The 2024 LWR Tournament

News Dec 16, 2023

As the New Year approaches, we prepare for another tournament, and iiiiittttttt’ssss……TIME! For the 2024 Lesbian Wrestling Tournament.

The Tournament Format...

  • 16 solo female characters will compete in the tournament.
  • The winners of the first round advance to the last 8.
  • The losers will fall down into the losers' bracket to determine who is the best of the rest.
  • Single elimination from that point on in both the upper and lower brackets.


  • The tournament will run throughout January (date of signup to be announced) and part of February as we look to determine who is the current best female wrestler in our lovely community!


  • Will be held open until we reach 16 willing competitors, at which point it will remain open for another 72 hours.
  • After which, a lottery will be held to determine which 16 players will actually compete in the tournament. Any player who is not selected will be listed as a reserve.
  • The lottery will also determine reserve order. If we have 20 entrants, it will determine who is reserve spot 1 down to 4.
  • Any reserve player that does not get called up to fill a spot in the tournament will be granted a wild-card spot, guaranteed entry, to a future tournament of their choice.
  • If you hold a wild-card spot from the Halloween Hentai tournament and wish to use it, please contact either Charlotte or myself to confirm your spot.

To enter you must:

  • Have an active character for least 3 months
  • Have played at least 10 LWR matches
  • Your character must be female (open to both cis and trans females)
  • Be able to commit to the tournament, please do not sign-up if unsure as it may take a spot from someone else.

Please also remember, that the games must:

  • Be public matches
  • Have roleplay included
  • Not have any actions skipped
  • Have match logs activated, and posted on Discord and the Forum the moment the match is over.


  • In a new twist, we will be introducing coins per victory in this tournament. 30 coins will be awarded for every win along with prizes for first and second place.
  • 300 EF coins (plus 120 for winning 4 matches) to the winner
  • A “2024 LWR Champion” badge for your profile
  • A signature move
  • 250 EF coins (plus 90 for winning 3 matches) to the runner up.

As with all tournaments, we will provide updates of matches and interviews with some of our fighters along the way for you to enjoy.

With all that out of the way……








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