EF Novella CHAPTER 12

EF Novella May 28, 2022

L'inspecteur Renard

Just another night in the bustling EroFights City - a sprawling urban landscape of millions and counting. The already bustling city is going into overdrive, practically thrumming with activity now that the sun has set and the neon forest made its presence known.

And in this multitude of lights, in this teeming mass of people going to and fro, seeking companionship, love, or just a good lay, a little fox boy is walking home with a paper bag full of groceries.

It never quite seemed to matter what Foxy bought from the SupEROmarket, but a baguette, a bottle of milk, and two boxes of Tresor always poked out the top of it.

He wagged his tail happily. Not even the recent mandate from the General Manager that all purchases from the SupEROmarket be photographed and sent directly to the GM's office could dampen his spirits.

Humming happily, he waved to one or two EroFighters that he knew, and even three or four that he didn't, welcoming the newer ones and pointing them in the right direction of the building they're looking for - usually either Discordia Hotel or one of the Game Towers.

Foxy however, was headed elsewhere. Walking down into the subway tunnels, sat on one of the benches on the brightly-lit platform, taking in the sights and sounds of... EroFights City.

The Great Lips In The Sky had built the city above an underground lake, which itself contained a vast deposit of EroFite ore at the bottom. The lakewater became the principle source of water for the city, and by poor engineering - or by grand design -  the aphrodisiac EroFite particles and residue were allowed to pass through the city's filtration systems.

The result is a heightened lust and passion found in the average citizen of EroFights City.

It was quite literally something in the water.

Foxy, with his heightened senses, felt every bit of it. It sent shivers down his tail as he felt little wisps of water being misted over towards commuters from the fans above.

He crossed his legs. There were very few indecency laws in EroFights City, and here, in the city's subway, under a cloud of EroFite mist, more than one couple was bent over the benches, overcome with lust. Men, women, everyone in between engaged in their own little world of pleasure, savouring each other's bodies. The lewd clapping of flesh and lustful moans making it hard for him to think.

Thankfully, the EroTrain came speeding in to the rescue at this very moment. Sighing with relief as the doors slid open, Foxy waddled discreetly into the train to prevent anyone from seeing his arousal.

He tried very hard not to meet the eyes of  a tall lady in yoga pants, twirling and spinning around one of the train's poles, wriggling and spreading her feet in his direction...

It didn't last long, thankfully. Giggling and laughing, she patted him on the head, dropped her card into his grocery bag, and said goodbye before leaving at the next stop.

Several more people got on the train.

And that was when trouble began.

EroFights was populated by many creatures. Men, women - some blue and some red - fox boys and cat girls. Vikings and Napoleonic generals. Wrestlers and pop stars.

But every city has its monsters.

It walked on pawed feet. Its hands little better. Its furred body swept inexorably upward and ended in a snout and prominent fangs. The truly unforgivable sin however, was what lay between its legs.

Fellow commuters began to inch away from this bipedal canine creature, who seemed quite oblivious to the stares and discomfort of others to his obviously animalistic physiology.

No, something has to be said. Foxy cleared his throat...


The strange dog-man turned his head to look at Foxy.

Monsieur, I would like to remind you of ze rules...

He jabbed a finger at the screen behind the dog-man, where a helpful infographic presented itself.

The dog-man turned, looked at the chart, and shrugged, looking straight ahead once again as if nothing had happened.

Monsieur... I must eenseest...

"What?!" He practically barked. "What do you want? Leave me alone!"

You are going against the city laws, monsieur...

"Huh?! What are you talking about?! You're a fox, aren't you? Well I'm a dog! There's no difference here!"

Foxy sniffed, eyes lingering briefly on the red sheath covering the dog-man's genitals.

We are nothing alike, monsieur. I still have a humanoid face, hands, and even human hair. You are much closer to animal than man...

Snarling, the dog-man stepped forward, his crotch dangerously close to Foxy's face.

"Say that again?" He snarled.

Foxy's ears twitched. Sensing something coming, he moved his grocery bag aside - but too late, the dog-man's claws swiped across the top of the milk bottle, shattering it and causing the contents to spill into the bag, to the gasps of his fellow commuters.

Merde! How the hell is he supposed to eat TWO boxes of Tresor with no milk?!

Setting aside his ruined grocery bag on the seat next to him, Foxy got on his feet, staring daggers at this rude intruder. Thrusting his hand into his pocket, he pulled out a deadly weapon - a shiny silver whistle.

Blowing into it hard, the shrill ring of the whistle set off the train's alarm systems. The screens around the train began to display a timer.








Clapping his hands to his ears, the Dog-man yelled through the wall of noise.

"Okay, okay! I'll change it!"

