Erofights' first Americas Regional Tournament!

Games May 29, 2021

Fasten your seatbelts, grab your asses and prepare for the best news you'll ever hear in the history of all news, lit up by the rockets red glare!

Our last tournament saw some epic matches and and orgasms as the Lesbian Wrestling Federation made its debut last year and players and fighters have been hungry for more ever since. But wait no longer! I am happy to announce that EF has another tournament, coming to a screen near you very soon!

The last couple of tournaments have had something fairly similar in common... They've all been quite European centric in terms of time zones and players.  Now, that is by no means a bad thing, but we want our American counterparts to share in the glory. With this tournament, we bring them into the spotlight.

Amassing 16 players from the Americas' and their time zones, 8 male characters and 8 female, we quickly completed sign ups and already have the roster for teams and matchups for the first round!

Our tournament kicks off on the 29th of May and round one will be wrapped up by the 13th of June, with matches being announced on Discord, so find us there if you haven't already for all the alerts on when matches start. Now, who's taking part in this fantastic fuckfest? I'm glad you asked, because I'm going to tell you. We have some great teams of two vs two, ready to take each other on and out, one orgasm at a time:

Starting us off will be Gwen & Luan VS JayJay & Chaste!
Our next match will feature Isabelle & WrestlerTrevor VS Bruins & Shirley!
Following up, we have KatieTheGreat & BigJake223 VS Diane & Ben Steele!
Last but not least, we have FightingFelix & Jessica Barton VS Mara T & Ben Bravo!

A line up of stunningly sexy fighters to duke it out, for the glory of Erofights! The ultimate test of endurance for our American friends, as they battle to rise to glory and claim victory for themselves and their team. Who will come out on top, both of the games and on top of their opponents, who will surely be left squirming and panting. Just as we like it.

For now, until the battles commence, I've been me, you've been you, watch this space as we watch the salacious spectacle of sexual sexfighting!



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