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An Altercation With Alya

News Jul 5, 2023

There are few figures in EroFights quite as infamous or influential as the raccoon-loving, chaos-inducing, spelling-destroying hot Italian mess that is Alya. The third of an increasingly illustrious lineage of Lesbian Wrestling Ring maintainers, Alya's vision of the LWR mode remains one of the more complex and interesting competitive modes to date.

But let's have her tell you more about herself in her own words...

EroFights: Hi Alya, thank you for taking the time to have this interview. Briefly tell us about yourself without even once implying or stating outright that you were here before even lllusion himself...

Alya: Well, I'm Alya, real name Lina [Editors note: translated into English, this means "Lina"], an Italian with Arab origins (paternal grandparents), who whispered the idea of EF into lllusion's ears while he slept. I'm sure I wasn't here from the beginning, just because I'm not perverse enough to show myself right away, shyness kept me away for a few months.

I like history, especially the ancient and Roman age [Editor's note: Nonna yearns for the days of her youth], in which I studied and hope one day to teach. In my life I have practised dozens of sports, from swimming to Karate, up to being trained for a couple of years in pro wrestling (nothing serious) during my stay in Turin.

As I approach 30, I feel myself becoming more and more like Winston, and that scares me. Racoons are the best animals in the world, and I envy Canadian people because there are no Racoons in Italy. [Editor's note; The supposed raccoon fan isn't aware that there are raccoons in Lombardy]

EF: You mentioned your practice of sports and wrestling. Is that how you became a game maintainer for EroFights' Lesbian Wrestling Ring mode? How did that even come about~?

A: Well yes and no. Basically, it's a long story that I will fail to make short. I've loved WWE pro Wrestling since I was 6. In Italy, wrestling was on Italia 1 (one of the main 6 channels) when you came back from school.

I loved the girls in a strange way, and growing up I knew that something was off, because sporty and aggressive girls tickle my fancy in a way that boys failed to do.

Short story, I'm attracted to personalities and physiques like wrestlers, especially women. And when something is close to my heart, if possible, I try to do give it my best.

Seeing the early days of EF as chaos with a lot of potential, I picked up both the lesbian version of Classic and Franky's LWR mode, to which I added (and in LWR remodelled almost from scratch) my touch.

It seems that a lot of people liked it, and I can't be happier about it, because since then it's been even more fun to be dominated by...and dominate, other girls.

P.S. It was hell making gifs all day, because I'm very bad with editing.

EF: And you seem to have done a good job! The mode has basically been complete when you stopped maintaining the mode and handed it over to Linlin. Do you have any thoughts and comments about Linlin as a maintainer?

A: Linlin reminded me of me when I started, full of ideas and a desire to act, that's why I chose her. I was also impressed by her incredible organisation and spreadsheets.

I've never been good with numbers, as they tend to mess with my brain, and as my "feeling" method was proving more difficult to implement, passing the ball to her felt right.

I believe that as long as there is passion and a will to act, you can't go wrong. I just hope she doesn't suffer from burnout.

EF: Speaking of that...there are rumours that you are working on a new mode called Hentai Wrestling...comment?

A: I'd rather not answer. As much as I want to, the one thing I missed from the Covid days is that now I can't find the time I dedicated to LWR years ago. I have so many projects started that Hentai Wrestling always ends up on the back burner as fast as you can say EF.

If I'm being realistic, it's unfortunately a project that will be stalled forever, and if I ever have the time, I'll dedicate myself to creating the foundation so that others can add to this new mode.

P.S. I hate working with gifs and the action creation of EF is also a bit tedious, so I get nightmares when I want to start working on it XD

EF: To my knowledge, you're the only one with a sibling here that is also on EF. Why did you introduce him to this community and what were you expecting out of that?

A: I didn't expect anything. Being almost 10 years apart, our relationship is much friendlier than expected. I'm also extremely protective of him, but I can't hold him back. I wasn't directly interested in introducing him to EF, it was more a request from him after I left a tab on my computer open and the little spy couldn't mind his business.

P.S now I use him to spy on the boys dorm in Discord.

EF: Tell us what is your favourite thing about EroFights!

A: The hardest question! I have difficulty with choices. The most obvious answer to me is "people". On EF I had a glimpse of a reality far away from me, and of people I would never otherwise have known.

But the people I met on EF, especially during my first two years, are people I will keep for a long time in my memory. [Editor's note: love you too beb 😘]

EF: And what do you like the least about EF?

A: Mmhh...And I thought the hardest question had already been asked. I think I'll answer on a very personal level, as I'm someone who doesn't really like changes, especially those over which I don't have full control.

EF is a game and a community at the same time, a real platform that changes day by day, leaving me behind and making me feel more and more apart. It's not something I can control, or maybe I don't want to, so I let EF flow over me like water over a rock, hoping I'm tough enough to endure.

EF: And what has kept you away from the game, but clearly not the community?

A: I have a certain reputation, or infamy, at least years ago, of not being able to play games that didn't last hours. For a while I also had the longest game record. Let's say that with today's commitments, and the desire to do everything quickly, playing a game becomes much more difficult. Plus I lost that courage and confidence that allowed me to go into matchmaking without problems or doubts.

EF: Elaborate on that last part.

A: The problem I had the first few months, back in 2016 😌 [Editor's note: yeah...I actually don't think I need to explain this to anybody], was that I didn't have enough courage to face a real person in matchmaking, so I played for years months with guest profiles against the treacherous bots.

When I plucked up the courage, I was very lucky to find wonderful people, first of all thatguybradley. Now I'm afraid, with all the time passed and the new people, that if I go into matchmaking won't be so lucky anymore, or even that between me and my opponent, I'll be the one giving the other a bad experience.

EF: Have you tried making a new character and trying matchmaking without pressure?



Are you telling me I'm not smart enough to think this? Okay, I didn't think about it, but the fact is that it's more of a personal block, not related to the character, so I don't think it would make much difference.

EF: You've decided to hang around the community, despite everything. What about it makes you want to stay?

A: It's like an old horse you're too fond of to put down. Only I'm the old horse. I admit that I no longer feel like I have a place or purpose here, but the reason I stay is that others with whom I've shared a small part of my life still stay.

Plus I don't want to let others feel what I felt when some members of this community I cared about disappeared into thin air, leaving me a void that is difficult to fill.

I stay for those few people, for those who text me every day, like Alissa, or for those who occasionally knock on my DMs, asking how I'm doing. For Andy who keeps me company in raccons-and-Friends [Editor's note: If you're wondering what this is, I assure you, it's best you didn't] and for having a place to share my kinky humour and quality porn that I keep hidden away like fine wine.

EF: Yes...let's talk about that...your love for raccoons...what the hell is that about?

A: Well, it all started almost two years ago, when Mara, a dear friend of mine whom I met on EF, along with others, introduced me first to raccoons, animals unknown to me, and then to opossums.

Initially, like many, their resemblance to rodents didn't make me like the animal, but their funny behaviour and appearance made them bearable. Over time, thanks to internet memes and cute Instagram pages, raccoons have slowly become adorable to my eyes, and their intelligence and human-like behaviour make them super attractive.

One study says they are the pet of choice for single women who want to gain the experience of having a baby but without the responsibilities that come with it. I relate a lot to this 🤣

EF: I think that's a good place to stop... any final messages or shout outs?

A: Yes, pineapple pizza is a war crime and the punishment should be that you can't eat pizza anymore in your country, also because what you are doing is a bad copy of the original!

EF: Thank you, now I know what cover pic I'm going to use for this post...



I can typing :B