The Hotel Break: Part 4

Erotica Apr 26, 2023

As we enter the city, there is almost no traffic on the road, allowing us to get to the clothes store in record time. As the doors open with the push of a button from our driver, I quickly hop out and head around to Rose's side to help her. She badly needed it. She steps onto the pavement with shaking legs, panting as she leans on me for support.

Her arousal drips down her legs as she looks at me with pleading eyes. I had kept the toy on for the remainder of the journey, keeping her in the sweet spot of pleasure without the chance for release.

"Please, Sir…pleeeeeeease…"

"Yes, my good girl? Use your words…please what?"

She grips my arm tight, squirming as the toy keeps her constantly teetering, rendering her a wet mess.

"Please let me cum?"

I chuckle softly and kiss her head, slowly turning down the vibe destroying her and allowing a moment of relief. Her sighs as she stops shaking could probably be heard for a mile.

"No cumming yet for you, my dear. First, we need a new dress for you!"

Composing herself, she smiles and stands up straight, hooking her arm into mine as we make our way down the street. The car pulls out and drives down the road, returning to the hotel. We stroll along the road, taking in the many shops as she settles, the vibe now buzzing ever so lightly.

Within moments, we find the shop in question. A vast window with mannequins adorned with some of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen greets us. I enter the store and stop at the threshold to take everything in.

Rose clings my arm a little tighter due to the giddiness of the range of clothes before us...and from the vibe still working slowly at her clit. I look at my phone and open the app, turning the vibe off. A small sigh of relief escapes her lips, along with a distinct sound of disappointment.

I smile happily and allow her to take the lead, letting her look at everything she wanted. She gleefully walks us along the many racks of dresses, unhooking from me to peruse them for closer inspection.

Standing back as she makes her choice, I can’t keep my eyes off her, imagining her in every dress…as well as how good that dress would look at her feet. Then, as I daydream of how good she looks in anything, she pulls some choice dresses off the rack and comes back up to me, draping them over her arm with an ecstatically excited look on her face.

"I'd really like to try these on, Sir!"

Her glee can barely be contained, bursting forward like sunshine piercing through clouds. We walk to the changing rooms, tucked away towards the back of the store. She steps into the first cubicle, drawing shut the curtain behind her, then pulls it back just a crack; enough to see into it as I sit in the chair just outside the cubicle.

Smiling as I get settled in, I watch with hungry eyes as she slowly peels down her leggings, revealing her soft, long legs. Running her hands up them as she straightens herself up, I feel my cock twitch in my pants. Within seconds, I have my phone open and the app for her toy on the screen. As she slowly removes her shirt, I bring the toy back to life, bringing an audible gasp from her lips.

She turns to face me through the gap, locking eyes as I turn the power up, making her legs quiver. She bites her lip and steadies herself, slipping the first dress over her head and down her body. Before it fits her properly, she steps out of view, not wanting me to see it until she's sure it's the one for her.

As she readjusts herself, I play with the toy in her pussy, making it go wild as I slide the level up and down at random intervals. I hear her feral moans and pants as she tries to focus. I see the dress drop to the floor and a flash of her body as she reaches to the hooks to try the next dress. This time, she stands in front of the curtain gap so I can see her better.

She holds the dress before herself, allowing me only flashes of her exquisite figure. The more she hides, the higher I dial up the vibrator. Her moans became louder as she struggles to compose herself. Finally, she slowly pulls the next dress on, slipping into it effortlessly.

I turn the vibe back down as she looks at herself in the mirror, twirling slowly as she inspected herself. Then, from inside the cubicle, I hear a slight but delighted squeal of excitement.

"It sounds like we've found a winner, baby. Show me."

The curtain slides back, and she steps out. My mouth falls open at the very sight of her. Then my cock stands to attention almost immediately in my pants. She notices and smiles coquettishly, swaying a bit as my eyes devour her.

