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Classic 2023 Short Chats 2!

News Jun 24, 2023

With Round 2 of EroFights' inaugural Classic Tournament well underway, with even one team already qualifying for Round 3, we've decided to get some of the competitors of the tournament down for a brief chat!

And away we go!

EroFights: Jeanne and Joni will be taking each other on over the weekend. How confident are you in your partner? And how do feel about failing to beat Joni?

Akang: My partner hasn’t lost a match this tournament so I’m pretty confident in her abilities to win and I’ve seen her skills complimented multiple times. I’ve been struggling to answer your second question as there’s no real answer, I was devastated at the loss but there wasn’t much I could’ve done differently. She simply found the best play and I lost.

EF: Do you think you could beat her if given a second chance?

Akang: Maybe, maybe not. The fun thing about EF is the luck part, someone can get unlucky once and lucky another. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if she got me again.

EF: And lastly, Alex and Cora Jade have become the first team to reach Round 3. Do you think they can go all the way to the final?

Akang: I’d say they have as much chance as anybody else who makes it to round 3. It doesn’t really matter who makes it first as that just relies on everyone having good time zones and freedom.

EF: Thank you for your input — any final message or shout-out?🤭

Akang: My cat says hi (Editor's note: Hi Akang's cat 👋)

EroFights: It doesn't take a psychic to know that you're supremely confident that your partner Tanveer will come out on top against Silvena, but be honest: is there anyone in this competition that you think Tanveer can't handle?

BDSM Stacy: With all due respect to the girls left in this tournament, I have the utmost faith in Tanveer and 100% expect him to dominate all of the competition. Not only is he a highly experienced and capable sex fighter but he’s got me firing him up with motivational pep-talks behind the scenes. He can't lose!

EF: That's a very daring claim, especially since this is Tanveer's second tournament ever, and Jeanne, 20-time Guardian of the Hill, is still active in this contest...

Stacy: I’m aware of how tough Jeanne is. With over 500 wins in Classic and the way she utterly destroyed The Merchant in Round 1…she’s a tough cookie no question. But I stand by what I said nobody is standing in Tanveer’s way!

EF: I hope you're not made to eat your words anytime soon! One more question: I think it's obvious that you'll be backing yourselves to go all the way, but who do you think will be your opponents in the final round?

Stacy: If Tanveer makes me a liar I’ll see to it (personally) that he receives the discipline that he deserves. Regarding the final, I can definitely see the team of Day and Romantic getting to the final round. Day has been on fire in this tournament so far and Romantic’s already heaving trophy cabinet speaks for itself.

EF: How do you see a hypothetical final matchup with Day/Romantic going, then? 2:0 to your team, or will it go all the way to a tiebreaker? And if so, who will contest it?!

Stacy: Ever since I toppled Romantic in the Winter 2020 tournament, we’ve talked a lot in private about the prospect of facing off against each other in a tournament again. It would be a fitting final if it were to happen. But Romantic should know that the result will be the same I’ll give him the “royal ride” and defeat him like last time! If it then went down to a tie-breaker with Day, then I’d gladly finish the job to claim that trophy!

EF: And the best part is that all of this may yet come to pass...any final message to the readers out there?

Stacy: Maybe not for the readers but for whoever engraves the trophy, start penciling in our names now because nobody is going to stop Stacy and Tanveer being the Classic 2023 champions!

EroFights: Congratulations on your win vs Silvena! Was that the most challenging match you've had in the tournament so far?

Sexfighter Tanveer: Thank you! They both had their challenges, I played risky with Silvena. I thought that I had messed up my chances with the first cum test. Then had to play catchup for the second orgasm,resisted a high cum chance. Too close for comfort.

That being said, Vanessa was a challenging match indeed! I had never done a long-form RP and in a tourney match no less. Was so lost in Vanessa's writing and charm that it made it difficult to focus on the task at hand.

EF: This is only your second tournament so far, after quite the hiatus - what took you so long to get back into the tournament circuit?!

Tanveer: It took me a while to re-enter another tourney just due to my whacky schedule. Never know when I'll be online nowadays. Happy that I've been able to make it work thus far, and have great matches.

EF: And looking at those currently still in the tournament, is there someone in particular that you'd like to be matched with in future rounds, should you manage to get that far?

Tanveer: Great question! I think Lysa may already be out, but she and I have a history of fun matches, so it would be amazing to add to it!
And of course, I would love to face anyone that I haven't played with before. I'd be lying if I wasn't checking out Day. Always been a fan of her matches, but never had the chance to partake! Hoping the tournament might make that happen for me.



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