The Hotel Break: Part 3

Erotica Apr 19, 2023

The morning comes creeping in through a crack in the curtains, slowly illuminating her divine figure. Her chest rose and fell slowly as she slept soundly, captivating me as her very being drew me in. As I stir and wake up, memories of the previous night return, bringing a smile to my face as my eyes wander up and down her figure. Sitting up in bed, I glance at the clock on the bedside table. 7:30 AM. Not too early, not too late. I slip out of bed and into the next room to prepare for the day.

What had come previously was a mixture of pain and pleasure. I wanted today to be more focused on our pleasure than ever before. Bringing the suitcase out of the cupboard, I open it and peruse the wonders we had packed for the weekend. Laying on top of everything, as if placed inside last minute, was an outfit I couldn't wait to see her in. Picking that out, I look through the other toys, planning our day.

After some brief preparations, I have everything I wanted laid out before me. Moving slowly back into the bedroom, holding the outfit behind my back, I smile as I see my good…ish girl sitting in bed, stretching out as she shakes off the sleep. The sunlight beams down on her, lighting up her soft skin and taking my breath away as our eyes meet, and she smiles at me.

"Good morning, Sir."

"Good morning, my darling girl."

Walking towards the bed, she notices my arm behind my back, her smile turning into a mischievous and playful grin.

"What is Sir hiding behind his back?"

I return the grin with one of my own, playing coy as I make sure she can't see around me.

"Me? Hiding something? I can't imagine what you mean at all?"

She giggles, the melodic sound making my heart skip a beat. She sits up fully in bed and faces me, resting on her knees, lightly swaying in place. My eyes keep wandering, taking in every inch of her. Slowly, I bring the outfit from behind my back and hold it out to her. Her eyes light up, and a huge smile covers her face.

"So you did find it!"

She reaches out and takes it from me, eager to put it on and discover what joy awaits us today.

"It was conveniently put right on top of everything else. Now I wonder who could have put it there?"

She giggles again, holds the outfit close and awaits permission to get up and put it on. I nod and leave the room, taking a seat at the main room table and grabbing my phone. Scrolling through various social media, I distract myself from the treat I'm about to witness. I knew she was into this but had no idea she'd bought something.

My thoughts are disturbed as the bedroom door opens, and out she comes. My jaw drops, and my phone slips out of my hand, clattering to the hardwood floor. She saunters over slowly, bending down at the waist and picking it up off the floor, bringing it up to her chest and holding it there, keeping my gaze exactly where she wanted it.

"Hello, Sir; I'll be your room service for today."

Posing as she awaited instruction, I found it impossible to form words. I had seen maid outfits before, of course. In films and the like. Never one like this. Never in real life. And never adorning the irresistible body of my good…ish girl. She sways again, to and fro, showing off how the maid uniform snugs her and leaves little to the imagination. Barely covering her delicious ass, almost all the shirt buttons were undone to show off her breasts and soft skin. The stockings ran up her legs and thighs, the skirt practically non-existent; it was so small.

Taking control of myself, I snap out of my haze and hold my hand for my phone. She slowly walks up to me, wiggling her hips and undulating with each step, loving the obvious effect this had on me. As she reaches me, she bends at the waist and slips the phone into my hand, smiling as she draws my attention everywhere she wants it to be. My eyes hungrily take her in as I fight the urge to grab her and throw her onto the table and fuck her senseless then and there. Setting the phone on the table, she straightens up and awaits the command again.

"What can I do for you, Sir?"

I smile at her, still taking her in, before reaching across the table for an empty coffee cup. I hold it up to her, still running my eyes along her gorgeous legs.

"Just a coffee, for now, my good…ish girl. You know how I like it."

She takes the cup and walks away with a swing in her step, knowing I could not take my eyes off her absolutely to die for arse. Sitting back in my chair, I close my eyes and keep her image firmly in my mind. But in what seems an instant, she has returned and has the coffee in hand, placing it on the table in front of me. I smile up at her and look at the hotel room door.

"Bring me the paper, beautiful."

She smiles and nods, walking with a sway to her steps. I hear nothing for a moment, then see her slowly coming back… crawling on all fours with the paper in her mouth.

I watch as she slowly crawls towards me, sitting back in my seat again to let her place the paper in my lap. Once she reaches me and does just that, I pet her hair softly and then guide her under the table.

"I'll require full servicing today."

She follows my lead and gets between my legs, her hands running slowly up my thighs before gliding over my crotch, rubbing the growing bulge in my pants and pulling at my boxers, inching them down. Her every move is slow and calculated; she pulls my boxers down and takes my cock in her hand, gently stroking it until fully erect. In fairness, seeing her like this… it didn't take long to get to this stage.

I unfold the paper and start to read, and I moan as I feel her tongue start flicking at the tip of my cock, caressing the head with her lips. I focus on what I'm doing as she runs her tongue from base to tip, pressing her lips against my shaft as she slowly moves her head up and down.

Holding back my moans, I clear my throat ever so slightly. But she knows my body all too well, sucking my tip and stroking my cock faster before she takes me into her warm, wet mouth without warning. Her head bobs up and down under the desk as I stifle a moan, picking up my cup of coffee and drinking it. Perfectly brewed. Perfection. Just like her.

Her moans get louder as she speeds up, taking me to the back of her throat, sucking on my hard cock as if it was the only thing in the world worth doing. I continue drinking my coffee, moaning as the newspaper's words become harder to focus on. My cock throbs in her mouth as she sucks harder and deeper, her tongue worshipping my shaft as it glides up and down, her soft lips wrapped around me.

