Darkest Desire

Erotica Nov 4, 2020

You just finished watching the sunset at the beach, after being out the whole day. Your body starts to slowly cool off, as you step into the apartment you have rented for this vacation. A lovely, little room with a huge bed and a half cut-off kitchen corner. The sheets are freshly made and you let yourself fall down onto them.

You close your eyes for a second and this is when you hear him coming in. The only person to know you nearly as well as yourself. From the sound of his steps he seems to be approaching you. A small smile lights up your face while you keep your eyes closed, focusing your other senses to his presence. You can almost feel the presence, a warm radiation next to your body.

“Hello my little cutie. Did you have fun at the beach? Look at this mess you made, sandy footprints through the whole apartment.”

He laughs softly. A deep tone you can physically feel in your belly. You feel the mattress tilt under his weight as he sits down next to you. His hand trailing down your leg to the bare feet hanging down on the side of the bed. With gentle rubs he removes the pebbles sticking to it. You giggle slightly. The feeling causing your feet to twitch now and then.

“Guess we need to clean you up. Can’t have you making a mess like this now, can we?”

He grabs one foot and slides his finger between the toes. With a gasp your leg pulls back, but with a chuckle he holds you tightly. Every brush of his hand causing your leg to twist in his hands, but you can’t get away. And you don’t really want to either.

Satisfied with his work, he goes for the next foot. You reach up and hug him from behind. Every gasp whispered right into his ear. You can feel his breath, slightly faster than usual, as you bury your face in his neck and enjoy the pulses running up your leg.

Then he finished, a little heap of sand in front of your bed. His hands go over to massage your feet slowly. The fingers pressing against your soles while his thumbs slide over the ankles and the top of your feet.

“Would you excuse me a bit? I will be right back.”

He gently, but firmly opens up your arms and lowers you back to the bed. Then he gets up and walks out of the room. A bit disappointed you lean back and sigh. Seems like he couldn’t stand the dirt on his hands or something. Is he really going to clean himself right now? You can understand that, but you still feel abandoned.

“Yeah, sure. Take all the time you need.”

You looked at the doorway when he comes back. A flannel in his hands. Does he want to clean you up now for real? You seem to look very puzzled, because he laughs again. With a smile he kneels over you. His face coming close to yours.

“Umm, what are you doing? What is this cloth for?”

Without a word he fixes you in place with his body and leans into a kiss. His hands running up your arms and you feel the soft fabric on your skin. As he reaches your joints, his hands close around them and pull them up next to your head, placing your hands under it.

Overwhelmed you don’t fight back against it. You feel how he wraps the textile around your arms. The soft touch tightening before you realize what he's done. You struggle a bit, but trapped under his chest and with your arms over the head you can’t do much.

“Shh, you trust me, right? There is nothing to be afraid of. You will like it I promise.”

His soft tone and that familiar smile calms you down. You breathe in deeply, before relaxing and letting him continue. This is when you notice the flannel was actually a scarf, he smiles and traces his hand over your cheek, before sliding the open end of the scarf over your eyes, the world is reduced to light and shadow through the fabric. With a last knot, he fixes it firmly. Your hands tied to your head, you feel the anticipation rising.

When you feel his fingers trail your sides, you can’t hold back your gasp. Your body twisting in the little space you have. Calmed by his soft words you melt into his touch. Your heart speeding at the imagination of what could happen now. But he lets you wait. Heightening your desire with the lightest of touches. Sudden and all over your body.

“You are so sweet when you start to give in to the desire. Your whole body starts to vibrate under me.”

One finger pokes into your cheek before he gets up. His hands gripping your sides and sliding your shirt up, revealing your panties, as you haven’t needed any pants at the beach. The hands slide up to your breasts. Slipping under the seam of your bra and following it to your back. Willingly you help him by bending up, his soft touch between your shoulders sends a small shiver down your spine.

