Hitchhiker's guide of Action Submission

Games Dec 18, 2020

So, you played EroFights for a while and now you want to add your favorite kinky stuff into your games? You're more than welcome to do so! EroFights is a community-built game and our action variety comes from the work of many people like you!

First things first: One thing you should know about action submission: It requires a lot of work to process them, from reviewers to myself, lllusion. As many players want to do it, there is often hundreds of actions in need of review, some are waiting there since months! That's why before submitting an action you should ask yourself one question:

  • Is my action new? Is there already an action in game I could just improve with some different wording or a new image? Each action can include 10 different pics/gifs, so it's always worth checking on the Actions page if you're content is worth adding as just an improvement, as a new action? Maybe there are already a ton of actions like yours in the game you haven't encountered yet, so try to keep action submissions to new, interesting things ;)

Action Enhancement Proposals

Before adding a new action, you should always consider just improving an existing one. This is something way easier to review than the addition of a new action, as it don't require any balancing / tagging, so it's often accepted within a week, while action submission can take months.

You can do it from the game, or from the Actions page, using the "Propose an enhancement" link. Here, you can do a few things:

  • Change the text of the action to correct mistakes, add it more color, make it more interesting.

  • Add a new picture to the action, within limit of 10 pictures per action. Particularly for Classic and Wrestling Rings, make sure that your image matches the other ones and the descriptions in terms of dressing state, position and content. It's not always necessary to have a perfect match, but it's always better for players when everything is coherent!

  • If there is already 10 pictures and would really like to add a new one, you can put the link in comment, I often replace old content with some fresh one.

  • Add a comment for everything else: For a bug report for example, if the action showed up while it shouldn't have, write a remark of it in the action.

If everything's fine, your action should be reviewed quickly! If there is a problem, I might DM you, or add an answer to your questions by editing the proposal and adding something like "> This picture doesn't fit the description [...]" in the comment field of your action enhancement proposal, so be sure to check your old actions proposals from time to time.

New action submission

First off: Register to EroFights! Only registered members can add new content ;) Registering on EroFights is free, and doesn't require any personal information, so don't hesitate!

Beginner's stuff

For your first actions, you don't really need to understand everything before submitting. A little information might be enough to get published! However, the less information you fill, the more reviewers have to work in order to accept your action, so it might take a lot of time to be reviewed!

Here are the few first fields you can access right out of the box:

  • Title (dev) : This field is meant to reflect the action from a action creator perspective. Describe the action clearly: for example: "Facial" can be a "Dev" title, while "Cover her face" will be the title displayed to the user. Also, there area few rules you can respect: If your action is a cum test, add ~test at the beginning, for a cum success, write ~cum and for a cum fail action ~fail. If your action is supposed to follow something specific, like "Masturbate too", you can add a "=>" in this title. If it's supposed to be followed by something specific, like "Slide his cock inside", insert a "<=" in the title. A few tags like [TS] [m4f] or [7 pics] will be added automatically to your titles periodically.

  • Game mode: Pick one ;)

  • An image, from a link or your files. EF will resize your images automatically. However, if your GIFs are too big, the server won't be able to process them. In this case, you should use ezgif.com to resize/optimize them.

  • A title that will be displayed to both players.

  • Two descriptions [POV Attack/Victim]. [POV Attack] is the description from the point of view of the attacker. The attacker is the one selecting the action. From cum test, it's a bit more complex. For example in a: "Blow him to make him cum [f4m]" action, we would have three action, with all the same attacker/victim:
    - ~test Blow him [f4m]
    - ~cum Explode in her mouth [f4m]
    - ~fail Resist her blowjob [f4m]

The attacker is always the one trying to make the other cum.
In case of game overs, the attacker is the one winning. In case of timeout, the attacker is the one who have been abandoned.

