EroFights Novella: CHAPTER 7

EF Novella Feb 13, 2021


I am awake, and I don't know what time it is. The lights were off and the sun wasn't up. I stumble into the living room and turn on the lights. A single fortune cookie sat on a saucer atop the coffee table.  

Because it wouldn't have been placed there if it wasn't meant to be eaten and forward the story, I bit into the fortune cookie to do just that.  


“Mm, indubitably,” I said as I started walking back to my bed.  “Nyuuuu.....” Little Winston said from his banana hammock. “Okay, okay... we're going out...”

EroFights was progressing rapidly. The Two Towers no longer choked with traffic now that you can get a ticket stub and wait in line anywhere within the city. Most congregated in the Bot Arena where either two bots fought eternally or a tournament match was taking place.  

I arrived at Classic Tower's lobby and gestured for one matchmaking ticket.  “WOULD YOU LIKE TO SET YOUR MATCHES TO PUBLIC, SIR.” The robot behind the counter blared.  

“Excuse me?”  


I gave this idea the briefest of consideration before dismissing it entirely. I didn't like people watching my business and I certainly didn't want the kinks of my partner to be laid bare like that.  

“No. Just a ticket, please,” reaching over the counter and ripping the ticket stub directly from the machine.  

“Where would I go to see these public matches?”

“ROOFTOP SUITE FOR CLASSIC, BASEMENT DUNGEONS FOR FEMDOM.” “Thank you, you have been very loud.”


The rooftop suites were vast rooms with direct access to moonlight, allowing natural lighting to seep through the suite via a circular skylight, creating a natural spotlight for the EroFighters.

Besides the couple going at it on the bed, I count 3 spectators in couches arranged around the couple.   Two of them were talking to each other, a man and a woman. The other was sat in the corner with his hand charmingly in his pants.

The man and woman spot me and beckon me over to join their conversation.   “We were talking about our hottest kinks,” the man whispered. “Mine is triple blowjobs, what's yours?”  After collecting my jaw from the floor, I rallied and tried to find an answer to the stranger's extremely blunt question.

I have never really thought of stuff like this before, and have only done things that would make me and my partner happy.  

“Ummm... hand holding?” I say desperately after a few minutes.  


“Oh will you look at that!” I cried out in relief.

“That's my number, goodbye!”  I walk out of there as fast as I could, feeling the eyes of the couple boring into my back.  

“Uuumf, yes daddy! Pull my hair!”

“I'll do what I want, slut!” A spanking sound, a girly gigle in the darkness.  

“Yes daddy! Harder! Harder!!”  


The bed stopped its urgent shaking as she reached for her phone. A hushed conversation. A sigh in the dark.  

“I gotta go... my parents are on the way home.”  

We both got to our feet and share a kiss.  

“I'm sorry...” she said.

“It's all right, next time,” I promised.  

Rustled sounds of dressing. An open door followed by its shutting.  

“Nyuuuu...” Little Winston looked up at me with teary eyes.

“I know, little buddy. I know....”

I walked out of our room and went back to the lobby for another ticket. I still had some time to burn (number 5 again) so I decided to find one of those public matches.

This one was much more packed, with at least a dozen men and women lounging around the couches and watching the sexfighters fuck each other senseless.  As I stood looking for a place to sit among the crowd, my eyes met the woman from before.

She smiled, and waved me to her little loveseat. She was definitely a... well there's no other way to say it. She had a pair of lovely, round... wonderful... Eyes.   “My name is GG,” she said and offered me her hand.

I looked at it and raised my eyebrow jokingly. She laughed and scooted over for me to take my seat.  “So, Signore Hand-holding... we meet again...” she said, a smiled teased playfully across her face.

“Forgive me, I am so embarrassed...” I began.  

“No, no! You should not be ashamed of your kinks!” She waved energetically, as if to bat my apologies away.  

“In fact....” she leaned closer and whispered into my ear.

“I would like to try this... how you say... hand holding...”  

“Nyu?” Little Winston asked. I shot a look that said “shut up” at my pants before leaning close to GG's ear...  


GG fished her phone from her handbag, sighed loudly, and immediately began yelling into the phone in rapid Italian.  


“Our time will come, buddy...”  


“See? What did I tell ya?”

This one was different. She was a petite girl, and immediately knew what she wanted. Placing it in my hands, she immediately bent over the bed, lifting her skirt to show me a full ass with no panties.  


“Yes. I think this will do nicely.”  

“Aaaah! Deeper! Stretch it, daddy!” She moaned as she took the whole thing in.

As it sat deep in her, she waved her ass at me.  “Now... aren't you going to fuck this slutty ass?”  A spank, a shocked, excited gasp and a longing thrust into the folds.


I didn't care anymore, I kept going, smooshing her face into the sheets.  

“No, daddy, please! That's probably my sister on the way home! I have to go now!”  

I pull out with a frustrated sigh.  She wept. Actually wept, into the sheets. Guess I'm not the only one frustrated.  

“Can you please get it out of my ass?”  

20 minutes after she left, I was still holding the steaming Magic 8-Ball in my hands, sitting on the bed all alone.  I shook the 8-ball and asked my question.  

“Will I ever see her again?”  




After the back-to-back blue-balling, I was ready to call it a day and go home. But I thought I'd try the public matches one last time. I was too late though, and as I approached one, a crowd streamed out. The match was over.  

As I let the crowd walk past me, I see her again, walking towards me. GG. We both smile at each other.  “Ciao! You again, Signore Hand-holding!” She laughed and punched me playfully in the arm.

We walked out of Classic Tower together, laughing at the funny coincidence of meeting each other three times in a single day. Wordlessly we walked the lit streets of EroFights city, enjoying each other's company in silence.  

“Who was that just now, on the phone?” I asked out of nowhere.

“Oh... it's my bitch sister! We're totally different, so we hate each other!”

“I'm sorry to hear that...”

“But her daughter, my niece, she is a treasure, though!”  

“No kidding? I have a niece too! She always makes excuses so that I wouldn't go home when I visit. I have to listen to her favorite song first, and then the second, and the third...”  

We both laughed as we kept walking into the night...


Author's Commentary

1. Everyone knows about the hand holding incident. What people don't really know were the incidents leading towards it. Before that incident, I made a joking comment to GgGirl that my fetish was hand holding. This carried on for a bit until culminating in the infamous hand holding incident.  

2. Yes! We also bonded over our nieces! Our most precious people in the world!  

3. Since the logs of the hand holding incident are already notorious, there is no point to making a story about it. Just go read the log.  

4. One of the most crushing feelings playing EroFights is when you're having a good time and your partner has to go...  

5. I always wanted to have a Kpop song as one of the themes for this. My favorite Kpop artist is BoA. Unfortunately, none of her songs quite fit. I try to have 1 English song and 1 foreign song for each chapter. The opening theme, while technically English, belongs to the Jpop genre, and is sung by Anna Tsuchiya, who I adore due to her connection to my favorite anime, NANA.  

6. Ah Ah is also the sexiest song involving eggs.



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