Alya The Sexfighter: Chapter III

Erotica Dec 19, 2020

Rising Up...

Hello There! Still Alya here. Remember last time? No? Your bad, this is a third chapter of an ongoing story, you should read at least the one before this.

Quick recap: At the end of the last chapter I was about to have my first lesbian wrestling match against Jayden, though I didn't find out until just an hour before the actual match itself.

After walking slowly and embarrassed to the ring where Jayden was waiting for me, and after noticing that there were mostly girls in the audience, I relaxed and waited for the bell to ring while the referee robot spelled out the rules.

1. Everything Sexual Goes
2. Usual EF sexfights rules
3. Most of the pain converted to pleasure.
4. You can win only by Pin to 10, Submission or K.O Orgasms.

I could hear Jayden throwing taunts at me, but I tried to ignore her as much as possible and focus on the Referee.
The last thing I heard from my opponent before the bell rang was
“Let’s dance”.
I rushed at Jayden with all my might and she did the same. Our bodies crashed together at the centre of the ring and I wasted no time in grabbing her hips and pushing her down on the mat with my shoulder. I swear I could hear both our hearts beat hard and fast. We were both very excited.

As soon her back hits the ground, I yanked off her pants and panties with a single tug. This advantage didn’t last very long. As soon she saw her panties in my hands, she kicked my legs and made me fall on the mat too. Then she crawled on top of me and forced me to stay down. Suddenly I felt her fingers on my clit. She snuck her fingers inside my panties and, while she was grinding and pressing her body on top of mine, she started to rub my clit and reached slowly for my pussy.

The first half of the match I was utterly dominated like this. Me with panties on, fingered and played  by Jayden as much as she wanted. I tried to give her the same “medicine” by fingering and slapping her exposed pussy as much as I could, while struggling to get on top, but it didn’t seem to work. She easily pulled down my top and bra and started to lick and kiss one of my breasts. I was in heaven and she knew it. I could hear myself moaning loudly and already making my own panties and the mat wet with my dripping pussy.

Suddenly Jayden ripped off my pants and panties and started to go faster, entering my pussy with two fingers. I tried to concentrate and hold in the orgasm. When I focused I could hear the audience cheering for me. I could hear them say:
“Yeah punish her clit!”
“She is close, fight back Alya!”
It was at that point that I looked at Jayden face and noticed something: her mouth was sealed around my nipple only to hide her moans and screams of pleasure every time I was rubbing or slapping her clit. Her face was red from the arousal. To see her reaction I slap her clit and then thrust two fingers inside her pussy. She buried her face in between my tits and screamed in bliss, and I could easily roll her on the side and pin her down. I didn’t notice how close she was: Jayden was desperate because she was about to cum while being in a top position. I realized I was way stronger than her physically so it was easier for me to pin her body down completely and put her in different submissive positions.

After stripping her completely I grabbed her waist and pulled it up, forcing a piledriver position, her head and shoulders on the mat while her hips and legs were up near my face as I dive into her pussy with my tongue.
She screamed loudly, her mouth open in pleasure, and I could feel her pussy’s contractions.
Jayden screamed before cumming all over my face.

It was a pleasant surprise, at least for me, since the girls in the audience seemed to know she was already very close.
But she wasn’t done. As soon her orgasm ended, she kicked me right in the face and stood up, helping herself with the ropes.
“Ok bitch, playtime is over”
She said, before rushing towards me with fury in her eyes.

So, as I said before, Jayden controlled the early part of the match. Well what she did after I made her cum was REAL true domination. She managed to tackle me down by aiming at my ankles and then shifted behind me, choking me while rubbing my pussy, edging me many times. I was desperate for an orgasm, ready to pass out in her chokehold and shamefully cum over and over again while unconscious. But she didn’t want to end the match like that. She wanted to humiliate me even more, and I liked it. She removed my shoes and remaining clothes and now we were both naked. While choking me she teased my nipples with a vibrator until I screamed and begged her to make me cum. Then she pulled my hair and forced me on all fours, “Like a bitch” as she said and thrusted a dildo-vibrator inside my ass. I was facing part of the audience as my ass was filled with vibrations and Jayden slapped my ass cheeks until they became red. At every slap I was moaning like a bitch in heat.
Then, as soon I felt her tongue on my dripping pussy, I came immediately , squirting on the mat and collapsing onto my stomach. I could hear her laughs as she steeped on my back head victorious, even if we were 1-1.
Since I was motionless with a toy in my ass, the robot referee checked on me to see if I could keep going or if it was better for him to count me out since Jayden was basically pinning me, even if my shoulders weren’t on the mat.
The orgasm was strong yes, but I could easily keep going and slam Jayden down. But after I came, my eyes locked on a figure in the audience. Sasha was there, near her was a small goth girl with red hair, and not so far away was a pale skinned beauty with long crimson hair.
I was lost again in Sasha pools of desire, her eyes. She was trying to tell me something but I couldn’t hear her through the cheers of the audience or the laughs of Jayden. And the most annoying thing was that I couldn’t concentrate because the dildo was still in my ass, giving constant vibrations.