Hugging her figure, the dress looks tailor-made for her body—a simple floral pattern with thin straps over her shoulders. A plunging neckline reveals more than an eyeful of cleavage, with the ties left loose to ensure my attention is drawn to exactly where she wants it. The dress goes down to her knees, maintaining an air of modesty. Just as that thought occurs, she puts her left leg forward and reveals the slit on the side of the dress. Her long legs are on display before me.

"Oh yes. Fuck yes. That's the one. Perfect."

She bounces with giddy excitement, the dress flowing beautifully. Standing up, I motion for her to grab her clothes from the cubicle; then, we head to the checkout. As we reach the counter, I turn the vibe back on. She stumbles at the sudden shock, but quickly composes herself as the shop assistant greets us with a friendly smile.

Rose grabs the dress' tag and presents it to the cashier.

"Can I just have the tag taken off, please?"

The assistant smiles as she swiftly grabs a pair of scissors and removes the tag. As she takes it away, I turn the vibe up some more, making her shake with pleasure. Noticing this, the cashier smiles again.

"Someone seems excited about their new dress!"

Doing my best to conceal a cheeky smile, I take my credit card out of my wallet and present it to the counter.

"Oh, she's excited; no mistake there."

Rose flashes a mischievous look back at me, biting her finger to stop herself from squealing. Lowering the vibe just a little, we wait a few moments before the purchase completes. Then, with my card returned, I take Rose's hand and lead her out of the store.

We leave the store and walk down the street before finding an empty alleyway. I pull her into it and pin her against the wall, kissing her wildly, as if I hadn't seen her in months. She moans into my mouth as we kiss, our hands running all over each other.

My hand runs down her body, slipping under her dress to rub her pussy through her panties. I moan as I find them soaked, her juices slowly leaking down her inner thighs. The vibe continues to buzz, pushing her closer to the edge by the second. Her hands grip me tightly as she tries to control herself. Finally, she breaks the kiss, gasping in desperate arousal.

"Pleasepleaseplease, Sir! I can't hold back anymore! Please let me cum!"

I smiled wickedly at her as I grab my phone, bringing the vibe back down to a low buzz, and then pin her against the wall.

"Not yet, my darling. Not. Just. Yet."

Kissing her again, I pull her away from the wall and turn the vibe off. A sigh of disappointment and relief escapes her lips. We compose ourselves and walk back onto the street.

"My darling, I'm famished. Let's eat before we do anything else."

She smiles, brushing her hair behind her ear and nodding.

"Where do you want to go, Sir?"

"There's an Italian restaurant nearby. Well, Italian-American. Let's go."

I take her hand, and we continue down the street. Window-shopping as we go, it doesn't take long to arrive at the restaurant. By a stroke of luck, it wasn't busy, so we are seated quickly.

As we peruse the menus, I once more turn the vibe at Rose's clit on, making her jump in her seat. She giggles as she looks me in the eyes, shifting in her seat to get used to the sensation.

The waiter comes over, pours us some water, and asks if we are ready to order. Looking at her, she nods happily as she set her menu down and we order our meals.

The waiter takes the orders before leaving us be. I reach across the table and hold her hand as I swipe my thumb up and down the vibe's app, making it pulse out of control. She whimpers softly, crossing her legs under the table. To distract her, we talk about how we've enjoyed our time away from it all, about how good it felt to indulge entirely in our desires.

Before long, our food has arrived. We take our time enjoying every bite. The vibe is set to a steady pace, letting her enjoy her meal whilst constantly teetering on the edge. Her pleading eyes are the only clue that reveals how desperately horny she was.

The waiter takes our plates, and I ask for the bill. Then, he asks if we wanted any dessert. My response is a look at Rose that makes her flush.

"No, thank you, I already have dessert in mind."

The waiter laughs nervously before leaving to get the bill. Rose squirms even more in her seat, knowing precisely what I want. I open my phone and text the car company the hotel employs. They reply immediately, saying they would be with us in five minutes. The bill arrives and was paid for swiftly.

We wait outside the restaurant for the car, my hand firmly planted on her ass. I can feel the vibe humming through her body. She wriggles, pushing her ass into my hand, moaning softly as she fights off the building pleasure.


"Yes, little one?"

