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Ale with Aleda

Interviews Mar 23, 2024

He's one of EroFights' newest Moderator, along with Foxy. But unlike Foxy, Aleda is rather unknown to the community. On the General Manager's advice, we've decided to interview Aleda and see what he's all about...

EroFights: Aleda , it's fair to say that not many people know much about you here. Can you tell us something about yourself?

Aleda: Indeed, EF is such a large community that even for as long as I've been here, there are still many that don't know much about me. It's probably better if I start from the beginning millions of years ago. Okay, maybe not that long ago...

My true beginning on EF would probably be around the end of October 2022. I heard of this place through another game, so I got curious and checked it out. I started out as a guest like — I assume — most others have.

I spent my first several days playing around privately with bots and trying out different modes. About a week later, in early November 2022, I registered and explored the public rooms for the first time truly starting from scratch.

I didn't know anyone. My lore was virtually non-existent. Within my first few days of exploring public rooms, I found myself gravitating toward the hentai rooms due to a combination of the lore, interactions, and people involved.

I have to say, I was lucky to join when I did as I also met several others that were also starting out around roughly the same time, and to this day, I keep in contact with many of them.

Over time, I met and interacted with more people building up those connections that I didn't have when I first started while also building up my own lore as well as the lore of others.

EF: What game did you hear about us from? 👀

A: It was of an adult nature as one would guess. Much like a game called EroFights, or EF, as some folks call it. I hear EF is a pretty cool game, and that lots of folks here are familiar with it! In any case, I can most definitely tell you that I did not hear about EF from a mainstream game from a well known developer!

If I remember correctly, I heard about EF in a game called Naked Fighter. Obviously, like I said before, it's of an adult nature as if the name itself didn't give it away, and it is what it sounds like!

EF: Well, I am certainly sad that you didn't hear from any big names in the industry such as Todd Howard and Tommy Tallarico, the first American to discover EroFights (his mother is very proud), but nevertheless...

You mentioned that you gravitated towards Hentai public games. Is it your favourite mode? Why is that?

A: Well, who knows? Maybe someone like Shigeru Miyamoto has this place in a folder of favourites under a totally unsuspicious name like Totally Not Sus. Actually, that sounds super sus when you say it out loud, but yeah, moving on...

Well, the superficial reason is gonna be obvious. Boobs! I mean... the art and the variety of actions. And boobs.

It's much more than that though. I genuinely enjoy hanging out with the folks that frequent Hentai mode, and it's probably the main reason I've been on EF for more than a year now. There are, of course, awesome people in all the other modes though!

EF: Based on your answers so far, you seem really into role play. Can you tell us more about that? In particular, your likes and dislikes of going in on EroFights?

A: Welp... get a drink and a healthy snack ready while I do a deep dive into this question! This might surprise you, but there was a point in my life where writing was not one of my strongest points.

Ironically, I did like reading, but as far as writing? That was just something I did when it was required for homework and such. I did, eventually, explore writing more and more over time, mostly being interested in alternate history and other stuff along those lines.

Not too long after becoming more explorative with writing... I stumbled upon the world of RPing. That was a huge game changer for me! My early RP days were certainly a trial by fire though... I did... a few things wrong.

Namely, godmodding and being inconsiderate of the feelings of others. Those two can sometimes go hand in hand. I found out that godmodding doesn't necessarily always mean you have an OP character — godmodding could also mean that you only care about making yourself... and only you... look good while severely downplaying everyone else.

Luckily, it was only the beginning of my RP career, and my mentors and all the others I interacted with at that time were able to ease me into the straight and narrow.  

Writing and RP seemed to go hand in hand for me because improvement in one usually led to an improvement with the other. This built up over time, and a few years later, I would feel confident enough to participate in literate level RPs.

More time passed, and in that time, the various RP communities I was in came and went. All the while, still building my experience and building upon my lessons from day one. Eventually, I ended up here!

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect on EF in my earlier days here, but overall, RPing here is not all that much different from RPing in most other places. This place just happens to have the added bonus of NSFW.

I like the variety of individuals here of varying levels of experience and differing backgrounds, and it's surprising what kind of stories and interactions can happen. The biggest drawback is something along the lines of a road filled with heavy traffic.

In this case, sometimes, it's hard to interact with so many people with so little time to spread out. To sum this all up, I was new to RP at some point like all of us once were.

The RP experience I built up over time, while not mandatory, definitely helped me settle into here. Since then, I've been enjoying interacting with many on here even if I don't always have the most time to spare.

I'm always willing to give feedback and suggestions to anyone that needs it for RP purposes~

EF: Given your depth of experience, can you tell us about a memorable RP you've had here in EF?

A: Wow! That's certainly a thinker~ Hmm... there's just so many! I don't want anyone to feel left out, so let me put it this way...

I'm sure many of us that are settled in around here have had that one moment where you realise "I've made it!" Or, if you're still settling in, you hope to one day have your "I've made it!" moment. So, I will give you my "I've made it!" moment.

It was January 2023. So by that point, I had been on EF for roughly three months. One random night, I was approached by Kara. Some of you may know her under a different name, but either way, she's a veteran that's been on EF for a while.

I think it's safe to say that our styles meshed well together, and it didn't take long at all for both of us to agree to do a story together! It would eventually be called The Ghost and The Rockstar. That story may ring a bell for several people that were around to see it~

It may not have seemed like it at the time, but I was super nervous!  There I was... someone that's been around for a mere three months... suddenly working with long time member Kara.

No big deal, right?~ "Don't fuck up. Don't fuck up. Don't fuck up," is literally what I was telling myself in my head.

