Halloween Tournament 2021: The Final Chapter

Games Nov 17, 2021

Here it is, folks!

The end of our spooktacular Halloween tournament. An amazing time was had and a sinfully delicious one at that. A huge thank you to all the competitors that fought hard and those working in the background to make all this possible!

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Isabelle Vs EvilThorn

Our first final fight saw EvilThorn taking on Isabelle, who has so far been able to rampage and fuck her way to the finals, letting nothing stand in her way. They get warmed up, flashing each other whilst getting close, allowing Thorn to throw a little bondage into the mix.

Not letting this stop her, Isabelle bounces back, fingering his ass before she fucks him with a strap-on. Feeling the pleasure, Thorn takes a moment and retaliates with a standing 69, putting his tongue to good use as she works her magic on his cock. Soon, they are just fucking, hard and rough, with Isabelle's moans filling the room. As they do this, Izzy gets her hand on his cock and strokes him as she gets fucked, then plays rougher as she gets Thorn in a wrestling hold to keep the handjob pressure on.

Mid-Fuck, Isabelle gets Thorn into a wrestling stretch hold, stroking his cock frantically. Desperate and squirming, he tries to resist but can't hold it in as he is made to cum by her skilled hand. Despite this, Thorn uses what strength he has to pick her up and fuck her full nelson, making Isabelle cum hard all over his cock.

Both of them feeling the pressure, they barely compose themselves before Thorn tries twice to make her cum with a special move. But Isabelle resists all these attempts and soon puts Foxy on his back, choking and riding him hard until he cums once more, filling her deep as she rides him to victory!

Click here to see the fight in full detail.

Weiss Vs Jay

Our next battle saw Weiss taking on the composer to see who wins or if we need another tie break. Not wasting any time, Jay gets in with the dirty talk as they warm each other up. With the use of some magic, Jay has not just the combatants but the audience stripped naked as well, before moaning as he feels Weiss' perfect ass on his cock.

With the use of different magics, they fuck each other senseless, moaning lewdly as they engage in an amazing back and forth battle. Impaled on Jay's cock multiple times, Weiss manages to sit on and smother his face, whilst having her ass fucked by a tentacle here and there. Jay takes a chance once the tentacle is gone and fucks her ass as he pulls her hair, pushing her to orgasm and taking the lead!

Recovering some energy and planning it out, Weiss gets off his cock and plants him on the ground, choking and fucking him yandere style until she forces an orgasm from him, tying the score at one apiece. Neither of them holds back as they work each other over, both trying hard to weaken their opponent's defences. Jay gets Weiss in a full nelson and fucks her to another orgasm, leaving her dangerously close to defeat. But taking a huge risk, Weiss bounces her ass on his cock, trying to push him over the edge with this special move. And she finds resounding success as she drains him and claims her prize and victory, leading us to one final tie-breaker to bring our tournament to a close.

Click this bit here for the full details.

Isabelle Vs EvilThorn: Part 2

Our final battle sees Isabelle and Thorn do battle one more time to determine the outcome of this tournament, this time in a classic match.

Wasting no time once again, Isabelle gets Thorn's trousers off as he helps her out of her dress. It doesn't take long for our fighters to get almost all their clothes off and Isabelle puts on a teasing dance in her underwear, enticing both Thorn and everyone watching. Teasing and foreplay get them both dripping, allowing Thorn to slide his cock deep into her tight pussy, fucking nice and slow. Before long, they are both giving as good as they get, fucking back and forth, abandoning all inhibitions.

Some heated and salacious sucking and fucking continues, leading to Izzy failing to get his cum with her mouth and Thorn, with 2 friends, fucking her senseless until she cums hard. She fights back with a strong pile driver but Thorn still holds out. Eventually though, she blows him deep whilst holding eye contact and he can contain his seed no longer, cumming in her mouth.

Near depleted, Thorn launches a full nelson attack, catching Isabelle off guard and wrenching a second orgasm from her. A surprise upset, scoring the win by knockout, Thorn and Weiss become our champions for the 2021 Halloween tournament!

See this fantasic final right here.

They both receive a unique badge on their profile, 100 EF coins, and a special move of their choice. Huge congratulations to them and the runners-up, Jay and Isabelle. Well done and thank you to everyone that took part and made this a special one.

If you're hungry for more tournament matches and lewdness of the finest kind, don't go far! We have more debauchery coming just around the corner with The Winter Tournament!

Come and witness Chaste and Milov duke it out, along with a group of sign up sexfighters, in a showcase tournament to see who comes out on top. Some of our best fighters, taking to the ring, not for prizes but for pride and one hell of a good time. Along with this, we will have a side event for everyone to participate, if you like to do more than just watch. Male, female, trans, all characters are welcome!

We want to celebrate a fun and friendly environment on EF with this tournament. Fun first, victory second. Competitiveness is all well and good but here, we just want you all to enjoy yourselves. In the side event, it's easy to take part. You simply announce your matchup, including what alternate rules you would like to use. For it to qualify for the side event, the game must have an alternate rule. As an example, the alt rule could be playing on hard mode or playing with hypno house rules. Of course, you can use your own rules, if you have them. For more details, check out our Discord and look under the tournaments tab.

Until then, I've been me, you've been you and this has been our Halloween tournament for 2021!



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