EF Lesbian Wrestling Federation Tournament: Round 1!

Games Jan 18, 2021

Welcome to the EF Lesbian Wrestling Federation! This tournament takes some of the meanest, sexiest, toughest wrestlers EroFights has produced and pits them against each other in a battle for sexual and physical dominance, as each fighter battles to make their opponent tap out or cum on the mat!

But who will become the loser that is booed out the ring?? Who will be the Face to the Heel?? Who will just take it like a Jobber?! Probably no one, these ladies take their wrestling pretty damn seriously…

This tournament has started in earnest and in the short space of two days, we have already had 6 matches, filled with stunning upsets! And with many more matches on the way in this round alone, it’s gonna be an absolute orgy of wrestling and orgasms!

The Heartbreaker VS The Good Girl

Our first line up saw The Heartbreaker take on The Good Girl! Mariya wasted no time in trying to stare Lolli down but The good girl was having none of it, immediately starting by pinning The Heartbreaker down and taunting her! Talk about not wasting any time!

From there, the action was very much give and take, each fighter just taunting each other and locking each other in pins, teasing each other’s bodies as they stripped their opponents down in the ring.

Between the stripping and the trash talking and the sheer amount of groping and fingering, this fight was so erotically charged in the first half hour and it only got better!

The Heartbreaker was first to cum on the end of The Good Girls strap on! But The Heartbreaker smiled the whole way through it and returned the favour with some strap on doggy action of her own, making The Good Girl cum on the mat!

The Heartbreaker was merciless and finger fucked the good girl to another orgasm, making her spray the mat like a loser! But the fight wasn’t done yet! Good Girl resists another fingering attempt and then broke out her signature move, the tongue twister, and The Heartbreaker didn’t stand a chance!

Cumming on the ropes, Good Girl got her in a pin and had her counted out, stealing victory from The Heartbreaker and securing the first win of this tournament! And even as she passed out in defeat, The Heartbreaker got in one last tit slap before ending it! Talk about a tough bitch, right?!


Moana Lisa VS The Pirate Queen

Our next fight saw Moana Lisa take on The Pirate Queen! The crowd went nuts as these two vixens took to the ring, with Countess Sasha hosting the commentary table with what I’m sure provides the best view!

Soon as that bell rang, Moana took a comfy seat… right on The Pirate Queen’s face! Talk about setting the tone! Trash talk aplenty could be found here, with The Pirate Queen bringing plenty of tongue in cheek humor to her insults.

Moana took it all in stride and gave as good as she got, trading fingers and insults as each fighter vied for sexual supremacy. A surprise visit from The Heartbreaker at the announcer’s table helped to keep things very interesting as she effortlessly made both the announcers melt in mere seconds!

Before long, both fighters were stripped, with Countess fighting in the crowd for Moana’s panties!

Moana boasted extreme endurance after some epic battle fingering and resisted cumming as The Pirate Queen gave it her all ! Before long, the whole audience was an incredibly horny mess! Soon, Moana was forced to orgasm by Zia’s tongue!

But Moana wasn’t giving up without a fight (even if she DID take it lying down and blamed her *utter failure* on Zia’s luck). Moana pulled out her strap on and in hot rage, fucked Zia to an amazing orgasm!

The announcers could scarcely believe it, especially Alya as she was bound and played with by various audience members!

Before long it (predictably) turned into one huge orgy, with various members of the audience taking over as commentators, as Sasha and Alya… had their hands full.

Meanwhile, Moana brings the fight into her favour and forces another orgasm from The Pirate Queen with her fingers and tongue! Between the match and the announcers being played with by basically everybody, this match was one of the hottest I’ve seen!

Zia launches an outstanding finisher, the rubbing pin, forcing Moana to cum on the mat like a little bitch, squirting all over! Leaving Moana with no HP, Zia takes the win and leaves Moana a crumpled loser mess in her own cum!

With only the pin left, Moana stood no chance as she was beaten to the count of three and taken off to The Pirate Queen’s ship.


The Fiendess of love VS Alex

Our next match pitted Alex against The Fiendess of Love! This fight took an interesting twist with two magic users facing each other, opening portals to touch each other from afar and other nefarious tricks!

Things got rough and ready quick, with both fighters using all sorts of interesting tricks in the ring! With the loss of clothes and the struggle between the two for dominance, things heated up very quickly, with neither fighter giving way for the other!

