Hentai Halloween Tournament 2023: Announcement and Rules!

News Sep 2, 2023

Oh well, looks like summer is over! Hope you all had your much deserved rest, that being on a beach drinking a cocktail, or at home with your air-conditioning playing on Erofights. EroPets is now about to end, and a scent of pumpkins and sugar is starting to take over... IT'S TIME FOR HENTAI HALLOWEEN TOURNAMENT 2023!

Today your favorite bunny reporter is gonna reveal the rules and feature for this year's events, so without further ado...


-16 players divided in 8 mixed doubles.
-3 rounds
-Registration (date TBA) will be open for 72 hours after 16 valid players have signed up. Participants will be chosen by lottery (players ending up excluded will be put into reserves pool, priority will be chosen by lottery too)
-Heterosexual matches

You'll also need a profile that has been active for at least 3 months, and 10 matches in Hentai mode to qualify.

We decided on registration by lottery to be fair to other players from other timezones, who may miss registrations simply due to slots being taken before they're even awake. We believe having a lottery for both registrations and reserves will be the fairest way for everyone going forward.

Now that we covered the basics, let's take a look at THE NEW TIE BREAK SYSTEM:


For this tournament, the winners of their games can choose between several trick or treat options:

  1. Fast Mode Fourway - all players play fast mode at the same time. 1st person to lose (counted in turns) loses the tiebreaker for their team.

2. Blind Man's Bluff -  2 players battle it out in blind mode, with their partners        serving as coaches and advising them on what moves to take.

3.  Carrot and Stick - 1 player from each team will battle. Before the match,                 decide who gets the carrot, and who gets the stick.
-Male players that choose carrot must skip a turn when pegged.
-Female players that choose carrot must skip when forced into an oral move.
-Male players that choose stick must enable pain (receiving) kink, and must skip a turn when a CBT action is played.
-Female players that choose stick must enable anal (receiving) kink and must skip a turn when an anal action is played.


Same way as last year, everyone can submit their entry (consisting of an EF character dressed in any halloween-related costume)! Then, once the registrations of the costumes are closed, everyone will vote for their favorite costume, and the winner will be awarded with 75 coins and a special badge.


-Winners: 150 EF coins, a free signature move for Hentai mode and a special winner's badge (and the eternal glory);
-Runners up: 100 EF coins
-Best Roleplay: 75 EF coins, a special badge

(in order to be eligible for winning the best Roleplay, be sure you play with a Halloween-themed costume or character, and your roleplay setting must be Halloween-themed too. The judges will be revealed soon)

Phew! That was a lot to explain, and we're not finished yet! Over the next few days we'll be revealing more information about the coming tournament, culminating in the registration date, so stay tuned!



Your trusted bunny reporter! EF veteran looking around for new stories and facts about your favorite sexfight website <3