Her eyes widen as I say that; it's a title I use only sometimes. Then, taking a deep breath, she leans close to me.

"Please…ruin me."

She didn't have to ask twice. When the car arrives, I practically throw her into it, climbing in behind her and pulling the dress off her. I rip her panties off, leaving her naked and utterly soaked. I take the toy off of her and drop it on the floor, leaving it to buzz loudly as I shove her face into the leather of the backseat.

Fumbling with my belt and zipper, I take my cock out and stroke it hard before sliding it into her cunt. Her moans are muffled by the leather but still sound divine. I grip her hips and start pounding into her, feeling her aching pussy grip me tighter than ever. Her juices run down her thighs and drip all over me as I fuck her into the seat.

Grunting gutturally as my hips thrust, I turn my head slightly to speak to the driver, telling him to get us back fast and to use the back entrance. There is no reply, but the car speeds up. From there, every inch of my attention was on only her. Gripping her hair, I pull her up so I can hear her moan for me.

I swear the car rocks on the road as I thrust deeper into her. As I feel her pussy tighten, I slow down, keeping her on edge once again. She wails unashamedly, desperate for release. I slap her ass, thrust hard and rough, and stay deep inside her.

"You cum…when I SAY you cum!"

She settles just a little. Her body writhes, eager for me to keep fucking her. Needing it. Craving it.

I give her just a little of what she wanted, thrusting into her again. Slow. Deep. Making her feel every inch of it. She pushes it back onto me, trying to take me deeper still.

We fuck like there is nothing else left on this planet. Before we know it, we arrive back at the hotel. Pulling out of her, I open the car door and step out, pointing at my feet. She immediately crawls out after me obediently. Before she can even breathe, I pick her up and cradle her in my arms, marching to the private elevator and hitting the button for our floor.

Setting her down roughly, I put her on her knees and shove my cock into her mouth. Fucking her face, she gags and chokes on it, worshipping it for the minutes we were in the elevator. Then, stripping my clothes off, the lift dings, and I grab her hair again, making her crawl next to me as I march us into our suite.

Throwing her onto the bed, I climb on top of her and push her legs back, draping them over my shoulders as I slide my cock back into her.

Pushing my body down into hers, I thrust my hips and fuck her as hard as I can, making the bed shake violently. Then, kissing wildly as I keep going, I feel her pussy clamping down on my rock-hard cock.

"Don't hold back anymore! Cum for me, baby!"

My words seem to reach her with a slight delay, the pleasure clouding her mind. But soon, it sinks in. She wraps her legs around me and lets me use her as a fleshlight. Grunting as I feel her cunt getting tighter, I keep slamming into her until her eyes roll back in her head as she cums. Shaking and screaming, I keep going, fucking her through her orgasm.

Rose tries to speak, but only moans pass her lips. She holds onto me as I keep pounding into her, moaning louder as a second orgasm builds.

"Fuckfuckfuck Sir! Please cum in me!"

I bite and kiss up and down her neck, spurred on by her delicious begging. She quivers in ecstasy as she cums again, losing her grip on me as her orgasm hits her hard.

Feeling my climax building fast, I keep her locked in the breeding position. Moaning and grunting loudly, I let go and give in to the pleasure, cumming deep inside her. She moans with me, the feeling of my release inside her making her cum one last time.

Her body goes limp as I empty myself into her, not slowing down until I couldn't go on any longer. Collapsing on top of her, we lay in a pool of our sweat and juices. Drenched and exhausted from one another, I use what little I have left to roll us over, laying her on top of me as I settle on my back.

We lay on the bed, our breaths ragged, both shaking from the stimulation. Finally, laying on me, she falls asleep in my arms. I smile and kiss her forehead softly.

"That's my good girl."

This time away had been everything we needed and then some. Before long, we'd be back in the real world. So I made sure to enjoy this moment, feeling sleep also taking me.

Our bags would be packed the following day, and we'd be on our way home. A small smile forms on her face as she snuggles in closer. My eyes close, and the last thought that drifts through my mind was of her. It’s always her.

My good…ish girl.



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