EF Lesbian Wrestling Federation Tournament: The fights continue!

Games Jan 30, 2021

Welcome back to EF and to the second round of the Lesbian Wrestling Federation Tournament!

Our last summary covered the whole first round of the tournament, and what a first round that was! But we have no time for rest! The second round started shortly after the first finished and our ladies had to dust themselves off (among other things..). Lucifer, the man, the myth, the legend himself, made the brackets board which allows us to keep a better track of this tournament's wins and losses.

Maddi vs Raven

Our first match in the second round saw Madison ‘Maddi Madness’ take on Marko ‘Raven’! It was a precarious fight for Raven, as she needs to win this to stay in the tournament or she’s outta there!

Kicking off with some delightful trash talk, these two fighters quickly got into the spirit of things, with Maddi taking the initiative and using Raven’s face as a seat! After some classic wrestling moves, it wasn’t long before they were teasing each other’s bodies! Soon after, it was a show of dominance from each fighter, holding each other on the mat to try and lick and finger and fuck each other into submission!

After some salacious back and forth between the two ladies, Maddi slides things up a gear and fucks Raven hard with a dildo, which Raven just can’t resist! She cums on the mat and the match slips into Maddi’s favour! She dominates Raven until she bounces back and fucks Maddi with the very dildo she has just came on and forced an orgasm from her, bringing it to one cum per fighter!

The action only got hotter as they scissor on the mat, then Raven launches a surprise attack with her strap-on, making Maddi cum for her hard! But Maddi, despite starting to really feel it, immediately countered with some rough strap-on doggy and forced Raven to cum in return! Two all and it’s getting so damn hot! After being made to tap out and be used for a minute, Maddi strikes and fucks Raven doggy style again. Forcing her third and final orgasm all over the mat! Pinning her under foot, Maddi stood triumphant over Raven, who then ate Maddi out until she squirted all over her face!

And Raven is gone! Knocked out in glorious fashion from the tournament! What a match to kick off this second round!


Valeria ‘The Slut Goddess’ VS Seductress ‘The Fiendess of Love’

Our next match sees Val take on Seductress in a heated and sexy battle! The introductions were epic and The Slut Goddess got straight to the point as she launches a cunt buster right into Fiendess! From there, our fighters worked each over, with Countess Sasha joining in to taste Goddesses’ sweet nipples!

Constantly throwing each other on the mat and teasing each other, our wrestlers seemed level in their sexual and athletic skills! So much hot back and forth, no one seemed to be gaining any ground in this fiery battle. The announcers could barely contain themselves as they witnessed this lust filled war between two opponents! After what felt like blissful eternity, Goddess forces a special move onto Fiendess and forces a brutal orgasm by eating her out! Fiendess soon returned the favour by eating her out on the top rope, making her cum in a LITERALLY impossible to resist cum test!

The announcers were wilder than ever watching this, then everyone lost it as Goddess forced another orgasm from Fiendess with a vibrator! The sheer power left Fiendess drained, allowing the Goddess to take a seat on her face and very slowly count her down from 10 to 0 in a pin defeat as the loser of this fight makes the winner cum hard!

And if that wasn’t enough, Fiendess was taken to Alya and The Goddess graciously shared with her as they completely fucked her silly!


Ramona ‘Moana Lisa’ VS Mariya ‘The Heartbreaker’

The third fight saw The Heatbreaker against EF favourite, Moana Lisa! This match is crucial for The Heartbreaker, as she already lost her debut! One more loss and she’s gone, with a track record of 0-2! Papi would be so disappointed…

With some awesome introductions conducted, the two ladies engage in an epic showdown! Moana immediately tackles Heartbreaker down to sit on her face and smother her, setting the pace for this fight. She fights back though, fingering Moana and defiantly trash talking as they go at it! Moana once again loses her panties, which were quickly claimed by Alya, and the fight truly takes off as our ladies finger and tease each other hard! Having dealt with the huge amount of The Heartbreaker’s trash talk, Moana gets between her legs and swiftly licks her to orgasm! But The Heartbreaker may just be one of the brattiest fighters we have and quickly turns it around, fingering Moana to a squirting orgasm, keeping this fight level!

Heartbreaker follows on with so much more trash talk as she puts Moana in a fingering scissor hold. Moana, however, had other plans! Reversing the pin, Moana gets her into a scissoring pin special and make Heartbreaker cum hard and break her resistance! With only the pin left to perform, Moana places her foot on her Heartbreaker’s chest and is declared the winner by pin!

And through it all, Heartbreaker did NOT stop being a brat! But that didn’t save her getting wiped out of this tournament as a defeated failure! Oh, Papi is gonna be SO disappointed when he finds out!


The Huntress VS The Toony Kitsune

What followed next was a baffling match between two relative newcomers. Doodette, ‘The Toony Kitsune’ and Shiky ‘The Huntress’! Toony rolled in with one of her wacky intros, involving a small duck and a monster truck.

Once things were under way, the wacky antics did not stop. With more mousetraps and spontaneous combustion, this was one of those fights that you have to see and read in order to believe! So much ring property was set ablaze and Shiky was having none of it, punishing the little kitsune for her zany methods of battle! Including throwing her into the announcers table so Mariya could smack her around a few times. As well as hit Toony with a chair later on! Mariya sure does love hitting people with chairs…

After some intense and crazy back and forth between our two fighters, Toony takes the upper hand and forces Huntress to orgasm on the mat with a vibrator, leaving her whimpering as she recovers. But it didn’t taker her long as she locked the little Kitsune into a wrestle fingering special move and used her magnificent finger skills to make her opponent cum!

