Friends? Foes? Family! - Part 1

Feb 5, 2022

The huge door lacquered in gold and blue is closed. Two guards in complete suits of armour with halberds in their hands stand vigil on it.

Aria hugs Romantic, pushing her head on his chest. Romantic caresses her ears.

"Are you excited to meet her?"

"We haven’t seen each other since me and my parents left Athenia. It has been so much time…" She looks at the two armoured guards, biting her lip. "We both have grown up…what if we won’t be able to be friends like we used to be?"

"Do not worry: she has agreed to meet us and I am sure this means that she still cares about you."

Aria smiles. Her tail caresses Romantic’s back.

The door opens and a valet peeps from it.

"Their majesties are waiting for you. Please, come in."

Aria moves a few steps towards the door. She staggers and grabs her husband's arm.

"Damn heels!! I hate wearing them, I hate wearing dresses!" She growls, pulling the black silk bell skirt she is wearing.

"Please, Aria: we are about to talk with a princess…you cannot be naked before her."

She pouts.

"We were naked half of the time when we were children."

They enter the hall. At the other side of it of it, lifted on some steps, a platform with a huge crystal throne, surrounded by red tapestries with the emblem of the blue butterfly of Athenia on them. Sitting upon it, a girl with a pale complexion. She has a brain of red hair that falls on her bare shoulders, resting on the blue skirt she wears.

The sabercat opens her eyes wide. The princess stands up.



Aria leaves the arm of Romantic and runs towards the throne. She loses balance on the first step, falling between the arms of Anna, who closes her in an embrace.

"My sweet sister has finally come back home." Anna presses the face of Aria on her shoulder, caressing her hair. "I thought I had lost you forever…"

"I missed you so much…" The sabercat grabs the hips of the princess with her tail to close her in a tighter embrace. She rubs her face on her sister's neck. At the edge of her eyesight, Romantic comes closer, moves his right hand onto his chest and bows.

"Your grace, being at your presence is an honour for me."

Anna moves her head in a greeting.

"The honour is mine, Sir. You have given me the greatest gift of all."

Aria hears steps from behind her sister and moves her head. Someone else has appeared behind Anna. It would look like a young human, but the horns that emerge from his purple hair, the purple wings on his back, the tail and the scales on his muscular body suggest another heritage. He is naked, except from a couple of leather boots at his feet and a golden thong on his pubes.

Romantic bows towards him.

"My greetings to you, Sir Drake Dracula, prince consort of Athenia."

The dragon-boy rises an eyebrow.

"My wuv, why is this strange man looking on the floor while talking to me? Has he lost something?"

Anna giggles.

"No, sweetie: he is just honouring you his way. He is Sir Romantic Malaspina, the husband of Aria. Our brother-in-law."

Drakes open a huge smile, his eyes glaring.

"A brother! I have a little brother!"

He runs to Romantic, lifts him between his arms and starts to jump around the room, shaking the husband of Aria up and down.

"I will teach you all the things a big brother teaches to the younger one!" Drake spins on a single leg. "I will teach you how to cycle; how to swim and how to talk to women!"

"S-stop it…I already know how t-to do these things!" Romantic tries to free himself from the embrace. "Put me down!"

Anna giggles.

"Drake, my love, being a brother-in-law is different than being a brother…also, if we compare the lifespan of our four races, I think that Romantic is the elder among us."

"I am not old!" Screams Romantic. "I am [censored number] years old!

Drake raises an eyebrow.

"Did you just day “censored number”?"

"I have said what I have said! Now put me down, dammit!"

"Oh…ok, Roma."

The dragon-boy opens his embrace and Romantic falls on his knees. Aria moves to him and helps him stand up again. Anna follows her.

"Forgive the enthusiasm of my husband, Romantic," the princess hugs the dragon boy. "Sometimes, he acts like a child, but he has the purest heart in the world and he would not hurt a fly."

"The same for my mate," Aria grabs the hips of her husband, keeping him closer. "He may look so rigid, but he has a golden heart. He is made for love."

Romantic blushes. Drake does the same. He offers his hand to the other man.

"Glad to meet you, almost-brother."

The husband of Aria grabs it in in a strong squeeze.

"Happy to be part of the family, Drake."

Anna giggles and claps her hands.

"Wonderful! I think dinner is ready: why don’t we go eat?"


Romantic takes off his jacket and puts it on a crutch. He loosens his tie, opens his shirt and folds it on the bed. He takes some pyjamas from his suitcase. He hears the sound of the door opening behind his back.

"You said that you and Anna had many things to talk about, I thought that you would have needed more time for that."

"She was tired, we will continue tomorrow."

"Ah, I can understand; the wine they served at the dinner was great, but maybe it was too strong. I mean, I can’t remember last time I felt so dizzy after only six or seven…"

The lights turn off. Romantic feels a soft chest pressed on his back, while eager hands explore his abs, covered only by a undershirt.

"Mh? Aria, what are you…?"

A kiss on his neck. A bite. He feels two long fangs tickling his skin.

"I want you. Now," The voice of Aria trembles in his ear. She starts to remove the undershirt.

Romantic turns and kisses her, taking her hands in his.

"Aria stop: we are at your sister’s place…we cannot do this. What if she and Drake hear us and…"

"Yes, Annie! Just like this! Take it!"

The young nobleman raises an eyebrow.

"Wait? Is that…Drake? What the hell is going on?"

"Anna told me their room it’s just next to us." Aria giggles. "It seems that they don’t fear to be heard at all…why should we?"

She removes his undershirt with a single movement and takes his nipple in her mouth, teasing it with her tongue.

"Mmmm…who are you and where is my shy Aria?"

The sabercat girl looks at him. Her feline eyes glare in the little light of the room.

"Who knows…maybe it’s the magic of this place…or maybe my sister has suggested me something…"


Romantic kisses her. He sighs as another scream from Drake, louder than the others, can be heard. He moves his hands under the straps of her nightgown and makes it fall on the floor. He looks at the profile of her naked body. He caresses her soft curves, teasing her huge breast with the tips of his fingers. Aria moans.

"S-since it looks like you are enjoying the appetizer so much…why don’t we move to the main dish?"

She slips her hands inside his pants and removes it. His boxers fall on the floor too. The sabercat girl licks her lips.

"Mmmm…it really looks like you are ready…"

She takes his hands and leads him to the bed. She mounts it and offers him her naked treasure, her tail swinging.

"Sabercat-style," She winks.

Romantic giggles and reaches her. He grabs her hips, puts his cock on her labia and moves her body back and forth. Aria moans. Her juice starts to drool on her husband’s cock.

"W-what are you waiting for? I am ready!"

The young nobleman smirks and grabs her boobs. He squeezes them hard, teasing her nipples between his fingers and using the movement to increase the speed of his rubbing. Aria moans again.

"Grrr…take me!"

Romantic force her to raise her torso, pressing his chest on her beck. He kisses her.

"Why don’t you use the magic word, dear?"

The tip of his cock reaches her clit and moves on it.

"You…teaser." Aria moves her tongue in his mouth. She breaks the kiss and smirks "But two can play this game…"

Her tail grabs the cock of the young noble, pulling him down. He moans on her pussy as the appendix starts to jerk him off.

"Please, Sir Romantic: would you kindly give this kitty some pleasure with your mouth? It would be such a shame if you just spurt on the bed before the good part starts, don’t you think?"

Romantic raises his sight, meeting the lust in the eyes of Aria.

"As my Lady wishes."

(to be continued)


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