Quickly he opens the lock and circles over the skin shortly. One hand moving back up and groping your breast. He lowers back against you and slides one leg between yours. The low pressure on your panties gets your muscles to tense shortly. The hand on your back still caressing your skin, you feel his breath hot on your face. You think to catch his shape in front of you.

His touch stops completely for a few seconds, you feel like floating in empty space and the spots where he touched you feel cold. Then you hear a metallic clicking. And shortly after that you hear the swish of clothes. Your heart skips a beat as you realize what he is doing. His finger trails up your panties out of nothing. Your hips buck against it in surprise and a low whimper escapes your mouth.

“Mhh, somebody has been waiting so long for this. Don’t worry, I'll take good care of you.”

He presses his body against you once again. The heat of his skin on yours feels incredible. You feel his cock on your panties, but he just stays there. His face maybe right over yours, since you can hear him breath. He slowly moves his hips. Rubbing against your panties and starting to kiss you at the same time. You twist and shiver in desire, but all you feel is him moving out of reach every time. So, you sigh in his mouth and let go. Your mind going crazy because of his teasing touches.

You hear him getting more aroused by the second. His kiss growing more demanding and his movements accelerate. Then he stops and moves one hand over your belly. While sitting up he slips it in your panties and two fingers begin tracing small circles on your clit. An overwhelmed moan issues from your mouth. You push against your restrains. With your legs fixed under him and your arms tied, all you achieve is to elicit a warm laugh from him.

His fingers go over to slide up and down your slit, pushing in a bit every downward move. You whimper and hum in pleasure, your head trying to tilt sideways, but the arms tied to it holding it straight. He hooks his other hand in the bottom of your panties and pulls them down without stopping. After he moved it out of the way, his fingers reach deeper inside your pussy and he curls them a few times before pulling out. You feel his fingers touching your lips. You open your mouth obediently and the sweet taste of your arousal fills your senses. While sucking on his finger, you feel the tip of his cock sliding over your pussy. His hips push forward and he enters your pussy gently. He reaches a bit deeper every thrust, soon filling you with his length. The feeling raising the pleasure in your body, your mind getting numb in pleasure.

His hips roll against you. His desire getting visible in the quick speed up. Your body waves with his rhythm. His finger pulls out of your mouth and he grabs your sides, holding you down tightly. His breathing getting heavier and more and more he groans over you. The fingers pressing tighter in your skin.

You lay with your mouth open. The pleasure flooding your body. Your body wants to release this feeling, you hold it all in with all of your willpower, but the mind is weak, you tense every muscle, the hands almost breaking out of the fabric.

Then you surrender, your body collapsing to the feeling, his thrusts slow only a bit, pushing your orgasm even more. You twist a bit. Pushed down to take it. No rest, no way out. Just pleasure, yours, his, both of you caught in the feeling. His thrusts grow stronger, losing rhythm. You can’t tell if you are still cumming or again. Everything fades together. He keeps thrusting. Screaming in pleasure he can barely control.

Then he collapses on you. You feel his cock releasing inside you, his hips keeping a slow rhythm as he lays on your chest. The feeling fading slowly. Your body unable to move even if you were free. His arms wrap around you. Pressing your head up a bit and you feel the pressure on your arms losing.

You can only smile at him. Recovering slowly, enjoying the moment. His hands holding you, pulling your head to his shoulder. He rolls to the side. Pulling his cock out and looking you in the eyes, reflecting the same joy you feel now. He grabs behind himself and wraps you both in the blanket. Normally not needed in the warm weather, but after spending so much energy it feels amazing.

You pull yourself closer and snuggle your head to his chest. With a happy hum you close your eyes. Felling his fast heartbeat calming with yours. Sorting all the overwhelming feelings that filled you before.

“I love you so much. Thank you.”

“Shh, my pleasure. Rest a bit now, you had a busy day.”

You nod slowly and allow yourself to drift in a light sleep. Dreaming of colors and warmth. His arms holding you save. His soft voice in your ears as he starts to quietly hum a melody in your ear.



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