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Classic Tournament 2024: A chat with the Champion!

Interviews Jun 4, 2024

Hello everyone! Hope you're getting ready for the upcoming Classic Tournament, we're just days away from the start of the games! Today we have the privilege to hear from the Classic Tournament 2023 champion: Alex!

EroFights: What was your favourite moment of last year's Classic Tournament?

Alex: Uff...tough question! I enjoyed a lot of moments. My game with Amelia, Day, Lysa, Romantic, BDSM Stacy, and last but not least — Tanveer. All tense matches that were both hot and adrenaline-packed. Oh yeah...and punishing my teammate Cora for losing...again and again...hmmm...maybe she enjoyed it too much, that's why she kept losing! o.o

EF: What's your favourite part of a classic match?

A: I'd say when the audience joins the action! Getting a threesome or more is always fun and throws the RP in random directions, involving more people and ideas.  I love that. We are clearly a hot community that likes to give a helping hand/hole/pole/insert other objects of pleasure here~

EF: What's your favourite way for winning a match and what's your favourite way for losing a match?

A: My favourite way of winning...I'm into orgasm control. So I find it hot when I say they are not allowed to cum while I'm pounding them hard....and then they can't help it and lose regardless of my order. Making them a very...very bad toy...adds to the humiliation from the loss~ And my favourite way of losing?  What do you mean? I didn't lose a single match ; )

EF: Any final advice for this year's competitors?

A: The game is super random. Don't have any expectations. Just have fun with your partner and make a show for the public — they love contributing to someone's loss. After all, we are all subs on Erofights. Facts.

Thank you Alex! As you can read, tournaments are often the hottest moment of the year in Erofights, so take your cumshot and get ready to sign up! You can enter the tournament participation lottery on the EroFights forum from the 7th of June, for all the rules you can check out this forum post, or join our Discord!

See you on the sex-battle ground



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