Commentarii de Bello EroFightico

Games Sep 28, 2022
I like cumming in girls...

Welcome to what I hope will be a short series (less work for me innit) of commentary articles by me about my matches in the Halloween Tournament of 2022.

In fact, by the time you're reading this, it should already be apparent to you that I've again, lost a tournament match. I am currently... oh... somewhere in the region of... I don't know, seven, eight....? Let's say seven or eight losses in competitive matches and precisely zero wins.

Some call it a curse, some call it jobbing, some call it me being a bad player... but hey, call it what you want, I call it fun. If cumming inside a girl is considered losing, I don't ever want to win...

Those who know me or have read my writings know that I put a lot of faith in EroFights' matchmaking and I absolutely refuse to arrange scheduled matches unless it's for a tournament.

Matchmaking feels like fate. It's a magical moment where destiny brings two people together. Okay, sometimes the results aren't as good, but when it works, it works.

My general policy for people that want to play with me is "find me in matchmaking", simply because I feel that it's more exciting that way, and having a play date at an appointed hour is the absolute opposite of that.

However, as a consequence of that, there's simply a large laundry list of players that I've never had the pleasure to play with. Tournaments fill this social gap for me by pairing me up against players I would never play with otherwise.

My personal stance on tournaments is that they should be less about competition, and more about socialization. Pairing up with random members as opponents or partners is a good way for the community to bond and know each other.

It is with this in mind also that we shifted our tournament format to be mixed-gender doubles, instead of same-gender duo teams. Instead of seeing the opposite gender as adversaries, we wanted to foster greater understanding not only between players, but also between genders.

So when someone asks if it bothers me that I've never won a tournament match, my answer is: not at all! All of my matches have been fun. That's a win for me. I generally take a dim view of competitiveness and stat crunching. It's anti-sexy. That's why the mandatory roleplay rule is there, because EF's first-ever tournament flopped hard because some people just played in total silence.

In any case, I digress...

For this year's tournament, I am paired with Mariah, and our Round 1 opponents are Silvena and Off Duty Fireman. Best of three matches wins. (Spoilers: We lost!)

I've had an eye on Silvena for a while now, possibly for over a year. There are some brief references to Warhammer 40,000 in her profile. Whether the reference was intended or not, it was the first thing that registered in my mind and she's been on my radar ever since.

Anywho - nuns? Fuck yes. The idea of fucking and corrupting a nun is just too sexy to just ignore, so to find that my first opponent was Silvena was just another sign from above.

Silvena and I immediately arranged for our match to be held on day 1. To amp things up even further, we went all in with our bets in the betting competition, so the loser will be cleaned out of their coins!

The Match...

I won't give a blow-by-blow account of it (the match log does a better job), but I will try to go through the highlights of the match and give some kind of commentary about it. What I find sexy and worth discussing, what are the top moments, stuff like that.

We set our scene in a church, which is just natural, given Silvena's character. I personally feel that doing naughty things in a church to be highly arousing. Naughty things with a supposedly innocent nun? Even better.

And she's blonde? Ooof. I just got to have her and commit some debauchery. The match begins as it should, with groping, kissing, and oral. The latter being one of my favourite things to give, receive, or just imagine: a nun sucking cock, taking my hard member down her throat, drooling all over, barely able to focus as I use her mouth like a pussy... lovely.

Not the best 'tactic' in a sex fight, perhaps, but I rarely pick actions in matches because they do the most damage or whatever. I pick precisely what I would do in that situation and what feels sexy for me and my partner at the current phase of the game.

If it's sexy, everyone wins.

Speaking of sexy, we have our first interesting moment (at least to me) in the match - Silvena decides to make me wear her clothes~! I have a few things to say about this... first, it hasn't escaped my notice that every opponent I've ever played with would go for the feminization / crossdressing move the moment they get it.

Whatever the reason behind that, I have to be honest - and this is a recent development - the idea of cross-dressing is very arousing.

I've always had it in my mind (I think) that I'd rock whatever dress I was made to wear. Any deficit appearance-wise can be made up with confidence. The way female clothing might feel on my body would also cause an... ahem, physical reaction.

So I think crossdressing for me doesn't come from a place of humiliation (though laughing / mocking girls are always a turn-on!), but a place of confidence. Knowing that you can be sexy regardless of what you wear is empowering, and empowerment is sexy.

Let's call it a virtuous circle of perversion.

The beauty of EroFights here is that it allows you to act out your fantasies with consenting partners in a safe space, and I think it's certainly helped me discover certain things about myself, and this is certainly one of such cases.

This is going to open that old question: "is Winston trans, or an egg?" The answer is no and no. I'm just a guy who finds the idea of crossdressing arousing, that's it. Let's not wrongfully conflate that with any kind of gender struggle - I'm just someone that's comfortable with things that I like and talking about it.

The match inevitably goes hard and heavy, with both of us going at it aggressively, which is absolutely up my alley because another one of my strong sexual turn-ons is breeding.

That, combined with the idea of corrupting a chaste nun just makes it so much better. I think Silvena feels the same way, because pretty soon the strap-on comes out, and soon after, the first cum test of the match, which... against my wishes (who wouldn't want to cum inside a nun's mouth...) was resisted.

She doesn't stop and soon follows up with the Amazon position. Innocent nun? Aggressive dominant woman? My wires are getting crossed and I'm trapped in the crossfire of horny! Again, I resist cumming, but at what cost?

The pleasure of EroFights' sexfighting modes is that it's the domain of the switch. You can spend some time being pegged silly and then return the favour, and I do precisely that. My first cumtest results in the first cum of the match.

Is the tide turning? Is the Winston tournament curse over? I don't really care to be honest with you, because at this moment I'm having the time of my life, and very soon that's rewarded further with being able to cum inside a sweet innocent nun.

I don't usually like to talk about statistics but I think it's fun to point these out:

The match crashes from cumtest to cumtest now, with another one of my major kinks (feet) making a cameo appearance (14% chance to succeed, fails). My 57% cumtest fails... so naturally the next cumtest, a titjob with 30% chance to succeed... seals the game in the best way possible, a nun with her pussy filled with cum and breasts splashed with jizz.

They say Silvena won the match, but I'm pretty sure I got the better deal here...

The Final Word

This was a really fun game, for a variety of reasons. From the fetishes and kinks at play, to the positive audience, as well as a wonderful playing partner and a really fun scenario, this match has to be up there with some of my favourites.

Easily 4/5 stars for me, and an excellent showcase of what an EroFights match can be: sexy, competitive, fun, funny, surprising, and suspenseful. Makes joining a tournament only to lose worth it!



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