In Classic/Hentai/Wrestling, the descriptions are written in the second person: for the attacker "You did that to him, he reacted like that." ; for the victim: "He did that to you, you reacted like that." It's perfectly ok if the two texts are exactly the same expect for the pronouns. In JOI games, we often use: "You order your sub to do that" for the attacker, "Do that", for the victim.

  • Bot dialog: It's the text that will be said by a bot if he is the attacker during this action.

  • Kinks: Kinks represented in this image. Keep them tidy, all the kinks must be active for both players for an action to appear. It's important to flag everything important, but don't over-tag things. For example, "Femdom" and "Maledom" are needed when it's clearly a BDSM action with a dom, or when there is some rough domination from one of the partners / some really strong words in descriptions. However, it's not needed for every action where someone take the ascendant on the other one, however classic would be easy by setting only "Maledom" or "Femdom" ;)

  • Toys: Used only for JOI games. Don't set it for other game modes. It's the toys the "victim" should possess in order to do the action.

  • Type of action: Used only for ordering actions/searching them. If you're action does not fit in one category, it's not important.

  • Attacker/Victim: Refer to "Descriptions" paragraph above. If you select both, it means your attacker or victim is undefined and could be used for any sex. Be sure to make your descriptions matching any of those situations using "Your partner/your opponent/they/them".

For the Pros

You got all of the above? Good! Well, there is more! Go to the Enter code page, and enter this one: " ContentCreator ". This won't give you a specific badge, but it it will just unlock the full potential of the action creation form. Don't be worried by the number of fields, you don't need to touch the buttons if you don't understand them ; but it will allow you to set things like "how characters are dressed, in what state they are at the moment of action, is this a cum test?" things like that. If you want to get back to the simple form after that, ask me with one of your character names ;)

From that point, when you'll create a new action, you'll have more fields:

  • 10 image slots.

  • Difficulty: it is used to separate how the three cards are picked. First card is always picked in Free(1) category, second card is random between 2 and 5, third card is 4 or 5. I usually put only cum tests in the category five so that the last card has a high chance to be a cum test, and only energy giving actions in difficulty 1, so that the first card is always giving back energy. For more precision:
    - Free : gain energy/masturbation/undressing self
    - Easy: no energy, small effects
    - Medium : small energy use (-1), more effects
    - Hard: Strong energy use (-2/-3), bigger effects, fuck, cum qty +1
    - Deadly: cum tests, mostly, or insanely hard actions (-3/4 energy for exemple)

  • Special actions: a cum success is the action happening when someone cum, while a "cum fail" is the one displayed when they resist. Game over is the action displayed at the end, timeout is the one displayed when someone quit the game/is inactive.

  • Transgender: Specify if the attacker/victim is transgender:
    - "Ok" means the action works for a transgender, even if it wasn't planned for it in the first place (for example a girl tease action where we cannot see genitalia)
    - "Ok" + "Need" means the action is reserved for transgender characters

    To be even more precise:
    - Guy + nothing = looking male, with a cock
    - Guy + ok = looking male, who could have a pussy
    - Guy + ok + need = looking male, with a pussy
    - Girl + nothing = looking female, with a pussy
    - Girl + ok = looking female, who could have a cock
    - Girl + ok + need = looking female, with a cock
    - Both + nothing = looking male with a cock ; or looking female with a pussy
    - Both + ok = Any type of people
    - Both + ok + need = Looking male with a pussy ; or looking female with a cock

  • Test cum: For the moment, only cum tests for the victim are supported. Suggestions have been done many times to support cum tests for the attacker/both. It's been in my plans since a long time, but requires a lot of work/maybe won't even be possible.

  • Change fields: If you want to balance a game mode, you can start by trying to balance the "Advantage score" of the actions. The advantage score is basically a formula to say if your action gives a lot of advantage or not. For classic, you action should have a score around 11. It takes in account stat changes + clothes removal.
    A ~cum action in Classic should do
    - Attacker: +9 desire/+4 pleasure or equivalent.
    - Victim: -3 energy, -30 desire, -30 pleasure, -50 life points
    It shouldn't reduce too much dress states/kinks as they should be handled in the ~test action leading to it.
    A ~fail action should not change anything in Classic.
    A Game over action should give 40 exp to attacker, 30 to victim.
    In case of doubts, just search for a similar accepted action and set the same values.

