Americas Regional '22: Final Round!

Games Jul 6, 2022

Well folks, it's been a wild ride. We started out with 16 players across 8 teams of 2, and now we're down to our final 4 players. Climber and Diana Adams takes on John G and Andromeda Sterling for the right to claim the crown of the Americas and be proclaimed this year's champion!

Let us begin then, with Diana vs John....

Match 1: Diana Adams vs John G

John shows he isn't messing around and is here to win by hogtying and gagging Diana. As she struggles to get free, her tits spill out of her outfit, flashing both her opponent and the audience. Wanting some more, he takes her top off to show some more of her skin. Whilst he's distracted, she shakes free her bondage and rips his shirt off, leaving them on level footing. Running his hands down her, he gently teases her by rubbing her inner thighs, slowly getting her worked up. She responds to this by letting him tease her as she takes his cock out and returns the teasing favour by sucking on it.

He takes her pants down, allowing her to tease him with her ass, showing it off as she asks whether she should sit on his face or on his cock. The resulting tease has results as his cock throbs in his boxers. Teasing him further, she pinches her nipples as she goads him further, getting them both worked up and ready for more. He gags her again but she removes it before her hands are tied, kissing and touching along his abs. As he enjoys her touch, he reaches down and unclips her bra to admire her tits some more.

The audience get more excited as things open up and they discuss their bets and who they expect to win. Our fighters size each other up, then John playfully slaps his cock in her face to try and derail her thoughts. Her counter was to push him down and ride his face, smothering it with her pussy. He obliges a little before flipping positions and making her suck his finger. She does this before sliding down him and sucking his cock again. She stays down there and shows off her body for him as some moans escape his lips. Realising he needed to regain some control, he flips her onto the bed and starts licking her pussy, then gags her mouth with her panties when she tries to lure him into bed. Diana manages to get his pants off in between being gagged and getting licked. But John soon had her back where he wanted as he got between her legs again, reaching up to tease her sensitive boobs as he licks her out.

She uses her foot to hook into his boxers and take them off, unveiling his thick, hard cock, throbbing with need and desire. He gets into position, teasing her with the tip of his cock. She doubles down and grinds on his cock with her ass. Giving into the temptation, he slides his cock into her and they start fucking gently, her moans getting louder as she bounces on him. She empties a bottle of water over herself to cool down and make John feel even hotter. The sight of her naked, wet skin must have worked as he starts fucking her harder, thrusting and moaning as he rams her tight pussy.

Pulling off of him, she teases with more foreplay as she whispers naughty talk whilst giving him a blowjob. He breaks free from her and takes a moment, aware of just how good it all feels. She does the same before she is suddenly in his lap, being kissed and teased within an inch of her life. Changing the pace, she got on her knees and deep-throated his cock whilst locking eyes with him. He resists her blowjob and settles for a moment before fucking her standing up, wanting to see just how much she can take. She lets him go at his pace but pays the price as he starts going harder and faster, giving more than she can take and making her cum all over his cock.

She takes a few moments to recover, then pounces on him again and uses her ass to try and make him cum. However, despite the pleasures within him, he holds back and slides back into her and fucks her hard and rough. She then tries to take his cum by wrapping her thighs around his cock and driving him wild that way. But somehow, he resists the thighjob and in doing so, amazes everyone present, for only a rare few can withstand such a move. He puts her on her knees and slaps her face with his cock, allowing her to take it into her mouth and suck it again, giving it all to make him cum. After all he has endured, he could hold back no more and he cums all over her face.

They take a few moments to rest before the teasing begins again, each of them gently pushing each other's buttons as they build-up to the main event. She jumps at him and locks him into a thighjob once more, determined to make him cum with this move. He resists her and resets their position, before peeling her panties off with his teeth. She takes a pause as she considers her next move, but soon finds herself on his cock again as he holds her arms behind her back and rams into her again and again. Taking a gamble based on how tired they now both are, he fucks her senseless, in the hopes that she won't be able to resist it. She uses all she has and seems sure she can edge his cock as she bounces on him. But without warning, her orgasm comes from nowhere and as she tries to stop it, she ruins it as she tries to pull away from his cock.