However, we both had a lot of fun and we both received many compliments on the story! Ironically, we didn't get to finish the story because I think we may have gotten a little too carried away.

Our word counts were hitting into the hundreds... and even going as high as... OVER NINE THOUSAND! Sorry, couldn't help myself, but yeah, we were literally hitting word counts into the hundreds and even hitting near or going over a thousand a few times.

Although, the story ended up being incomplete, we both had fun going as far as we did, and the ones that were around to see it certainly seemed to enjoy it too! I've had many other memorable encounters with Kara and many others since then... but that story I did with Kara would be my "I've made it!" moment.

It meant a lot to me that someone on EF as long as her wanted to work with me. If you see this, Kara, I know I've already thanked you in the past, but I could never thank you enough for what you did for me on here — so, thanks again, Kara!

EF: While we're doing shout-outs: is there anyone that you'd like to play with in the future?

A: Whew! Well, I most certainly do have a backlog of people to play with through matches or otherwise. Once again, I don't want anyone to feel left out, so as they in pro wrestling... I'm gonna give someone the rub.

A newer face around the place that could benefit from this... and he is the idol known as Olive! He may be new, but he certainly has lots of potential and he kinda reminds me of myself in my earlier EF days as well.

Looking forward to interacting with this dude for the foreseeable future!

EF: Now then, let's talk about how you got to this point. How did you end up as a moderator for EF, and what are your thoughts on the role, and your place in it?

A: Now, you’re probably thinking that I had aspirations to one day be a moderator for EF. It would make sense, right? In actuality, that wasn’t the case. Since my first day, I never gave it much thought, if any. It’s never going to happen, anyway…

My goal, first and foremost, was simply to have fun interactions on here while hopefully helping others have fun as well. Sometimes it was through RP. Sometimes it was through matches.

Sometimes it was through building up lore. Sometimes it was even just through casual conversation. I think you get the idea. This was my mindset since day one.

One random night in late September, I got into serious trouble with Clara. Or, so I thought! Honestly, I think most of us would think the same thing getting an unexpected DM from the General Manager of EF.

Anyway, at first, I was thinking to myself… I’m either in trouble or I’m gonna be asked to give testimony to a possible incident. Turns out, it was neither!

Apparently, I was recommended for a Moderator position, and if I can… major shout-out to Phoebe for that!~ She was one of those that started around the same time I did, so I had the pleasure of knowing her even before she became a Moderator.

So, thank you “Grunge Doggo” as I sometimes call you!~

Either way, this whole thing caught me with my pants down. Figuratively speaking, of course. Ha! Couldn’t help myself. But yeah, I was genuinely surprised! In fact, I was so surprised that I needed a day or two to make a decision.

After taking some time to think about it… I made my decision known to Clara, and so I went through the process alongside Foxy — whom some of you may know by his other name of Evilthorn.

Being a Moderator, I feel, is not just about enforcing EF’s policies. It’s a part of it for sure, but not all of it. Being in the position, at all, is a sign of responsibility and trust. Instead of thinking of myself as strictly a Moderator…

I would rather think of myself as just the same person I was when I first joined EF continuing doing all the things I’ve mentioned earlier — just a little more settled in with an additional perk or two.

The thing I enjoy the most is probably welcoming new faces that I bump into even though it’s something I’ve done even before becoming a Moderator when I have the time. Some new folks might find it a bit intimidating. Haha! But, I do think it leaves a positive impression on them more often than not and hopefully encourages them to visit more.

In a way, I hope my backstory serves as guidance to those that are especially new here and/or new to RP in general. For those that have been here a while and are experienced… I hope this serves as a bit of a reminder that we were all new at some point. Like I’ve said earlier, I truly started from scratch.

I didn’t know anyone. I had no lore. All I had was my previous experience in RP and the lessons I’ve learned since my early RP days.

EF: We're almost at the end of our interview, so you have to tell us - what is your opinion on ale?! Failing that, tell us what you like the most about EF!

A: To quote a certain movie… “This drink, I like it. Another!” My answer is probably a common answer, but it’s true for me — the community! Everyone here has different levels of experience in RP, different backgrounds, difference schools of thought, different styles, and other things that just make each individual and interaction unique.

Hey, boobs and stuff are nice and all, but it’s truly the unique individuals and interactions that make me come back time and time again.

EF: Last question then your message to the community?

A: Well, as I’ve said earlier, may my backstory serve as an inspiration to the newer folks of EF. For those that are settled in, may my backstory serve as a reminder that we were all new at some point. It’s okay to make mistakes. Take them as learning opportunities. Ask others for advice, suggestions, help, and whatnot!

Contribute to the community in a positive way. This doesn’t necessarily mean submitting over NINE THOUSAND — sorry again, couldn’t help it! This doesn’t necessarily mean submitting hundreds of actions. It could be something as simple as saying hello and welcoming folks around you. Maybe work on some stories with some people. Stuff like that. And, who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be approached to join one of EF’s departments even if you don’t expect it~

Also, I want to say, thank you to all those that have known me since my earlier days on here! There is one particular name from back then that I feel like I have to shout out, otherwise, my conscience will eat at me. Ezume! Ezume, when you read this once things calm down for you, I just want you to know that you’re one of the main reasons I stayed for as long as did, and I hope to see you again when the time is right.

Of course, a big thank you to all those I’ve met recently and to all the others I’ve met over time!

Many thanks to Clara for pulling a Nick Fury and recruiting me to the Avengers in a post credits scene! Moderation team, you’re awesome to work alongside with!

To anyone I have yet to meet as of now, I hope we’ll meet at some point~

Also, that person backstage, who may or may not be Alya/Nyla... has been looking at me funny a few times, and she seems to want me to say... raccoons are the best!



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