  • Need/Not/Add/Remove. Need means the character has/is that thing. Not means he hasn't. Add means he will have it after the after is picked. Remove means he won't. For example, if you want your action to add a plug to your partner, select "Not" + "Add" under the "Plug" category of the victim.
    In Hentai mode, please ignore all the clothing stuff for the moment, except for undressing actions. Be careful to balance them ignoring clothing stuff points.

  • Needs xxx above/below. An action won't show up as a choice if it doesn't respect one of these conditions. In Classic:
    - Teasing actions have a "+ desire" + "Need desire below 60 - 80" for the victim, so that they only they disappear once your partner is already hot, letting their place to more hands-on actions.
    - Hard actions have a "Need desire above 40 - 50", "Need pleasure below 80-85", "Need cum quantity below 17" so they stop showing up when your partner is too hot and let their place to cum tests actions.

  • The special case of gags/plugs/bindings. In a perfect world, you shouldn't be able to perform a blowjob while being gagged. However, in EF, that could mean reduce a lot the scope of actions you're able to do, and potentially lead to "no action" situations. Until their is enough of these actions and "unbinding" ones, the current solution is to remove the element when an action would need to not have it. For example, "blow him" would have a "remove gag" for the attacker.

  • The special case of chastity. Same thing as above, but even more important, as chastity is by nature meant to be lasting. Since it would be a real game changer right now, for the moment, there is no "chastity" state, and chastity action should be written as a "put chastity for a short while, tease him, release him just after, then continue".

The special case of JOIs:

JOIs are a bit simpler to balance, as they don't really use any kind of balance at all.

For Femdom with Caprice:

  • All [f4m] action should change any stat. They should have at least a "Need desire above: 1" for the victim, if not more, or something on pleasure / dress state. It can change the number of strokes/edges/include some commands to execute (timers). Unless your action can be performed while edging, please check the tag "Need not" under "Edging" for the Victim.

  • All [m4f] actions are already written, if you want to write a new one, please carefully review what already exists.

For Interactive:

  • All actions add +2 desire, +1 pleasure to the victim. It's kind of the clock of the game. A dom action should be flagged "Need dom" for attacker, "Need sub" for victim. A sub action should be flagged "Need sub" for attacker, "Need dom" for victim ; and it should be flagged "should not appear when both characters are switches".

  • As for Femdom with Caprice, Dom actions should have at least a "Need desire above: 1" for the victim. You can set it higher if you want it to appear later in the game.

  • It's very important to check all matching check-box, compared to classic. For example, it's important to check "need not plug" for an anal action, or "need not gag" for sucking, "need not hands/legs attached" etc... The action will be live and more "logical" so it's important to set things right. Same for clothes: Set up the clothes well for actions that would need them, for example, "need not top/bra" to play with nipples, etc.

  • Genders/images are not really important, you can absolutely get a girl picture in a guy -> guy game, for example. The important thing is to set it so it's possible: stroke actions for people with cocks, for example.

  • It can change the number of strokes/edges/include some commands to execute (timers).

In these modes, toys are more important than in Classic. Is someone is gagged, he cannot do anything with his mouth, please be careful about flags.


Got everything? Nice! You followed it and think your action is now perfect and could enter the game without too much work? You can add the tag [Ready] in your action title (dev) so that we know we can review this action in priority!

If that's not the case yet, or if you have any questions about it, the best place to ask is the #content-creation channel of the Discord. If you have problems with your pictures/gifs, you can certainly find someone there with enough experience to help you ;)



Creator of EroFights, kinky guy with lots of imagination ;)