EroFights Novella: CHAPTER 8

Erotica Feb 20, 2021

Fair warning, this chapter is pornographic in nature. Definitely NSFW. You have been warned.


The view from the gazebo was wonderful. Surrounded on three sides by the lake with nothing but the horizon in sight. It was connected to the shore by an elegant white bridge. Songbirds filled the air, fish jumped out of the lake playfully.

I raise my arms above my hands and clapped twice in quick succession.

“Dark mode.” Instantly the land was covered in all-embracing night. Stars winked into existence, reflecting off the lake. It was soon joined by a bright full moon.

I cleared my throat and declared my heart's desire to the night.


“It's beautiful...” I turn around and there she was, walking down that bridge to me.

GgGirl smiled shyly as we began closing the distance between us. We walked in silence around the gazebo, stopping to look at the full moon together, heads touching ever so slightly, cheeks ever so close to each other.

“Perfezione...” GG sighed contently. We look at each other with longing in our eyes, and as one, reached out and intertwined our hands with the other. Her breath quickened. “Winston.... this is sinful...”

“I don't care,” I said as I softly kissed the tips of her gloved fingers.
“Ahn... it feels...”

I slowly pull away the glove on one of her hands... one.... then the other, kissing the exposed flesh as it revealed itself.

“So gooood....” GG moaned. Stirring herself out of her ecstasy, she smiled naughtily at me.

“Now let me make you feel better....” She tugged softly at my gloves, teasingly, the friction between glove and skin made my hairs stand on end. Not taking her eyes off me, she leaned forward to kiss my wrists as she continued her teasing removal of my innocence preservers.

We stood there, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, basking in each other's ecstasy as we explored each other's hands, wrists, arms, all in a breathless tangle of whispers and sweet nothings. We bathed in the moonlight. The moonlight of our love.

Minutes, hours, days... who could ever know? An eternity passed us by before we decide to sit on the benches of the gazebo.

“You must be tired after all that...” I stood up again, circling behind her.” I kissed her neck, softly, before my firm hands caressed her sensual shoulders.

“Winston... oh.... OHHHH!” she groaned as I massaged a particularly tight knot built up in her shoulders.

“Just a little more babe.. I just want to make sure you're able to relax...” I reassure her as my lips find her neck again... and again.

“W-winston...! Someone will hear us!”
“Let them...! They can't deny our love!”
“Oh Winston...!”

I circle around again to face the love of my life. I get on my knees and wordlessly began removing her shoes. So lost in loving ecstacy was she that she didn't scold me until one shoe was completely off.

“Winston...! This is not prop- aaahhh!”

I continue to press my thumb up and down her stockinged soles, massaging them firmly but softly, lovingly chasing away the day's troubles. I look up at GG and give her a small smile, which she returned genuinely. Not breaking eye contact, I leaned down and kissed her square in the ankles. Once, twice, three, four, five times.

Her cries of passion were too much for me to bear, and so the kisses traveled north... up her legs, her shins, her knees, thighs... Both of us now lost entirely in the sea of our love, found no protest on our lips when I rolled the stockings down her beautiful, delicate thighs.

I run a finger down the inside of her thigh, slowly, before curling down her calf teasingly, maintaining eye contact the whole time. The poor dear was biting her lower lip to stop herself from moaning out loud.

My finger caressed its way to her hot, sexy, bared heel. I rake my finger up the heel and flick her arch teasingly. Not even by biting her hand could prevent her little moans from escaping as I repeated this again and again, lovingly teasing her feet.

A naughty grin flashed across GG's face as she slowly raised her foot and pressed it slowly against my face. I hold it in place delicately and breathe in her arousal, planting kisses up and down her foot, leaving us both breathless as we made love to each other in the most chaste way possible.

“Fermare,” GG said, shaking herself from the cloud of arousal we shared. “Winston... my turn...”

She took me by the hands and raised me to my feet slowly as our eyes never left each other. Our breath catching and entangling themselves into each other, our skin glistening like the star-strewn lake around us.

Gently turning me around and sitting me on the bench, she knelt before me and pulled my trousers up, kissing the ankle shyly, delicately. The pleasure from the first kiss alone was enough for me to tense up, holding down my deeper, more primal urges.

As she kissed my ankle, her hands smoothly removed one boot, than the other. Without missing a beat, she lifted my foot and gave it a long, teasing lick up its length.

“GG, no...!” I said, barely holding back with everything I have.

“Hehe... how does that feel, big boy?” She winked at me mischievously. “That's what you get for teasing me, Signore Hand-holding...”

“Please... I can't hold it in any more... stop....” I grunted with everything that I have...

“Stop what?” GG looked up innocently. “This?” Without breaking eye contact, she ran her finger up my foot, from heel to toe.

My toes curl up and my world became condensed around this amazing woman's teasing smile. A few moments later, the intensity faded with the edging in my loins.

I throw my head back and laughed. She giggled quietly before throwing her head back and laughed equally as loudly, crazy in love.

“My turn again,” I said, lifting her back on to the bench.

I began kissing her arms... wrists... hands... down to the tips of her fingers in a breathless whisper.

“GG...” I said, fumbling around in my pocket and pulling out a ring box.

“Ti amo... will you marry me?”

“Oh Winston... Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssss!!” GG quaked in orgasmic pleasure as I slid the ring chastely down her finger.

Hours later, I was still caressing my intended's head as she rested on my lap, totally spent. The songbirds have gone quiet, the fish have all gone to sleep in the watery depths of the lake. We were alone with our love.

“Think you can walk now?” I ask.
“Mmm, carry meee...” She said softly.
“All right, come on then...”

I took her in my arms and carried her home, walking away from the lake and into the distance. Before I disappear over the horizon, I look over my shoulder at you, the reader.

“Hey! Stop touching yourselves, you pervs!”


Author's Commentary

  • I knew, deep down, that ever since I began writing the novella, that you guys wanted this. Don't fucking lie to me. You're welcome.
  • As soon as I realized that writing the hand-holding incident would be worthless, I began thinking about how I could write the hand-holding incident... but worse? How filthy, sickening and ridiculous can I get without actual penetration? You tell me, dear reader.
  • GgGirl was with me and the idea every step of the way, so I'd like to praise her for being such a good sport as well as proofreading this chapter. Praise her with great praise!
  • This is Andrea Bocelli's second appearance as theme singer. What can I say? I love him.

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