Bad End Battle Action Creation Guide

Guides Dec 15, 2022

So you've played a few games of Bad End Battle and you want to contribute to the mode and the EF community with your ideas and content. Great!

Below, hopefully you will find everything you need to know about the mode in order to propose enhancements and actions.

Mode overview and dynamic

The idea of the mode is to cater to brats who enjoy putting up a fight, but ultimately lose and get punished for it, as well as to dommy people who love to watch their subs struggle and succumb to pleasure.

The mode revolves around the female hero, who tries to fight the forces of evil. But unfortunately for her, the forces of evil don't play fair and try to corrupt her through sex. She will be forced to fuck, fight, then fuck again and at some point will have to please them herself in order to win. Or give in to the pleasure and lose, resulting in a "Bad End".

The mode needs to provide a challenge that is interesting when you play it with another person and alone with a bot.

The Heroin will need to fight or fuck 3 minions, one after another, with intermissions where she might be able to drink potions and rest. If she manages to win the fights without cumming, she faces the Evil Lord as the boss, where they will only fuck in a repeated series of cum tests, until one losses all their health points.

Minions are defeated by either losing enough life points, or having their desire reach 100.

The key is to mix gameplay complexity with the dynamic of back and forth “sex fighting”, and adding a degree of luck.

Even if she loses, it should feel like a win, if the kink for the punishment (Bad End) is there.

Allowed Content

The hero's expressions give a good sense of the emotions that we want to generate from the scene.

She could be confident and smirking when she fights or seduces. Angry when she is forced to please. Panicking when she is used. Pleasure and ahegao when she definitely likes it and gives in.

This will paint the picture of the slow corruption of the hero, who tries everything to win.

When it comes to content these are the core rules that should be followed. They are not set in stone and might change as the game evolves, but are a good base.

1. Setting. Pictures need to fit the fantasy setting. A piece of medieval armour, medieval clothes, magic, orcs. If the action has futuristic or modern elements it doesn't work. If the action is neutral in terms of setting it can be used, as long as we don't overdo it.

2. Hot. Content needs to be hot. There is a lot of content that fits the setting, but is not hot and it should be avoided, as it makes actions lose appeal.

3. Nothing "disgusting." There is a lot of content that fits the setting perfectly, but could be considered disgusting in some way, like deformed cocks or horrific monsters. Those should be avoided, as the mode needs to cater to the tastes of the widest audience possible.

4. No violence. As with everything, this is subjective. But  blood, cuts, piercing, emotions of  horror and death should be avoided. Yes, the mode is Bad End battle, but the end part has a very different meaning and there are no pictures of the weapons landing on anyone. For the boss fight all actions are sex, as the two players are fucking each other and we want to avoid abuse and role play of actual fighting.

5. Animated content is preferred, but given the nature of the mode, finding content that fits is extremely difficult, so pictures are fine as well.

6. Under aged content should be avoided at all costs. If you are wondering if something is loli, then it is probably better to not include it at all, as someone else might get the same vibe. Unfortunately, a lot of hentai tends to draw the characters quite young, so keep that in mind.

7. Anger and hate. Content that represents such emotions should be avoided. Evil intent can be represented by smirks, as we want to keep this playful.

8. Proportionate bodies. Enormous tits, absurdly huge cocks, and body parts that seem extremely unrealistic, does not fit with the majority of the content and should be avoided, as we want consistency.

9. Too much pixelated or censored on the picture can be a huge turn off for some people, so it should be avoided if possible.

10. It is important that you have read the code of conduct on the EF front page, in order to not break any additional rules when picking content.

Enhancements and content editing

The easiest way you can support the mode is by adding new pictures and animations for existing actions.

If you haven’t read the official guide on action submission, I suggest you do so up to and including the “Beginners stuff” section. Everything after that doesn’t really apply to Bad End Battle mode. But it is a good base if you want to learn the platform.

Also make sure you follow the guidelines in the first 2 points in this guide, especially the rules for allowed content.

Technically, actions that have 1 or too few pictures should have priority if you are wondering where to help, but if you have a specific picture or animated gif you want to add, feel free to do so.

  • Go to the actions tab and in Game Styles select “Bad End Battle”. Find the action you think your content would be most appropriate.
  • Select “Propose an Enhancement” and follow the instructions there.

If everything is in order, you proposal will be accepted : )

Bad End game over actions

This is another part of the game that is fairly easy to contribute to and affects the Bad End game overs that you get when you lose.

