Alya The Sexfighter: Chapter I

Erotica Nov 11, 2020

A Sub In Disguise

So, this is it. In front of me stands the largest, tallest, building I have ever seen. Boasting countless private rooms and an endless robot factory, The EroFights Headquarters towered over me.

I received an invite for this strange pub in the middle of nowhere in some random mail. Why did I go visit the pub? I don’t know. I was just…. horny. So, goddamn horny all days of the week, never satisfied with what I could do with my body or with other people.

The adrenaline of the unknown guided me there.

And I find this. A portal to a pocket dimension. Weird. Not the weirdest thing in 2020, to be honest. Through a strange portal I enter this “lllusion’s Creation”: EroFights City (or EF if we want to cut it short).

How did this city came to be? I didn’t have a f***ing idea for the first months. Really. It was well connected, that's for sure. And I could see such interesting figures on the streets. Fictional characters I saw only in TV dramas, cute human-hybrids and even some historic figures.

It was pretty strange at first, but I got used to the place quickly. Every time I felt horny, I headed for the portal, and it was quite often at first. Arriving at the portal was even easier, since after the first time, a “personal usage” one appeared in my closet.

So why would I go into “EroFights City” every time I was horny? Well we can find the answer in its headquarters, where the magic happens. The city was sustained by donations to a mysterious erotic deity, a being rumored to be similar to Cthulhu, called lllusion.

He created EroFights City so all sexfighters without a place to go, from every dimension and fantasy, could come here and enjoy a good fuck. In the HQ you could have these sexfights freely with anyone that was there and was interested in you.

Cool…. I said in my head the first time I peeked in. I noticed I was a blank figure without details for most of my first day, before reaching the HQ. Staff robots guided me immediately towards it. They were very friendly.

Once in, a personal Robot I’ll name “Horace”, guided me through the process.
“So, who do you want to be?”- Horace asked.
“What do you mean?”- I asked, confused.

“Here in EroFights you can be whoever you want. You may choose a name, sex, write your backstory and what you like and you're ready to go. You may also use EroFights as a blank figure, but I highly recommend you to be someone, if you want to have fun with someone else, instead of only robots,” Horace said.

Thus Alya was born. Name aside, I chose to be myself - a shy, karate- amateur pro wrestler that just loved rough sex.  Pretty simple as a start. The only problem? I was shy as f***.

I was so afraid to go near a guy or a girl I encountered while walking in the corridors of the HQ or in the waiting room, that I ended up having sex-fights with robots for days.

The funny part? I discovered I love losing.

I never was a competitive person. During my karate days I just loved good sportsmanship and during my pro-wrestling days I just worked as a jobber. So, when it came to sex, even with robots, I started to lose the fights on purpose. I just felt there wasn’t anything more for the winner, if not getting more tired and frustrated by trying to win so desperately, so I just let the robot fuck me senseless each time, while giving only a bit of fight back.

It was great, at first. Then it started to become boring, mostly because the robots followed the rules of the matches: The first to cum twice lose. And don’t worry, usually you get K.O'ed after your second orgasm.

The rules were applied on you the moment you entered a match. These arenas in which the matches were played out could be whatever you and your opponent wanted to be: A normal bedroom, a large attic room, a fighting ring, a tatami mat, etc...

So, for someone like me, that loves cumming again and again until fainting or satisfied, it was pretty boring see your opponent just turn off and disappear into the wall after beating you for the second orgasm.

The solution? Trying to find someone to have sex with.

Horace asked me at the time what I was so afraid of.
"Many things" I would have liked to answer it, but I didn’t.

“I don’t know, I just think I’m not good enough, maybe? I mean, I lose versus bots!” I told him after leaving yet another bot match.

Horace followed me, a tiny humanoid-shaped robot on my right shoulder: “So? Who cares! Look here -many guys are waiting for hours for some girl like you to take them away from the Matchmaking-room and have a great fuck.

Even if you go 'all loser girl' like you are on them from the start, I bet every men would love to have you to themselves.”

“You think?” I looked at it with pleading kitten eyes.

