TWR 2024 Tournament Sign-Up Date Announcement!

News Feb 17, 2024

Guys, gals and non-binary pals, we are happy to announce when the sign-ups for the 2024 The Wrestling Ring (TWR) Tournament will open. But first, let's do a quick recap of the rules and how you can ensure the best chances for yourself in the tournament.


  • 16 participants (8 male characters, 8 female characters) split into 8 heterosexual teams (that's 2 per team, if you can't do quick maths).
  • Teams will compete against another team to advance to the next round. Each team will play 2 heterosexual matches. Team with the most wins advances.
  • In the case of a tie, the player won in the fewest moves determines who plays the (heterosexual) match for the tiebreaker.
  • Games must be public with log sharing turned on.
  • Games must not be set to short or long mode and the preference system must be turned off.
  • All games must have RP in them.
  • Skipping moves is not allowed (redrawing actions is, however).
  • Hard deadlines must be adhered to. Failure to contact myself (Morky) for an extension or no attempt to schedule a game is against the rules.
  • Anyone found breaking any rule (full details of which can be found in this blog post) will be disqualified, removed from the bracket and banned from tournaments for one year, up to and including the TWR 2025 Tournament.

Stamina is your friend.

While energy is important in any competitive game mode on the site, in both LWR and TWR it is vital. Controlling your own energy while trying to reduce your opponent's can make all the difference. With no skipping allowed, running out of energy can lead to a tap-out, which results in loss of life points for your character.

Keeping good control of your own energy while trying to reduce your opponent's and keep it low can lead to better outcomes for yourself in matches, as well as limiting specials that may come up for your opponents that could lead to huge LP drops in a cum/submission test. Speaking of tests….

Cum/Submission Tests are Harder.

Anyone familiar with the other two competitive modes will know there is a formula for how close someone is to orgasm in Classic or Hentai. Not as much the case here. Stats have to be a lot higher in TWR to give yourself the best chance of making the other player either twitch or tap on the mat.

Of course, specials can help remove even more LP from your opponent but be aware that going for a small chance can lead to more energy and LP for your opponent if they manage to successfully get past the test and leads to more trouble for you, so plan your attempts carefully.

Hey Audience, Just Enjoy the Show

The main appeal of these tournaments is definitely the community aspect of them. Seeing match lobbies filled by members of the EF community cheering on their favourite fighter is a ton of fun. Healthy banter, words of welcome, match discussion and some flirting is always a joy to behold.

But don't get too carried away, make sure that the main focus of the action is on the folx in the ring competing. If you want to RP, get yourselves a room (DMs or match lobby). Let the players play and the audience chat!

Well, that's it, I'm definitely not forgetting anything…..

‌‌Sign-Ups for TWR Starting Date.

Just kidding, we all know why you are here. Sign-ups for TWR 2024 will open on the forum on the 21st of February 2024. We'll keep the sign-ups open until we get 8 male and 8 female characters and then for another 72 hours after that. If you have a wildcard from the Hentai Halloween Tournament and wish to use it, please DM me.

That's all for now folx! See you all on the mats!



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