“Are you enjoying this, slut?” Jayden's taunt made me snap.
“I hate toys….” I mumbled, angry because I couldn’t focus on Sasha’s eyes.
“What did you say?”
“I FUCKING HATE TOYS!” And I pushed up , throwing her off and slamming her down.

After that the match was decided. I held her down easily, fingering her pussy without mercy, but she kept fighting back. At one point I almost lost my strength and fury when she pushed her foot on my pussy, rubbing her sole all over my wet slit. I was still sensitive so I almost gave up to the pleasure and let her foot finish me. But then I remembered I should impress Sasha if I wanted a match with her, so I used all my remaining willpower to push her foot away and pin her down on last time.

“Since you like to use toys so much , don’t mind if I do it too” I grab on of the vibrators she used on me before and pushed it on her clit.

“Nghhh….Oh fuck….OH GOD….ALYAAA NOOO!!!!” She screamed before cumming again.
“HARDER!!!” She continued as she knew it was over for her. I grabbed her neck and squeezed, forcing her to stay down the mat. The referee was about to call the K.O but I stopped it. I wanted to humiliate her even more, I wanted to pin her.

“No time to rest for losers like you” I say pushing my pussy on her face.
“Now give a proper reward to the winner” and I pressed my pussy on her mouth, my clit rubbing on her nose.
I could hear the surprised and screams and talks from the crowd , on how harsh I was on the “poor” Jayden, but the only shout that mattered for me was the  Countess,  screaming
“Nice Job Alya, HUMILIATE HER!”

At that point the referee counted "10!" and I pushed Jayden face deep on my pussy, forcing her to lick me even faster, squirting all over her defeated face mere seconds after.
“NOW TASTE A REAL WINNER!” I screamed in bliss as I came.

After that I laid next to Jayden as the match ended and I could see tears on her face. I tenderly kissed her and clean her tears. She kissed me back and smiled.
“Great match Alya, that was so hot.” She gives me a playful slap on my ass as we hugged and snuggled on the mat.
“You'd better watch out next time! I will get my revenge.” She said before I helped her up. She gave me one last kiss before leaving the ring and heading for the locker room.
Sasha approached the ring and said. “Hey girl. Thursday night, be here. You and me in this  ring.”
“I can’t wait” I responded back as the referee pulled my arm up and declared me the winner.
“Ah…and nice collar” She said pointing at my neck while rubbing hers.

“So, you really want to do it?” Horace asked me while I was showering.
“Yes, why, are you scared?” I ask him back.
"Well…let’s see, how can I put this in a way you can understand? Mhhh…So,  there isn’t a real wrestling league or championship in EF, but if there was one, Sasha would be for sure competing for the top spot. And you want to face her in your second match? Also, you know Jayden was going to face her only if she could get 5 wins in a row, and you were her first loss after 4 wins? That’s probably the only reason why Sasha wants to face you now.”
“You are mean Horace. I think she wants to face me because she likes me.” I said, not believing my own words.
“I just want to protect you. Besides, she wants for sure to collar you or at least humiliate you in public, so if  you want to spark more interest in her you should remove Bradley’s collar.”
Horace wanted to go somewhere with this talk, I could feel it.
"But I like it. And he earned it. I mean he is soooooo good.” Only thinking about him made me feel so aroused.
"Didn’t you win the last match versus him? It is strange for a subby kitten to win matches against his master, don’t you think?”- It asked with pressing tone.
“Well, it wasn’t a real match. We just had rough sex and I started to be all romantic with him and he came so much and was so exhausted. I just ended up on top, that’s all.”
I said remembering the last match…I did win…Kinda. At least the match record of EF says so.
“Why don’t you try to beat him for real then? If you win a second time in a row you should remove the collar and see if he wants to become your little puppy instead!”
I swear I saw Horace laugh with malice, even if he was a robot and couldn’t have malice in him.
“It’s not a bad idea. I could try, so I can show up to the match as a free woman.” I was so easily manipulated, even by my own personal Robot-AI.
“That’s it, girl! Next time you face him, fuck his ass and claim your freedom!”

And for sure I did….But this is a story for the next time….

To be Continued……



Hello there~! Alya here! Just a shy girl writing stories because i like to do it. Nothing to see here. PEACE!