EroFights News: Talking With Foxy/Evilthorn

News May 20, 2023

EroFights: Hi Foxy! Let's start off with a simple introduction — tell us about yourself!


I'm a Kitsune \o/ I joined this community here 3 years ago. I'm a French guy, which means I need to endure many kinds of silly "oui oui baguette hon hon," or some suspicious joke about white flag.


EF: You're known as one of the most welcoming faces of EroFights. How important is it to you that newbies get a good first impression of the community?

Hmm...Erofights is a pretty good place, which I know is not the case with many other communities. Honestly, the community is what made me stay here and allowed me to meet a lot of wonderful people, many gone now, or still here after all this time like me.


So I think it's great if I can share a bit of the good community I found here, with the newbies coming.


Even if I'm more active on the discord, than on the website.

EF: You're also a game maintainer for Hentai mode. Can you tell us what got you interested in it?

First, I do love Hentai more than real porn...


Second, I wanted to create CBT moves, like kneeing or kicking in the crotch, because it's my favourite kink \o/ And then, I always preferred Hentai to classic. I liked the system being different to classic mode. I just considered trying it when staff were looking for a maintainer, and here we are \o/

EF: Kara's greenskin (orcs) action pack got released recently. What do you think of its contents?

Kara did an amazing job! I, myself, am not into green skin though, so I don't think about it much 😛

It's good to be able to get different kinds of pack, for people who love different things.

EF: Is the Hentai team working on other projects? What next for the game mode?

If me tell you, I'll have to make you disappear


More seriously, we don't have a big "projects" for now. Just working on regular things, action creation/reviewing. This past year already had lots coming, with big new feature, new Bondage system for Christmas, and now orc pack, with other packs released around Valentine's Day for example. So just chilling and working slowly.


EF: What do you want to see more, in terms of content for EF?

More CBT and shoes


EF: What do you like the most about EF?

It's difficult to answer after all these years. I most like the way it made me able to meet wonderful people. And I want to thank them all if they read that, for having allowed me to have such good time with them.


EF: And what do you like the least?

New people


It can be a little weird after answering the welcoming part. But in fact, Erofights is a website dragging in a lot of new people. Some of them are wonderful and really great members, but we sometimes meet some stupid people, with stupid non-lewd profile pics, or acting rude, not even reading rules, just to mention a few things. And I'd like to thank our mod team for quickly intercepting those people and making EF its best again.


EF: If you could have a new feature for EF, what would it be?

A way for me to get kicks in crotch from cuties

giggle and wag tail.

I have absolutely no idea to be honest


EF: And lastly, Chapter 10????????????????

run away and escape, disappearing quickly



Along with Evilthorn, Brooke

I can typing :B