EF Lesbian Wrestling Federation Tournament: Let’s get it on!

Games Feb 6, 2021

This tournament has gone from strength to strength and we now approach the end of round 3 of these intense matches!

More fighters have been knocked out of the roster and soon we must crown a new queen of lesbian wrestling! Time stops for no mere mortal and round 3 has soared into life with some breathtaking matches! Let’s see who has conquered and who has been annihilated in this next lot of scintillating wrestling bouts!

The Fiendess of Love VS The Ice Queen

Our first match took place between The Ice Queen and The Fiendess of Love! Queen’s last match saw her bask in the glow of triumph, but Fiendess has performed exceptionally well thus far, which promises a stunning match between these two fighters!

As soon as introductions were made, Queen went for it! Anyone reckon one of these matches would have a slow start? I sure hope not, lets get in on the action! Fiendess returned the favour with an extremely painful crotch lever hold! Clearly these ladies aren’t messing around, each trying to get into each others heads. And pants, getting into each others pants was a high priority as well.

As each fighter was put into some humiliating positions, vying for dominance, slowly stripping each other, there seemed to be no backing down as they remained on even footing with one another. But before long, it seemed that Fiendess was in control of this fight, making Queen tap out after an excruciating back breaker, then one minute of tribbing her into submission after forcing Queen to tap out. Moments later, Fiendess had Queen tapping out again, getting another minute to roughly fuck Queen, who was surely feeling it as she took it hard.

Queen got back on the offensive but didn’t even faze Fiendess as she took it, then gave it back harder! Suddenly, Ice Queen takes control and strap-on fucks Fiendess to orgasm, pushing her over the edge and bringing the odds into Queen’s favour! Despite being shocked by the move, Fiendess gets back on the assault, toying with her until she gets Queen into a wrestle fingering special and makes her cum all over the mat! An orgasm so powerful, Queen is down and unable to continue! Submitting to the superior wrestler, Queen counts herself down as Fiendess stands over her, keeping her in place with only her foot, bringing defeat and humiliation to The Ice Queen as she is knocked out of the tournament in spectacular fashion!


The Pirate Queen VS Maddi Madness

Next up, we had Maddi take on The Pirate Queen! This time, the ladies got into the ring and didn’t waste a breath introducing themselves, they just went wild! Touching each others crotches and fingering through their panties, they must have warmed up in the locker rooms!

Pirate Queen was much more in her kitty persona in this match, combining cuteness with wrestling prowess, which just made Maddi Madness that much more eager to break her and make her cum! The back and forth was tantalizing and our wrestlers kept teasing each other anyway they could as the fight progressed. Soon, Maddi had Queen on the ropes, fucking her hard with a strap-on as Queen let out the cutest moans you may ever hear! Queen retaliates with some strong pussy licking but fails to make Maddi cum! Queen then tries again, this time with her own strap on but Maddi won’t give up the goods!

Maddi then gets Queen trapped on the ropes and makes her orgasm with some stunning tongue skills! Queen keeps trying to break her but Maddi, with a seemingly unbreakable will of steel, keeps fighting her off! But finally, after trapping Maddi in an arm-lock, Queen gets her strap-on and doggy fucks Maddi to an incredible orgasm, bringing things back to a level footing! That does not last long though, as Maddi gets Queen in the corner of the ring and licks her pussy to orgasm once more!

This fight became a war as they mercilessly fuck each other, not giving an inch as they taunt and trash talk, trying to get into each other’s heads. Maddi kept calling for Queen to submit. A sign of confidence? Or weakness beginning to show as she became desperate? We got out answer quick as Pirate Queen got in between Maddi’s legs and uses her tongue to bring Maddi to an intense orgasm, knocking all resistance out of her! Leaving her shocked from the humiliating shame, Pirate Queen knocks her broken opponent to the floor and pins her under foot to count her out of the fight!


The Good Girl VS The Slut Goddess

Next up, we have Valeria, The Slut Goddess, taking on Lolli, The Good Girl. Our match begins with some amazing trash talk from each opponent as Good Girl hands out her traditional lollipops. With the ring set, the fighters begin! Pulling at each other’s clothes to expose tits and caress pussies, they were each showing that they meant business!

Before long, both luscious ladies were stripping out of their clothes as they put each other into Full Nelsons and fingering their opponents pussies through their panties! Soon, The Slut Goddess started dominating Good Girl, rubbing her pussy and forcing her to ride her strap on, all while Good Girl begged her to stop since it was just so damn good! But she valiantly fought back and after some more give and take, Good Girl gets The Slut Goddess pinned in a wrestle fingering special and forces her to orgasm on the mat!