Building me up, she moans around my cock as I shiver in pleasure, knowing I am getting closer by the second. The blowjob becomes sloppy as she goes harder, drooling down my balls and her chin, starting to coat her chest as I drop the paper onto the table, finishing the last of the coffee and doing all I could not to drop the cup onto the floor. She pushes for the edge and strokes me as she sucks, driving me wild as she doesn't hold back. Finally, grunting and bucking my hips, I can't hold back anymore as she makes me cum, shooting my load into her mouth. She clamps her lips around the base of my cock and proceeds to drain me of every drop I have, not stopping until she's sure I've been sucked dry.

She pulls off my cock, gasping as she cleans herself up and climbs out from under the desk, standing in front of me as I take ragged breaths, waiting patiently for me. I bring myself down from the high, then stand up and pull her against me, kissing her hard as my hands roam all over her tight body. She returns the passion with her own, moaning into my mouth as I about hold back from ripping the maid's outfit off of her. Finally, I break the kiss and hold us apart, breathing heavily as I hunger for more.

"Get your summer dress. We're going out."

She smiles and heads towards the bedroom, followed closely by me as I keep my eyes firmly planted on her ass. She heads to her wardrobe and looks at the clothes she unpacked as I pull on comfortable pants and a shirt. Then, laying the shirt on the bed, I look up to see her turn around slightly worriedly.

"Sir, I don't think I packed it…."

Surprise hits me as I take it in. I'd never known her to forget anything since… ever. I have her double check and sure enough, no summer dress. She stands by the wardrobe with her hands behind her back, clearly unsure of what will happen next. I wrap my arms around her, planting a gentle kiss on her forehead.

"Did my silly little one forget her favourite dress?"

She nods gently and looks up at me. I smiled warmly at her, reassuring her she wasn't in trouble.

"Well, we can't have that, can we? So we'll have to pick out another one. We'll have to head into town and pick something out. Grab something from your wardrobe and lay it out on the bed."

I step back from her and sit on the bed, watching her go back through her clothes. She seems a bit disheartened by her mistake. But the simple truth was that there was nothing she could do that would make me truly upset with her. As she lays her clothes on the bed, a simple shirt and pants, she stands back and looks at me. I smile and walk over to the toy-filled suitcase, slowly perusing its contents before finding what I want. Lifting out the powerful remote control toy, I turn around and flourish it before her, smiling as her face turns red, flush with embarrassment and a hint of arousal.

"Let's make the journey a little more fun, shall we?"

I walk up and stand before her, beckoning her to spread her legs for me. She obliges with a wicked smile as she looks up at me. I run the toy over her pussy, already a little wet at the prospect of a day of vibrations coursing through her body. Slowly pushing and sliding the toy inside her, soft moans escape her lips, which she bites down on to try and stop herself from getting too loud. As it slips into place, I lean in and kiss her deeply, rubbing her clit gently before stepping back and allowing her to continue getting dressed.

She slips into her clothes with a shaky breath, making sure the toy is concealed—nothing too fancy for the trip, some leggings and a comfortable shirt. Tasteful shoes. She did love herself some nice shoes.

Once fully clothed, I take my phone out of my pocket and fire up the app. Locking eyes with her, I start dialling up the vibrations in the toy, kicking it into life and making her gasp. A wicked smile flashes at me as she straightens up and walks to the door, waiting for me to lead the way.

Taking her hand, I lead us out of the room and to the elevator. She presses the button to call it as I slide the power on the vibe up, catching her off guard and making her knees buckle. Then, catching her as she goes down, she grips my arm tight and takes ragged breaths as the vibe takes its toll on her.

As she starts to shake harder, I turn the vibe down and let her settle, adjusting her posture and guiding her into the lift, I press the lobby button. As soon as the doors close, I turn the vibe back up and pin her against the wall, trapping her arms above her head as I aggressively make out with her.

Moaning into each other's mouths as she squirms intensely, she fights the urge to cum then and there, fighting back the dual pleasures as I kissed her hungrily. Crossing her legs, she lets me take her as I please, moaning as I tasted her lips. Right until the bell of the elevator dinged. Within a second, we separate, and I turn the vibe off entirely, leading us out into the lobby, smiling to myself, noticing her steps lag behind me as she struggles to compose herself.

Stopping at the steps outside the hotel, we walk down them, and I flag down a private car the hotel provides. Opening the door for her, I wink as I grab her ass and squeeze whilst helping her into the car seat. She smiles back, leaning forward in her chair to flash me her cleavage before putting the seat belt on. She always knows how to push my buttons. Walking around the car, I get in and sit next to her, letting the doors automatically close behind us: modern technology, such a wonder. As the car pulls out and away, we settle in for the journey. I slip my phone into my hand and open the app.

As she gazes out the window, taking in the view, I power the vibe back into life, making her jump and gasp in her seat. The car's sound masks any possibility of the toy being heard, even if I were to max it out. Her soft moans are just audible as I lean closer to her, feeling her wriggle slightly. Gently playing with the slider to make the vibrations fall and rise, I watch her as they course through her body.

Reading the signs as she gasps and moans next to me, I keep her on edge as we head into the city on our quest for a sexy new sundress. Finally, she leans against me, shivering and sighing in pleasure as she gives me complete control of her body, lost in this moment as the car speeds off towards our destination.

Despite the sudden change of plans, I had already started planning out the day once we were settled. And I couldn't wait to see how much my  darling could take.



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