Sasha and Alya got in on the action with each other as this back and forth got more erotic by the second! Soon The Fiendess had Alex pinned on the announcer’s table, spreading her legs for them both to enjoy!

Shortly after, Alex tried to break The Fiendess. One cum test after another… and she just took it. With a taunt each time. Proving that Alex was top weak to make her submit!

But after a vicious attack from The Fiendess, Alex turns the tables in a stunning upset and finger fucked The Fiendess to orgasm! Looking like a loser on the mat in front of Alya, Fiendess wasn’t prepared to leave it at that!

Fiendess returned the favour fast with a rubbing pin finisher, making Alex cum on the mat hard and fast! Alex tries to recover but Fiendess won’t let her, constantly scissoring her to keep the pressure on!

Alex gives it another try to reverse the situation but fails to make Fiendess cum, then redeems herself by making her cum with a special on the ropes, using her tongue to make Fiendess squirt - BUT SOMEHOW FIENDESS STILL KEEPS GOING!!

Putting Alex into a scissoring pin, she tribs her into orgasm, wrecking her completely and grinding her into a humiliating defeat, then pinning her to defeat via a count of three!


The Toony Kitsune vs Double D

This match was followed by the eccentricity of The Toony Kitsune VS Double D! With a lot of playing to the crowd from both fighters, this fight kicked off with some amazing shenanigans!

From there, the match was some intense give and take, with as much verbal sparring as there was physical! And plenty of amazing tricks, involving mousetraps and lack of spines! And snakes! (Seriously, you gotta read it to believe it).

After some of the most insane trash talk and even more mind boggling RP I have *EVER* seen, Double D takes the lead by making Toony Kitsune cum on the end of her strap on!

But Toony soon draws things level and pulls an orgasm from Double D with a rubbing pussy finisher move! At one orgasm apiece, things were getting tense for the fighters!

Double D then brings victory one step closer by making Toony cum on her strap on again, this time with some slaps and spanks for good measure! Toony goes on the offensive to make Chaste cum but fails like a loser not once BUT TWICE!!

Like she’s not even trying because she can’t get enough of Double D’s moves! With both fighters exhausted, Toony tries one more time to make her opponent cum with her strap on… and succeeds!!

Smelling victory, Toony delves her tongue into Double D’s pussy and licks her out against the ropes, resulting in her earth shattering orgasm! With no fight left in her, Toony wins via a pinned count of three and rides off into the sunset!

On a… crab? What exactly happened in this match, the world may never know or understand…


The Ice Queen VS The Huntress

What follows is a match between one of the favourites to win the whole tournament, Ice Queen and relative newcomer, The Huntress! After some back and forth trash talk, Huntress pulls out a strap on and slaps her opponent in the face with it!

There is revenge in the air for Huntress, who has already previously lost against The Ice Queen!

From there, no time was wasted in getting each other on the mat and fingering and licking each other anyway they could! With some intense trash talk and humiliation and pain being inflicted on both sides, this was the kind of fight I like to see!

So much back and forth with fingers and strap-ons, each fighter relentlessly, desperately trying to dominate the other! But it is Huntress that takes the first orgasm by licking Queen’s pussy on the top ropes!

The Ice Queen was quickly on the defence as Huntress began dominating the fight! What a spectacle!

But Queen isn’t one to go down easy! Pulling a last ditch effort and grabbing a vibrator, she holds Huntress on it and makes her orgasm on the mat! Ice Queen then enjoys a brief moment of strap on domination, before Huntress turns the tables and is able to drag Queen to the corner, lifting her up and finger fucking her *hard*… to an epic orgasm!

The Ice Queen couldn’t resist the superior fighter and surrenders her orgasm! With the move taught to her by our very own Countess, Huntress beats the candidate to win it all and has her revenge!

All that was left was the *agonisingly * slow count of three from Alya to secure the loser Queen of sluts defeat! They both go forward to their next fights in the near future, with more first round matches yet to take place!


The Slut Goddess VS The Fallen Dame

The next fight was a highly anticipated match up! Valeria, The Slut Goddess herself. Vs Gabriela, The Fallen Dame! This was to be the stuff of legends! Right from the get go, both opponents were stripping each other to get at each other’s bodies!

The Slut Goddess was completely naked within moments of the starting fight and and teased as The Fallen Dame tries to take the initiative, all while The Slut Goddess laughs and teases and kisses her opponents body. The trash talk between the two was top tier and there was some amazing RP skills being flexed in the ring.

