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Bad End Blather With Alex

News Jun 7, 2023

Well, not really...and not that kind of end either...

EroFights' newest mode has taken the community by storm, driving members of the community to reach for their wallet to pay for Patreon access, eager to play the part of defiant heroine or evil dark lord, engaged in a furious battle of sexual wills that will inevitably climax with a bad end for one of them.

Behind this tantalising struggle of lewdity (it's a word now, deal with it) is a truly perverted mind by the name of Alex. Invoking his Patreon privileges to create his own game mode, he has created a mode that is truly unique.

So let's begin, shall we?

EroFights: Hi Alex! Before we get to business, do you mind introducing yourself, and how you found EroFights?

Alex: I'm your average switch-leaning-dom on EF. And I think I joined close to 3 years ago. Honestly, I can't remember how I found the website, but I suspect it was mentioned on a specific message board called 4-err...not important!

EF: Clara and Foxy have both commented on how the community is one of the best parts of the website, so we won't ask you that. Instead though, what is your favourite game mode, other than yours, of course?

A: Classic. Definitely Classic. It's as close as you can get to a real life experience with another person and I enjoy the style of the gifs. The rough fucking, choking, stretching those holes with a big

EF: Oh go on then, tell us what is your favourite thing about EroFights!

A:…dick. I mean, the community!!! The community is the best. I came for the game, stayed for the people. And I've always wanted to give back as this community has given me so much ^^  (Editor's Note™️: *so much dick)

EF: And the thing you like the least?

A: Selfish people who expect you to entertain them without giving back in return. Please, respect the other player's time and attention! : )

EF: Let's talk about your game mode, Bad End Battle. It seems to be very popular and have driven Patreon subscriptions since its initial release. How did you even come up with the idea for this mode?

A: I noticed that many people had a kink for fighting as best as they could, but lose nonetheless, wanting to face harsh consequences. But none of the other modes gave this opportunity.

Your good time was at the mercy of RNGesus. Thus, the Bad End idea was born. Where you can fight as fierce as you like and still lose at the end ^^

EF: You've recently taken on a game maintainer student in Iona. What does this mean for the game mode? Can we expect new content any time soon?

A: Iona is awesome! I was surprised how quickly she absorbed all the logic and mechanics of the mode. I think she went from a student to a full game maintainer in less than a month, and now takes care of new proposals and actions.

Another thing she helped with, being a Grammar Domme, was to correct descriptions for all actions. I still remember how I got scolded by her for mistakes I made. She can be very punctual…unless she is edging!

And yes! We are working on a new minion, together with a cute angel from a popular well-known shrine. Will keep it as a surprise, though.

EF: Do you have a release date for fans of this mode?

A: Oh no. I stopped giving time frames as working on this is highly dependent on free time and the mood of the people involved. And I can't predict those, really.

But hey,  if you really like it, all you have to do is support EF once for EroFighter badge and have fun : )

EF: There has been a large demand for Bad End to expand beyond the standard arrangement of 'male dark lord vs heroine', to perhaps 'dark lady vs hero' or more simply homosexual pairings and encounters. Can you comment on this and what are you doing, if anything, to help fulfil this particular request from the community?

A: As of right now, we are working on adding a female boss, so that ladies can play as the Evil villain. But apart from that, there isn't really much in plan for adding different genders.

Let me explain why: A single minion in Bad End requires around 40 actions, each one of them with 2-3 different pics or gifs.

You would be surprised how hard it is to find content that fits the style of the mode and the genders you want. Then, you have the actual work that needs to be put in just to make the basic core gameplay with, let's say a male hero, instead of a heroine.

You can treat each minion as a different mode, as they all have their perks, different balance, little mechanics, etc. The creative process is constant. And last but not least…the person who works on this, needs to have the proper kinks and gender preferences, and the free time.

Still, if someone wants to try and make a different mix of genders, I'll support them with all my knowledge. The team is always open for fresh students and ideas ^^

EF: Tournament season is upon us has it ever crossed your mind that Bad End Battles could be part of the tournament calendar, or do you think that the game is so skewed that it would mostly suit players who come to suffer bad ends? 😏

A: It definitely crossed my mind!!! Some sort of challenge, maybe I'll add gold into the mode, and players have to try to loot as much as they can and escape? Or risk fighting for a bigger reward, but lose? Or have teams of two, with an evil and a good player, playing against other and trying to win 'em all \o/ Still, I kinda wanted to add some more content before we expand on those ideas ^^

EF: Anything else you'd like to add? Any shout-outs in mind?

A: Sure! Shoutout to Alya for her idea and help with the Mindflayer pack! To Winston for coming up with the Bad End name. And to lllusion for trusting me with this project!

Oh, and shoutout to Maya's nice butt uwu (Editor's Note™️: We reached out to Maya's nice butt uwu for comment, but have received no response)

I guess we can close with that! Thanks for answering our questions today, Alex!

That's staying in the interview 🤣



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