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Classic 2023: The Final Chat

News Jul 29, 2023

Well, my friends — it's come to this. One final match to decide everything. Alex vs Sexfighter Tanveer. We have been told that the earliest match date is Wednesday, 2nd of August.

While we wait for the decisive sex battle, I've decided to ask as many people as I can one simple question: who is going to emerge victorious?

Alex!! Alex Definitely wins! He is a great sexfighter and he is sweeeeet! Hehe~ I am sure he will win!


Alex hands down — have you met that man? Stand between him and a win and you’ll leave a mess :3


I don't think I know Tanveer


Alex will win for sure!😜


Me of course. 😌


I support our boy Tanveer!!!😎


Alex will definitely win against Suckfighter Tanveer 😊


I don't know both of them


I don't know any of them


If there is one thing this miserably hot summer has taught me it's that Tan girl summer is here to stay so Tanveer has my support.

-Countess Sasha

I think Alex has it won, from seeing the logs (I may be wrong) he's confident and can back that confidence up every time 😌

-Scarlet Fire

I think Alex will win :3
He better, since he has to avenge me by defeating Tanveer !!! >:X


I think Alex will win


I'm leaning Tanveer


Just for the "lols" as the kids say, I'll vote for a draw.

-Diana Adams



Now, I know Tanveer is a good egg, but I've been in this situation before where everyone overwhelmingly supported the other side, and it didn't feel good, so I feel that I must speak up.

First — I'm sure most of them are joking, and the fact that they want you to lose is mostly because they want to be able to tease you about it! There is nothing malicious here, only some very, very naughty boys and girls.

Second — to hell with them, Tanveer! Winston understands! You have me in your corner, and I believe in you!

You've gotten this far, and I don't believe its a fluke. So get in there, VAMOS and win this thing!


...Oh no, I just jinxed you, didn't I?

.......I have to go now, my planet needs me.




I can typing :B