Before long, there was scissoring, fingering and pussy eating galore! The Slut Goddess lived up to her name as The Fallen Dame was made to lick pussy repeatedly before having enough and using a vibrator to make The Slut Goddess cum hard and squirt all over the mat!

But one orgasm isn’t enough to satisfy the curvy body of a goddess, as she immediately goes on the assault and unleashes her signature move, goddess’ delight! The Fallen Dame had no chance in resisting and exploded in pleasure!

Not one to back away from a challenge, Dame furiously toys with the Slut Goddess, fingering her to the point she was edging, then tried to lick her pussy for a second orgasm! But to no avail!

The Slut Goddess then turns the tables and applies a hard fingering with nipple licking to the Dame, who cums like a loser on the mat, wiping out her HP and rendering Valeria, The Slut Goddess, as the winner!


Myriallia Valanis VS Maddi Madness

This next match was a grudge match that had been highly anticipated since the brackets were organised! Meer, Myriallia Valanis, Vs Madison ‘Maddi Madness’! Both fighters introduced themselves in epic fashion and before the fight began, a bet was made!

The loser of this fight will serve as the pet of the winner until the end of the tournament! With the deal set, the fight begins!

Soon as the handshake of the deal was done, Maddi launched her finger to Myriallia’s pussy and fingered her through her panties! Valanis responded by returning the favour, bringing some of the hottest trash talk I’ve yet seen in this tournament!

From there, it only got rougher, with some harsh wrestling moves being broken out, causing each other equal amounts of pain and pleasure as they brutally went at it! You could feel the tension from the other side of the ring!

Valanis kept the pressure high, assuring Maddi that she was going to break her! Every move, every kiss, finger, every bit of pain, this whole fight was an epic battle of dominance! But who would come out on top!?

After so much tantalising back and forth, Valanis showed Maddi why she was called ‘The Brat Breaker’, rubbing her opponent to orgasm on the mat! Not willing to put up with Valanis’ trash talk any more, Maddi got her into a rubbing pin and made her cum hard, squirting for the crowd to see!

After trying hard to make each other cum, Valanis impaled both herself AND Maddi onto a strapon and gave it all to make Maddi break… with resounding success!

Maddi gives her orgasm and whimpers like a bitch as she is fucked hard! But she wasn’t out yet, as she valiantly tries to keep going and manages to make Valanis cum on her fingers! How are both of these fighters still going strong?!

Both fighters completely soaked in sweat and cum, the back and forth between them was insane, until Valanis finally ended it by getting between Maddi’s legs to lick and suck her pussy, wrecking her with a final orgasm and bringing the fight to an end!

The finale of this fight came with an orgy in the audience, as Alya ate out Meer to make the winner cum as the loser brat Maddi sat and waited until Valanis came, then proceeded to pin Maddi to the table as Alya pounded her pussy with a 9 inch strap on as her loser punishment!

Made a pet and fucked hard after defeat in front of a big crowd of horny spectators? Damn… This was one of the hottest matches yet!


The Collar Queen VS Raven

The final match of the first round took place between Freya ‘The Collar Queen’ and Marko ‘Raven’! No audience for this one, just two wrestlers battling it out until only one is left standing!

The fight began in earnest, wasting no time in tackling each other to the floor to try and get their opponent down and out for the count! With some tickling and licking from Raven and some rough play from The Collar Queen, it was non-stop in their attempts to bring each other down!

With some oh so cute trash talk and plenty of licks from each fighter, it wasn’t long before the strap-ons were broken out! Is there anything better than making your opponent ride a strap-on? Seriously, I’m asking, I’ve got no idea?

The Collar Queen tries to make Raven cum in a deadly Valkyrie lock but somehow, Raven resists! But The Collar Queen was having none of that and made Raven surrender her orgasm with her tongue!

Raven takes her revenge with a her fingers, trapping her opponent against the ropes and making her squirt on the mat! Despite clearly feeling exhausted and under pressure, The Collar Queen endures more fingering and tribbing from Raven before finally flipping the match and putting her into a special move, licking Raven’s pussy while Raven tries to finger her… And Raven can’t resist!

Cumming on the mat, she is left a broken mess of a loser as Freya pins her with her foot, ending the match and walking away the winner as Raven is left to clean up!


What an exciting and monumental first round to this epic tournament!! We will be very quickly looking to move into the next stage and the winners and losers brackets have already been set! Stay here, don’t go anywhere!

More erotic, sadistic, sensual wrestling will very soon be coming your way!





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