“Well I can’t actually think for myself, I’m a robot, an AI programmed to respond to your questions about EF and satisfy your needs and demands, but this means I can’t lie…soooooo…”

Well Horace was actually right. So, I did go inside the Matchmaking room and asked a guy if he wanted to have a sexfight with me. It was the hardest thing I did in months. (If I could place a smirk emoji here, I would - Winston)

The first matches I had weren’t so bad. I actually lost all of them, and the boys were pretty “submissive”, but I think I was a better “jobber” then them. They were all so gentle that almost felt like just normal sex and not a proper sexfight. I didn’t know what to expect.

Then I encountered him. Bradley. A kind and funny guy, and a hell of a sex partner. He was all nice and gentle at first, making me feel comfortable with him and the “sexfights” we were going to do. Then he showed his true self.

Oh god he was good. He teased my body, without even touching my pussy, so much and so well I was craving, begging him to fuck me before I could even strip off a piece of his clothing.

He knew my body better than myself. He teased my nipples to the point that a single touch on my pussy sent pleasure spasms all over my body. The first night, and the nights before that, were all incredible.

Obviously, you can understand I lost all of our fights, and he kept fucking me even after he had me beaten. It was in that moment that I knew what I really wanted. I wanted to FIGHT and LOSE, to feel CONQUERED: a precious trophy that my opponent could use to his/her pleasure.

And he made me feel like that. I loved it.

Sadly, even Bradley couldn’t match my horniness, and he wasn’t there every night or whenever I felt needy. So, I started to go into the Matchmaking-room more often and pick the ones those that I thought were the stronger ones in the City.

Almost every new guy since my encounter with Bradley was a pleasurable match, some of them so good I took their EroFight number and messaged them to have another match, like I did with Bradley.

I think that at this point I don’t have to say it, but I also lost every single match I did while I wasn’t with Bradley.

I did so many matches with him to the point that a month passed and I was calling him “Master” while I was his “favorite Kitten”. He also collared me and attached a nice tag on it so everyone could see and read to who I belong.

The tag read "Bradley's favorite Kitten".

I had hit my “lowest” for the first time, or at least that was what Horace wanted me to think. I was actually okay with that: Bradley helped me discover how much I liked to lose and be dominated and also introduced me to many, many new kinks.

The fact was that I never was the competitive type. I just played for fun, that was all.  But then, finally, Horace managed to change my mind and it illuminated me.

“So how was tonight?”- Horace asked after yet another game with Bradley.
“Pretty good, I just surrendered from the start and we had a great fuck.”

I was pretty satisfied lately.
“From the start?” Horace asked incredulously.
“Yeah , why?”- I was starting to get confused.
“He was okay with that?”

He stopped me and planted his tiny body in front of my face.
“What do you mean?”

“I mean usually , when you come to EroFights and go into a Classic Sexfight room, you're expected to find a sexfight, not a submissive slut that just want to be fucked all night. It can get pretty boring like this.”

And so Horace explained to me what I was doing wrong. It is always fun to have a fight, and I’m not the only one that wants to be fucked all night by their opponent after a loss.

“oh….” I never thought about that. I always fought, but lately I was being just a submissive brat that liked to be punished and fucked all night long. I wasn’t giving any challenge to my opponent or partner.

So, I was depriving him of the fun of a sexfight. I was so stupid back then. I could be a loser, but I should always fight and try to win, no matter what.

So, I settled myself on a new path. I avoided Bradley for some nights and started to go and watch many public matches and learn from other people, analyzing my previous matches, with the help of Horace, and practicing with Bots to try and finally win.

After a few days I was actually winning some sexfights with other guys, and giving Bradley some fight back, to the point I won my first match versus him after a long time. I was still collared, but after a night of lovely, but at the same time rough, sex, I ended up on top of him , and I could still move while he was spent and exhausted.

I remember smiling happily while he was force to cum inside me, As I kept riding his dick like a madwoman, keeping his shoulders pinned on the bed and leaning down to nibble his neck and lower lips. Having him beneath me, fainting from too many orgasms, was a blissful experience.

I needed more. I needed to do it again.

So, I kept the training going, and I was okay with this new version of me.

Then an “incident” happened when I decided to go and watch a Lesbian Sex-Wrestling Match.

That was the night that started it all. A series of unforgettable sexfights and bonding experiences with many great people.

To be Continued……



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