A few seconds, and the dog-man reverted to the default blue-man avatar, before hurriedly running out of the train at the next stop. The EroTrain's systems, no longer detecting an unacceptable level of furry presence, quietly turned off its alarm and went on its merry way.

Foxy sighed, looking at his soggy grocery bag.

There was no choice, he'd have to go back to the SupEROmarket again.

Walking out with a fresh bag of groceries (one baguette, one bottle of milk, two Tresor), Foxy began making his way to the subway once more, the incident earlier in the evening already far from his mind as he hummed happily, confident that nothing will bother him on the way home to the EroFights Beach House.

That was until he slammed into the Eiffel Tower.

He blinked. And looked up and up even more, at the icon of Paris standing tall and proud... over the entrance of the subway.

"Oh... mon dieu! Did I hurt you, Monsieur Renard?"

Shaking his head to clear it, he looked up again, this time from the pavement. He was not hallucinating. The tip of the Eiffel Tower was bent over, almost looking at him. The structure conspired to look concerned... even worried.

Je vais bien, merci... Monsieur...?

"Eiffel! N'est-ce pas évident ?"

Ah... oui...

And that, my dear reader, is just about as much French as I can stomach. Any more of that and we'll have to bust out the Winstonian variety... so we're switching back to English.

Begging your pardon sir... but I don't think it's permissible to use a inanimate object as your avatar here in the city.

"Sacre bleu! (OK, last one for real) But why not?"

Puffing up his cheeks, Foxy sighed before explaining the obvious.

You are here for... excitement, yes?


You want to attract sexy girls, yes?

"And boys, oui!"

And if the sexy girl or boy comes into your room dressed as the Pyramid du Louvre?

"Ah... I see your point..."

A brief moment, and Eiffel shrinks into the size and form of a charming and handsome Frenchman, complete with beret and a sizeable baguette in his pants.

"Thank you for showing me the way, Renard! Au revoir!"

Watching Eiffel walk away, Foxy gets to his feet, before realizing that his groceries were strewn all over the pavement.


All is quiet in Winston's penthouse in the EroFights Beach House, save for the calming waves.

And the relentless pounding of flesh-on-flesh and the lustful moans of Lili. He was on top of her, joined as one. Winston thrusting forcefully but firmly as she held him close, moaning and whispering sweet nothings into his ear as their sweating bodies rubbed against each other with every movement.

The phone rang. In the dark, it seemed - if you could ignore the moans - as if Winston and Lili were applauding it.

Ring-ring, clap-clap-clap-clap...

Ring-ring, clap-clap-clap-clap...

Ring-ring, clap-clap-clap-clap...



Not pulling away from his lover, Winston reaches for the phone.


Wonston!! You must come and pick me up at ONCE! I don't want to go to the subway again!!

"What? What are you...nghh..." He squirmed as Lili started nibbling on his neck.

"What are you talking about?"

"The subway is horrible! It has furry monsters and Eiffel Tower... come quickly, I don't want to take the fucking train!"

"But I don't want to cum- ohhhhh...." Lili giggled as she wrapped her legs around him, forcing him deep inside her. Her soft teasing laughter enough to set him off, filling her waiting pussy with exactly what she wanted.

"...I'll be right there."


"I gotta go..." Winston tries to lift himself off the bed, only to find himself still locked around Lili's legs.

"I don't think so~" A long, soft kiss, followed by a whisper, and a teasing wiggle of the hips.

"Not before I get three more loads out of you..."

Foxy clung on to his third grocery bag in three hours, eyes darting here and there, on high alert on anyone that would do his shopping harm. He raised his legs, tucking them in his arms, almost curled into a protective ball around his groceries as he waited for Winston at the bus stop.

It has been three hours...

A bus stopped on the opposite side of the road, and a throng of eager EroFighters ready to start the night alighted. He passed the time by observing them, waving at those he knew, sticking his tongue out at those he didn't quite like.

Then he sees it.

Another monster.

It has no head, nor body, nor arms. It walked on two feet and slender legs, and shaved groin... and that was all.

There are many monsters in EroFights, none as repellent as the Disembodied Genital.

She... no... it, repelled everything around it, fellow EroFighters gave it a wider berth, as it began its grotesque walk across the street, ignoring the zebra crossing.

Tsk... some people... they think they're above the law... Foxy reached for his whistle, and blew, hard.














A flower of noise bloomed just at the edge of sight. In an explosion of sound and speed, a red blur passed through the monster, the Disembodied Genital stood still, as if struck by the blade of a samurai from those old-timey samurai movies.

In a shower of pixels, it returned to its default state - a red woman. The car stopped in a burst of speed right in front of Foxy, who tightened his grip on his groceries. He stared at the car incredulously.

Seriously? I waited three hours for you to pick me up and all I had to do was file a report? Baka...



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