He keeps going and breeds her on the bed, filling her up as he cums inside her and she passed out from a third, overstimulating orgasm. They collapse onto the bed and Diana falls asleep after the intense fucking. John takes the win and resists 2 thighjob actions in one match. See the entire match by clicking on the header above.

Match 2: Andromeda Vs Climber

Meda and Climber happily greet each other before they get settled in. Climber moves first and is prompt to hogtie her and slip a ball-gag into her mouth, looking to set the tone and the pace for this match. She seems quite skilled in Escapology, however, as she deftly slips free and proceeds to suck his cock for the audience. Her dress slips off as she sucks him, then she teases him with her sensual kisses whilst grinding her pussy against him. They take each other's underwear off, already driven by fierce arousal, then their tops follow suit. They tease one another with their near naked bodies, before Climber seeks the lead as he rolls them both over and thrusts into her, fucking her pussy and making her moan as she wraps her legs around him.

She wriggles free and flips them over, getting between his legs and giving him an intense blowjob, locking eyes with him as she takes him to heaven via her mouth. She then feels his cock at her pussy again, this time teasing her slit as he grinds the tip against her. Retaliating, she takes the dominant position and rubs her pussy against his cock, altering the pace to keep him on his toes. They exchange power and positions numerous times, both showing what they can do as they suck and tease each other. As they build up their pleasure, Climber pushes her against the window and starts fucking her, letting the audience see what they want to see, encouraging her to give them a wave. She pushes back against him hard enough to break free and uses her ass to twerk into him.

She tries to use her thighs to make him blow but doesn't have him worked up enough yet, so he pins her down and fucks her hard as a show of his Stamina. She then uses her ass to give him a Twerk-job and shortly after rides him hard, cowgirl style. He resists every single attempt and takes control between her attempts, stoically taking everything in stride until he had the chance to strike. When he did, he turned the tables and fucks Meda hard from below, telling her to cum on his cock, so that she may get to take control for a bit. Pushed over the edge from this and all the intense fucking, she cums hard on his cock, covering them both in squirt.

The audience groan a little, perhaps in lust for Meda as she orgasms, perhaps in slight dissappointment as they were previously encouraging her to resist. With some words from her partner in the audience, she presses on and gives Climber a sock-job. He mustn't be into feet and/or socks, as he resists her yet again and pushes her back onto the bed, where he slides his cock into her ass and pounds her senseless. Keeping the momentum but beginning to tire out a little, he ties her down and fucks her, trying to keep her at bay whilst he recovers. Getting free, she wraps her thighs around his cock once more and humps like crazy, begging him to cum. Burning through his reserves so much, he was unable to hold back and came all over her soft thighs and collapsed onto the bed.

The crowd goes wild as they cheer, seeing that Meda was back in the game. But they knew, and we all know, that crazy things can happen in Classic fucking at EF. They're both at their limit and all it takes is one deep thrust, one sensous lick, one move to push even the most hardened vet of sexfighting fall over the edge. Seeing a chance and knowing what was at risk, he takes her and slides into her ass, grabbing her hips and fucking her so hard, she goes Ahegao. Trying to escape the pleasure but unable to get away, she endures all she can... but her body betrays her and she convulses in sheer ecstasy as cums on his cock once more, wiping out her energy and securing Climber's victory!

Revelling in victory, Climber treats the audience as he breaks out his trusty rope and ties her to the end of the bed, giving them a good view of her gorgeous figure as she spasms some more, her skin shiny with a light sweat after being so thoroughly fucked. John swears he will avenge her when the time comes and the audience enjoys the view until it's time to say goodnight and sweet dreams to our sex fighters. To take in all the sexy action, cast your eyes to the header up above.

That's all we have for you now, but watch this space for all the latest updates!



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