Searching Twilight

Erotica Jan 13, 2021

Here I lay now. My hands folded on my chest. And my sleeping mask on. If I was not tensed in anticipation for the following, I would have fallen asleep like this. My mind bringing up all the things that could happen soon and I wait patiently. Listening to all the sounds.

A distant car slowing as it passes by. For sure the neighbor coming home from his day at work. I start to smile at the thought what he would think of me, if he knew what I’m doing right now. I hear a bird in the tree in front of the window. A bit odd given the time.

Then the hand touches my leg. A slight cold feeling on my heated skin. I gasp in surprise. You always manage to sneak in on me. And I was listening so closely this time. The fingers trail up the leg. Now I can sense your presence next to me. Almost feel the soft steps as you pass by.

Your fingers slide between mine, separating them and pulling one hand to your mouth. I feel your soft lips on my fingertips and a small sigh escapes my mouth. I want to grab you but know to hold myself back. The sensation of your warm soft lips trailing down over my hand now.

Every kiss brings you closer to me, but the path along my arm is long. I shiver in the feeling. My eyes closed, even if it doesn’t change anything. Over the elbow your lips make their way further down. I feel you leaning over me. Your hand pushing in the matrass next to me. Your body sliding onto my chest from the side, while you reach the shoulders. Moving on up my neck. My head turns to the side, wanting to give you all the space to explore.

Then you place my arm next to me. Letting go of it and instead sliding your hand along my body. Resting it at my side and holding my softly. A slight moan escapes while your mouth closes with mine. You weight increasing as you also move the other hand to my body. Holding me in place gently.

Your hand reaches my panties. I try not to move as you start to slowly slide over it with one finger. One hand still moves up and pulls your head closer in desire. I feel a chuckle in your body and your finger increases its pressure. I focus on breathing steadily, feeling the other hand trailing to my chest and groping one breast. The thumb starting to play around my nipple.

Your kiss grows stronger, I can feel you biting my bottom lip and sense your desire in it. The finger on my panties starts to move in circles. Growing bigger every round. Until it reaches the rim and slips under it. The other fingers joining now, as you firmly move over the outside of my pussy.

I start to push up my hips unwillingly. Trying to get more of your touch. My fingers closing tighter in your hair. My other hand sliding to your back, trying to pull you further onto me. With a laugh you pull out, leaving me without any touch other than one finger trailing up from my pussy and over the belly. It leaves a small wet mark on its way, that cools my skin and together with the one soft touch it makes me shiver. Further up till you reach the soft downside of my breast.

I feel your body sliding on top of me. Your legs trapping mine as your hands start to play on my breasts. First slowly groping them, your hands resting under them. My body relaxes a bit, the arousal making my head spin. Feeling you so close is driving my thoughts away, only left to be with you, to feel your touch all over my body.

The fingers on my chest start to move up and nearly close around my nipples. Teasing them, almost touching, but staying just next to them. I sigh in pleasure and low frustration as you start to move around my poking nipples. I start twisting my body to get a touch.

And then the fingers close. Increasing the pressure slowly. My backs bends and I moan as you roll your fingers over each other, causing pulses to run out into my body. My mouth opening slightly as I try to process the pleasure.

Your hips move up and down with a slow, steady pace. Making my legs tremble as I try moving to any direction. But your body fixes me in place and gives me no chance to act back. I can feel you chuckle over my desperation, your mouth moving to my breast now and your lips pressing onto it. With a low suction your mouth closes around the nipple. Your tongue peeking out and touching the very tip of them. This soft teasing gets me to melt completely. Nothing remains left in my mind than feeling exactly this.

I feel the pleasure flooding my body more and more. Leaving me breathless under every one of your movements. I hear your breathing getting shorter. Your mouth lifts off my breast and slides up to my neck. Your arms resting to both sides of my head I feel your hip movements slow down too.

I notice how exhausted you seem to be, holding yourself up only for me. I grab your shoulders and pull you onto me. Blocking your movements with my legs, until you are just laying there, breathing controlled and holding me warm.

I recover only slowly, wrapping my arms around your body and letting the desire dissipate. I never felt more loved than in this moment. And I happily let myself fall into relaxation with you. Showing you how much I love you with slow strokes through your hair. Whispering sweet nothings in your ear while sleep embraces you. I still haven’t taken of my blindfold. That will be up to you as soon as you are ready for it.



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