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Sassy Speak With Selena

News Jun 3, 2023

Tournament season is back and Round 1 of the inaugural EroFights Classic Tournament is already underway! While we were waiting for the matches to come in hard and fast, we caught up with one of our sexy competitors. Over to you...

EroFights: Hi Selena! The Round 1 fixtures of the Classic tournament has just dropped! Looks like you'll be taking on Ruck, a man described by Romantic in a previous interview as one of the strongest competitors in the tournament circuit your thoughts?

Selena: Having faced Ruck before, he definitely has earned his reputation😅 However I’ve seen Ruck lose before and I know some of his weaknesses, especially ones specially pertaining to me. I’m confident I can beat him! Him and I are pretty friendly on EF but this is a tournament, mi amor, there’s no holding back 😘

EF: Weaknesses? Care to elaborate? The public needs to know, for...research purposes 😏

S: If you’re a pretty girl with a skilled mouth and a gorgeous butt, I don’t think it’ll be hard for you to find his weaknesses 😉

EF: Speaking of pretty girls any of the female competitors that you think are ones to watch? Who do you consider to be the biggest threat?

S: Hmm, we have a lot of heavy hitters like Shirley and BDSM Stacy, but I’d definitely say keep a look out for Green Velcro! Her roleplay and talent for writing extravagant and detailed scenes is really unlike anything I’ve seen before! I’m not sure who the biggest threat is, all these pretty girls are as dangerous as they are talented, so I’d say maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have a bets tournament this time 😂

EF: And what do you think about the tournament in general? Excited to get started, or just happy that tournaments are back in EroFights after a few months' break?

S: Definitely excited to get started! My first tournament experience was so much fun and my next one was very short lived so I’m excited for another opportunity 😊it’s weird to think about when I first started Erofights and how a short year or so later I’m in tournaments! Also, I think the break was a good move because it gave people time to relax and be excited for this one cause a full 32 person roster is pretty awesome!

EF: You've been partnered with Leon in this tournament - what can you tell us about him? How far are you looking to go in the tournament with him by your side~?

S: I can’t say much honestly, we haven’t had a match together and I don’t think I’ve lurked in any of his matches either. But he’s been around for a while and he’s played a lot more matches than me, so I’m thinking with our powers combined, we have a decent shot at going pretty far in the tournament! Fingers crossed😁

EF: And with Leon already scheduling his match with Sarah on Monday, it could potentially be a double-header for you as well! Can you confirm when you'll be facing Ruck, and will you be watching your partner's match?

S: I’d love to confirm, but we’re both still trying to work out our schedules to figure out which day is best. But if I’m not facing Ruck, I’ll definitely be there to support my teammate!

EF: Even as we speak, the first match of the tournament has officially concluded! BDSM Stacy has won against Lord Milov VIII. Your thoughts on the result?

S: That was fast! I knew when the roster came out that BDSM Stacy was going to be a force to be reckoned with and her win over Lord Milov proves that! Poor Milov though😅

EF: Is that it for the tie, do you think? Or will Milov's partner, Green Velcro, even the scores?

S: You heard it here first: I believe that Green Velcro is gonna even the odds! If I’m wrong then the EF community can fill my inbox with insults and tasks😂

EF: Tasks you say? That sounds like something you've had experience to share one that you've had to do in the past?

S: Honestly I’ve had to do a task only once! It’s usually not something brought up as a bet during my matches but I know some people that are into it. The one task I’ve had to do from losing a match was to spank myself while looking in the mirror and thank my winner for dominating me😅

EF: And did you like it? 😏

S: No comment.😉

EF: And with that mental picture in place, I think it's best we sign off - thanks for your time, Selena! 😊

S: You’re welcome😘and thank you so much for the interview! ❤️



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