Slut Goddess fights back and tries to break Good Girl in a scissoring pin but despite how erotically charged she was, Good Girl resisted and fought back hard! Despite that, Slut Goddess got her opponent into the corner and licked her pussy hard, bringing Good Girl to an epic orgasm, squirting all over Val’s face!

By now, both fighters are exhausted and as horny for each other as can be. Slut Goddess turned up the aggression, trying to break Good Girl as fast and as hard as she could. But Lolli wasn’t taking that lying down and gave just as good as she got! Managing to get Slut Goddess onto the ropes, she fucks her hard with a dildo! And you could see it in her eyes… she was beaten! The Slut Goddess falls as she cums hard on the dildo… but isn’t broken?! Where does she get this stamina and power from?!

More intense back and forth ensues, as well as plenty of much needed short pauses from both players. Then, Good Girl gets Slut Goddess bent over and fingers and licks her ass! Goddess seems confident she can resist this, but as she starts to gloat, her body betrays her as she erupts into an intense assgasm! Collapsing to the floor, Good Girl quickly pins her and defeats her to the count of three, still in shock that she had achieved victory!


Alex Vs The Toony Kitsune

This next match saw one of EF’s wackiest Kitsunes take on this tournaments resident ninja! With some zany antics and a very fast start, this match seemingly took place in the ninja’s lair. Not standing for that, Alex strikes fast and starts massaging her opponent’s boobs! Using magic powers of various different natures, using clones of themselves to trap each and tease each other on the mat!

Soon, they are turning up the pain, breaking out full nelsons and crotch lever moves in an attempt to debilitate one another. The clones of each fighter were put to work, as Toony used hers to rub and touch every part of the ninja, stimulating her body as she was pinned in place. Don’t worry, we checked, it’s allowed in the rules. Before long, they were fingering each other’s pussies and asses, trying to weaken each other’s resolve. After a number of antics, Alex became very enraged and started fingering Toony fast, only to have her return the favour. Both fighters take a short break, then Toony dives in and buries her tongue into Alex’s pussy, licking and sucking so fast, catching Alex off guard as she can’t handle the pleasure, cumming hard all over her opponent’s face!

After downing a can of Monster… from her pussy… Toony somehow… ended up drunk? Which was also allowed… it’s a weird match, please just roll with it. Toony’s clones, perhaps affected by her drunkenness, rush her and pin her down, scissoring her and bringing her to orgasm! Fucked hard by her own clone! Now I would call that humiliating!

Things then just… get crazier. Monster trucks, crocodiles, dynamite and Toony fucking her clones thinking it was Alex. It was a struggle to follow the plot. But soon, Toony gets Alex pinned down and fingers her hard as she licks her nipples, making her cum hard on the mat! Throwing Alex to the audience, she invites them to fuck her! But seemingly, Alex switched out with one of her clones and continues the insane fight! After so much back and forth, Alex makes Toony’s imp clones rub her body all over, including her sensitive pussy… and she can’t take it! Cumming all over the mat, Toony cannot continue! The ref counts her out as Alex leaves via a portal, taking victory with her!


The Collar Queen Vs The Huntress

We near the end of the third round of matches and the penultimate battle takes place between Freya, The Collar Queen, taking on Shiky, The Huntress! Both of these fighters have made an impressive showing in this tournament, guaranteeing that this will be an epic battle!

The Huntress moved in, pinching her opponent’s nipples and toying with her as they start off, The Queen responding in kind as she exposes Huntresses tits, fondling them before they start getting rougher with each other. A figure 4 lock here, a full nelson there… these ladies came to play and play hard! It got sensual as they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, kissing deeply and touching everywhere that they could reach. Cute and sexy teasing could be seen, a lovely stand in for the trash talking that can take place in the ring. Watching these two go was a pleasure!

Vibrators were set to max, pussies were massaged, moans and giggles were all that could be heard. I’d swear they were making love, not wrestling. Not that anyone is complaining about that. A flurry of flirtations passed between our fighters, who were more concerned with pleasuring each other than anything else. Fingering each other, rubbing, kissing, fingering and licking. The duel had raged on in tender loving and neither of them, despite being exhausted, were backing down. The Huntress changed gears and fucked Queen hard against the ropes with her strap-on, making her strip and grope her own tits as she was forced to then ride that strap-on hard.

