

...That's an awful question, dear reader. But the answer is that I am slow and busy with many things. For this, I wish to apologise to Shirley, as she's waited patiently to see this come together. Thank you for your patience and for letting me write this piece. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed putting it all together.


Greetings! I'm Terrible, only in name, not in nature. I'm into sexfights and debuchery, so it looks like I'm in the right place. Thank y'all for having me, let's talk about stuff.