With her… inventive skills, Toony kept going and Huntress was feeling the exhaustion as her opponent kept up the manic energy. Using that to her advantage, Toony attacks with a dildo and makes Huntress cum as she is fucked hard, seemingly turning the tide of battle! Huntress continues the fight, and after some brief recovery, gets Toony on the top rope and fingers her pussy hard, making her cum and squirt! Despite her abilities, Toony is unable to continue, falling in exhaustion to the mat, allowing Huntress to score the win via a pin and count to 3!


The Good Girl V The Pirate Queen

Next up, we had The Good Girl take on The Pirate Queen! Queen had her pirate ship docked and ready to claim some booty but Good Girl seemed eager to flex her bad side a bit today. No introduction, no preamble, Good Girl just got Queen on the floor and rubbed her pussy inside her panties! And the pace did not slow down as this match progressed!

The Pirate Queen viciously attacked her opponents pussy, repeatedly fingering Queen through her panties, which only resulted in Queen launching a facebuster move as retaliation. Soon, both fighters were stripping each other down in the ring and kissing each other sensually. Then, it was just a battle to see who had the most erotic fingering skills. I’ll bet their fingers looked like prunes at the end, because these ladies were soaked long before this point!

The Good Girl finally got Queen on her back and fingered her harder than ever as she licked her sensitive nipples and succeeded in making her orgasm on the mat, making her cum all over Lolli! Queen attempts a comeback… and somewhat falters, unable to make her opponent cum in return. But Pirates don’t’ go down without a fight and Queen strikes back with the very move that made her cum and forces Good Girl to orgasm hard!

Some tenderness ensued on the mat, being lovely with each other, followed by a sensual pussy battle. But despite the wholesome nature and how each fighter was flush with arousal, Good Girl attacked with an epic special, trapping her opponent in a diagonal pin and fingering her with all she has… and Pirate Queen breaks! Cumming all over Good Girl once again, she falls to the mat and is pinned by Lolli’s foot alone, left squirming on the mat, moaning in utter defeat!


Ice Queen VS Double D

Nearing the end of the second round up, we have The Ice Queen taking on Double D! With the ring set, Double D immediately goes in with a low blow! Take about a dirty fighter! From there, it was damn near a no holds barred fight as each opponent came up with nastier way to to put each other in equal amounts of pain and pleasure. With plenty of show-boating and some painful fisting, the fight raged on with wild abandon!

Between being naughty and being nice, these fighters gave it all, trying to overpower and dominate each other on the mat! Double D manages to strike first with a vibrator, putting the pressure on Ice Queen… But she took it and later returned the favour by fingering fucking Double D hard in the corner, making her cum her brains out, despite all her efforts to resist!

Double D was on the ropes for a while, with another failed attempt to make her opponent cum, though only because Queen grabbed the ropes as she resisted. But that streak came to an end, when D managed to get Queen in a special hold, licking her pussy hard as Queen tried to finger her in return! Though she gave it her all, Queen stood no chance in resisting after all the pleasure that had been endured to reach this point! Cumming and squirting, she was left in a puddle of her own lewd juices before getting back into the fight.

After some deeply erotic give and take, Queen got her fingers into D and fucked her harder than her fingers have ever moved! D tried to resist but her eyes said it all… she knew she was done! And done she was as she erupted in pleasure for Queen, before being pinned down and a count of three was achieved, ending this fight and scoring a victory for The Ice Queen and knocking the beaten Double D out of the tournament!


The Backbreaker vs The Collar Queen

The final match of round of fights took place between two legends of EF, Meer, The Backbreaker, against Freya, The Collar Queen! Going for it the moment the fight begins, our fighters engage in a sensationally sensual dance of wrestling, taking it to each other with all they have!

From the get go, The Collar Queen seems to be dominating this fight, giggling as Meer is used and abused in the ring a fair few times early on! But The Backbreaker gives as good as she gets and returns the favour for every nasty move she takes! This match was already burning hot, then took an interesting turn as both fighters used their magic prowess to turn the tide in their favour! Collar Queen electrified the strap-on that she forced Backbreaker to ride, whilst BB used magical energy to vibrate her opponent’s pussy!

Through it all, Freya kept laughing, seemingly unaffected by anything thrown at her. Fingering each other hard and fast, our wrestlers were soon drenched in sweat and moaning so loud, it filled the arena! But soon, Queen has BB in a wrestle fingering special and forces her to cum hard, making her explode all over her fingers! As the fight progressed, it was clear that BB had submitted before the fight was even over, begging for her Master to cum. It did the trick, as she got Queen into a special pin and licked her to orgasm!

Even after all this, Queen remained in control and BB remained in complete submission, even as she fought on bravely, she referred to her opponent as her Master. And before long, Queen took over entirely and bought BB to an earth shattering orgasm with her superior fingering skills! Pinned down, BB is counted to three and defeated. The event wasn’t over, as Queen took her prize right there, making her new toy lick her pussy until she came, leaving BB a broken mess, mumbling to herself in ecstasy!


Sadly, due to a scheduling issue, The Fallen Dame had to drop out for the foreseeable future, which brings the second round of the EF lesbian Wrestling Federation Tournament to a close! Round 3 is already under way and we are guaranteed more erotic and amazing action as things really start to get fired up!

Who will win the crown as the champion wrestler? What twists can we expect from the remaining fighters in the next bracket?! Will I be able to score an interview with our winner to ask them how they are so darn good?! (Spoiler alert: I really hope I can)

But until next then, hold on to your butts as we await the next exhilarating updates on the EF Lesbian Wrestling Federation Tournament!



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