But Queen didn’t enter this ring to let one hard, sweet strap end it for her! Jumping off the strap-on, she gets Huntress into the deadly Valkyrie lock, her own special move! Locking Shiky’s arms behind her back and rubbing her exposed pussy, she was too overwhelmed and unable to fight back as she cums hard on Queen’s fingers! Squirting all over mat, Huntress collapses and is pinned under foot and counted out of this fight by the ref! All whilst being made to suck Queen’s foot!

And it wasn’t over for Huntress! Put face down and ass up, she soon finds herself on the receiving end of a strap-on anal fucking! Facing further humiliation, Shiky tried to withhold her orgasm. But losers don’t get to hold back, nor choose whether they cum or not any more! Orgasming hard to the victor of this fight, Huntress is left in a puddle of her own juices as Queen walks away victorious once more.


Moana Lisa VS Myrialla Valanis

The final match of round 3 proved to be worth waiting for, as it was one of the hottest matches yet! Intense sexual action, each fighter having proven themselves time and time again in the ring, each of them determined to break each other, to the point they eventually go into desperate frenzies, trying to make each other cum!

Starting off with Moana landing a slap of defiance, Valanis returns the favour with some crotch rubbing as our contenders take to the ring! It’s not long before they are all over each other, rubbing through panties and locking each other in breast smothering bear hugs. After some intense pussy licking from Valanis, Moana counters by grabbing a dildo and fucking her in the ass with it. Revenge is swiftly taken as Valanis sits on Moana’s face and makes her lick some ass!

It’s a magnificent to and fro, each fighter pushing hard to try and get some ground, trying to force each other to submit. Moana spent a considerable amount of time being Valanis’ buttslut toy, getting ass-fucked AND fingered on the ropes! With great strength, she was able to fight Valanis off, then pin her down to finger her sweet pussy before using a vibrating wand on her clit to force her to cum. This attempt, however, bore no fruit and Valanis went right back to fucking her with the dildo again! Not content with the toys, Valanis casts them aside and grinds her pussy against Moana’s, initiating a tribbing battle that absolutely blew my mind!… and other things…

Tribbed into the ground, Moana could only moan and take it as she fucked back to Valanis’ rhythm, moaning lewdly all over the mat. With her fist forced into her pussy to fuck herself, Moana gives in and cums hard! Feeling the pressure of this battle and being worn out, Moana wasn’t prepared to give up, flipping her opponent off her and pinning her down, delving her fingers into her pussy hard and fast! And despite screaming at the top of her lungs in ecstasy, Valanis resists, to the disbelief of Moana and the crowd!

By now, these ladies are absolutely exhausted and somehow aroused behind physical human limits! One orgasm from either of them now could spell defeat! They weakly fumble with each other, desperately trying to keep going, devouring each other’s pussies in a 69 hold! You can feel the desperation off of Moana as she once more tries to make Valanis cum with her tongue! Valanis tries to hold back but after such a fight, she could struggle no more and came hard all over Moana’s face, her squirt covering the mat!

Not letting her rest, Moana drags Valanis to a wall and fucks her hard against the wall! Giving it to her deep and rough wasn’t enough though, as Valanis kicks her off and slams their pussies together and battling it out, clit to clit! Grinding hard, giving everything she’s got, Valanis puts Moana through the ultimate test of endurance… one that Moana could not win! Cumming hard and sapped of all her energy, Moana had nothing left to give but her orgasm as she covered Valanis with her pussy juices.

Pinned under foot and counted out, Moana is defeated! But Valanis is not done with her yet. Slamming their pussies back together, grinding hard as Moana begs for mercy, receiving none! Valanis grinds and tribs their pussies together, mercilessly forcing her opponent to orgasm as she uses her body to get herself off too, letting victory wash over her as waves of pleasure, as Moana’s body is wrecked with another orgasm that she can barely handle! The camera pans away and the scoreboard updates as our fighters collapse onto each other in the ring…


And for now, that’s all she wrote! (Or all… I wrote, I guess?)

This just might be the best ending to a round of matches yet! It’s been an electrifying, sensational set of fights between these legends of EF wrestling! We have our semi-finalists set and another four ladies ready to march on and battle it out for a place in the final!

The fourth round has already been fought as I write this and we will soon see who will advance further to become the EF Lesbian Wrestling Federation Tournament champion! Only one can wear this mantle and I have no doubt that these ladies will shed sweat and cum by the gallons to claim it!

But until that time, keep the EF blog homepage bookmarked and hold on to your butts as we prepare for the next thrilling instalment of this tournament!



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