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Classic 2023 Short Chats: Round 3

News Jul 13, 2023

With the final round of EroFights' inaugural Classic Tournament on the horizon, we've decided to talk to some of our competitors and see what they think of the tournament thus far!

EroFights: Your team was eliminated by the duo of Romantic and Day, who were in turn beaten by Cora Jade and Alex. How surprised at you by this turn of events~?

Selena: Pretty disappointed to be knocked out, but definitely a big surprise that they were knocked out next round! I can confidently say that I didn’t see that one coming!

EF: And another heavyweight couple could be on the verge of elimination soon — Tanveer and Andy will be contending a tiebreaker to determine who will go to the final round. Any thoughts on that?

S: Me personally, I’m cheering for Tanveer! Both men are excellent contenders but it’d be cool to see Tanveer in the championship 😁

EF: Last question — are you looking forward to the upcoming EroPets tournament, and will you be looking to join?!

S: I’ve strongly considered it! I’m hoping to join if I have time, but we’ll see if it works out 😘

EroFights: Both fixtures for Round 3 have ended in tiebreaker matches. You of course sadly lost to Alex, and Tanveer and Andy are also set to face each other. Your thoughts?

Romantic: Alex proved to be a great contender. I had studied his games and I knew he was one of top tier males of EF. We also share a really similar strategy, so I think that the match was even to the end. Luck was on his side, but it was a fun game and people were entertained: this is what counts.

As for Andy and Tanveer, they are both skilled fighters. Andy is one of the most respected males of EF, with a long story of victories. Tanveer has proven to be a force to be reckoned with and his partner is none other than BDSM Stacy herself. Dang if I would like to face her again...

EF: And did it surprise you to see Stacy lose her match vs Andy?

R: I watched the game. Great RP, as one would expect from Queen Stacy and the mighty Everywhere Fucker (I will never stop calling you that, Andy XD). Both of them played well, so I think that this is another case where RNG was the one giving the last push. Who knows, maybe lady luck has some surprise more for all of us before this tournament ends.

EF: One last question. EroPets — as the current champion of EroPets, will you be joining the upcoming tournament?

R: I will tell you the truth: at the beginning I wanted to not join, to give more space to other people who could like to join it for the first time, but when the announcement arrived, I thought I could never miss it. So, I will still keep a door open in case someone risks to not join in the numbers, but I have decided to still join myself. I hope it will as great as it was last year.

EroFights: You've gotten all the way to the semi-finals and are one match away from the final round of the tournament! Nervous?

Sexfighter Tanveer: It's been exciting! Just been having fun with the whole process, so no nerves from me! Been getting excellent pep talks from multiple people but a special shout out to Stacy! She's kept my head in the game.

EF: How surprised were you that Stacy lost her match this round, thus necessitating this tiebreaker? Were you as shocked as the rest of us?

ST: Obviously rigged in my eyes. Stacy could never lose. If anything this will just be a way for her to rest so she can sweep Cora and Alex in the finals. She's just playing the long game.

EF: And lastly, as this tournament is nearing its close, another one will soon begin. What's your opinion on the coming EroPets tournament, and will you be joining it?

ST: The EroPets tournament looks so fun! I won't be participating since I don't really prefer the Hentai mode and playing with the same gender, but know it will be fun to watch!



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