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Classic 2023 Short Chats!

News Jun 10, 2023

With Round 1 of EroFights' inaugural Classic Tournament in full swing, and with 3 teams already qualifying for the next round, we've taken a few of the EroFighters aside to hear what they think of the whole thing...

EroFights: The team of Silvena and Atlas has qualified for Round 2. Obviously you and Silvena have history, and you lost your match against her in last year's EroPets Tournament — what are your thoughts?

Romantic: Silvena is a force to be reckoned with. She is one of the oldest veterans of EF and a person able to give both great games and amazing roleplay. Also, look at her chest and tell me if she hasn't the best boobs of all EF! Jokes apart, she is a good friend and I know that she and Atlas will have many more surprises for all of us.

EF: Will you want to face her in the next round then? Or do you want to save her for the final?

Roma: There are different people that I would like to face in the final and she is probably on the top of this list.

EF: And lastly of course, your partner Day has given your team the lead after winning against Dylan Boyle. Should you lose, do you think Day would be able to win the tiebreaker?!

Roma: If I lose... Well, there is a reason for Day being my number 2 target on all of Erofights!

EroFights: 3 teams have already qualified to Round 2! Can you name a team that you'd love to face off in the next round, assuming of course, that you get there?

The Merchant: Looking over the teams that made it, all of them look interesting. If i was forced to pick one however, I'd go with Cora jade and Alex. Mostly because their matches seemed fun, but partially because Cora seems like a good time.

EF: This interview will be published on Saturday, but of course we're having this interview now, before your match with Jeanne is set to begin. Tell us — how confident are you of winning this?!

TM: Arrrgh, my confidence is very low. Jeanne has got way, way more experience as well as insight in the game... but on the plus side I DID win against her during the last tournament. And generally luck favours me over her. Still was it anybody else I'd be more hopeful. But if I'm going down, I'm going down swinging!

EF: And of course, it's not just the two of you. Your partner Shirley is set to take on Akang! Shirley is one of the most decorated players in the tournament circuit, while this will be Akang's first tournament. Can the newbie pull off an upset?!

TM: I have absolute trust in Shirley's skill. She's the reason why I believe we'll be able to pull through this round. I am a bit sorry for whoever has to clean up the mess afterwards, for she's going to repaint the walls with him. However! He does have both the luck of his first tourney, as well as a chance to maybe get into her head. We all know how the horny can mess one up... even then, it's going to be an uphill battle against this titan.

EroFights: So! You managed to get the better of Ruck after all, and in doing so, sealed your ticket to Round 2! How do you feel about that?!

Sassy Selena: I feel pretty great! Already a better start than my last tournament 😂 Ruck put up a great fight, but it feels good to be the winner 😎

EF: Two other teams have also qualified, Atlas/Silvena and Alex/Cora Jade. Which pair would you rather take on next round, or do you have your sights on one of the other teams who are still to qualify?

Selena: Hmmm, I wouldn’t mind trying to get revenge on Atlas. He’s the one who knocked me out of the wrestling tournament first round!

EF: And you're definitely doing better with Classic than TWR! Are you simply more comfortable with Classic, or is it just pure dumb luck?

Selena: It might just be pure dumb luck! I know Classic is a little more simple mechanics wise, so maybe that’s working in my favour!

Tune in on 12 June, Monday, 3PM CST for Tanveer vs Green Velcro! You don't want to miss it!



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