The Bad End should be treated as a predicament punishment. It should involve the person who lost in a "difficult" situation, where they get fucked, sexually humiliated, sexually used, locked in a sex dungeon, sold in sex slavery, brainwashed, cursed to be always horny…the list goes on.

Apart from a stimulating picture, the predicament also requires a descriptive text, that allows for the player to sink in the fantasy and enjoy the kink. It is extremely important, as the mode is also played by people solo and this is a way to get in their heads and give them a pleasurable sub experience after their loss.

Cruelty can be a key word when thinking of predicaments, but in a sexual hot way. It is important that we don't overdo it.

Bad end game overs are split based on monsters. Orcs get orc bad ends. Incubus has its separate set, and so on.

You can duplicate an existing game over action and rework the texts and pictures, but generally the way you create a game over action is from the action tab once again:

  • New action
  • Title is for the backend naming of the action. You can mention here, for which monster the end can apply. It is not seen in the game.
  • You add the picture with the image button
  • Title of the action that would be seen in game
  • Description for the person who picks the action. Try to be as detailed as possible, to relay on fantasy.
  • Description for the opponent, who will experience the action. Again, as detailed as possible.
  • Check the game over tick.
  • Choose gender for attack and victim, keeping in mind that the hero is female and the Lord is male.
  • Add 40 exp to the attacker and 30 exp to the victim.
  • Add additional attributes like cuffs, collars, marks etc. If you think they fit the predicament.

Then…confirm and wait for it to be reviewed :)

Minion fight actions

Apart from having the right content, if you wish to create an action that occurs during the minion fighting action, you need to be aware of the following.

The game mode revolves around 2 play styles for the hero; playing for lowering the life points of a minion or increasing their desire.

The most efficient way of play is to choose a style at the beginning of each minion and defeat it that way. This way you ensure you win the quickest way possible and give the least opportunities to your opponent to increase your stats.

Unfortunately you might not always get actions that modify the stat you want. You might want to deal damage, but you keep getting sex actions midfight. This is where the random element kicks in and you are forced to make decisions. And fighting for lowering the life points of the minion is the preferred way, since at the end of the fight, the Lord won’t get an action that increases your stats significantly.

With that said there are 3 group of actions:

  • Generic actions for the Hero: these are attacks that are minion neutral. They can fit in any fight, with any minion. Usually the hero is alone in those actions and they can be widely used.

  • Minion specific actions for the Hero: These are actions where the minion is visible in the action along with the hero and can only be played in that specific encounter.
  • Minion actions for the Lord: almost all of the actions that the Lord uses usually involve the minions or just the hero. Since the focus of the mode is the corruption of the hero, focus is always on her, while she engages with the minions.

Stat wise, an action can involve the following:

For the Hero:

  • Energy
  • Desire
  • Pleasure
  • Cum
  • Life points

The way the hero cums is played is as with classic mode, so everything is standard there.

For the Lord’s minions:

  • Energy
  • Life points
  • Desire
  • Pleasure is reserved for utility purposes to keep track of the progress of the game.
  • Cum can be involved, but it is only used during the boss fight, so it is an extremely specific stats, that is best to be avoided.

The average advantage for the Hero actions is 8.

The average advantage for the Lord’s actions is 1.

Boss fight actions

The boss fight puts the Hero against the Lord, the two players directly fucking each other. In this case any actions involving infliction of pain should be avoided - it’s just a sex fight.

The idea is for the hero to look worked up, horny, exhausted. Additionally, having a collar, cuffs or mark would unlock actions that are with low advantage for the hero.

Each action reduces 10 life points by default except cum tests. Still, cum test will reduce 10 life points to the victim in the cum success follow up, or 10 to the attacker in the cum fail action. This means that the fight is on a timer.

The Lord is usually in an advantageous situation with less cum chance. But each time he makes the Hero orgasm, the Hero’s stats drop by 20% cum chance. So spamming too many cum tests might prove an issue.

On the other hand, the hero needs to focus only on 2 stats; desire and cum overdrive.

Desire is the weaker stat but it stays after cumming so you kinda wanna increase it to have a bigger chance.

The other way is to play for cum overdrive, which also lowers life points, but you will lose the accumulated points each time the Lord cums.

Advantage for the hero is 6.

Advantage for the Lord is 0.

This is the basics that you need to know in order to propose content for the mode. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact me on EF website.




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