EroPets: The battle continues

Games Apr 6, 2022

We have more action from the ring as the tournament continues, with plenty of erotic twists and turns. Let's take a look at who has prevailed and which pets have found new Masters and who has been tamed.

Cow Sister Silvena takes on Michael in our first fight

Our fighters meet in the wrestling ring and prepare to tangle, tackling each other down, which gives Michael the chance to take her bra off. Getting into the wrestling action, they tussle for dominance as they swap positions pinning each other to the mat, with Micheal sitting on Silvena's face, which only allows her to grope his bulge in the process. Changing the pace, he whips his top and pants off in one fluid move. Silvena takes advantage of this and wraps her soft tits around his cock and tit fucks him. Breaking free, he pulls her pants off, leaving them both naked. She once more takes advantage and rides his face as she jerks off his cock.

Getting more intense, they start fucking each other harder, with Silvena held down and fucked doggy, which is countered with her strap-on stretching his hole. Calling in a friend from the crowd, he feels the pleasure as he is double teamed for a little bit, but gives as good as he gets at every possible moment. Sucking him hard, she tries to make him cum but he holds off and retaliates hard, rubbing her pussy as she sucks his cock again. In an epic bout of Blowjob Vs Handjob, the hand wins and makes Silvena cum hard on the mat. Recovering fast, whilst also getting both her holes stuffed, she manages to pin him down and rides him hard and fast. With all the exertion, he can't hold back and cums in her pussy.

Both feeling the pleasure and the exhaustion, they ramp up the offensive, getting one another into chokeholds, 4 figure holds and just all out fucking each other. Taunting as they switch positions, she blows him again as he rubs her clit, resulting in yet another orgasm from Silvena. Finding him to be a naughty boy, she grabs him and in an impressive display of strength, lifts him up and sucks his cock once more. Unable to hold back, he cums in her mouth and is drained of both his load and his remaining energy.

Defeated, he is made into his new team's buttslut and pegged in front of the audience, including his new Mistress. See this fight unfold by clicking right here. No, wait... right here.

Kathy the Vixen faces off against Lucia

Eager to finally meet one another in battle, Kathy starts off with some cheeky teasing and a kiss, whilst Lucia gets on all fours and peels her panties down with her teeth. Becoming more eager as Kathy teases, Lucia jumps in and takes her top off, exposing her gorgeous tits to the crowd. Kathy swiftly retorts by pulling her opponent's pants and panties down. In the opening moments of the fight, both ladies are naked and clearly ready to get as intimate as possible in the ring.

The teasing becomes more intense as they expose themselves to each other, each of them getting more aroused by the second. Lucia threatens Kathy with a dildo, making her wonder about all the places it could go. Kathy sneaks a taste of her opponent's sweet pussy. They become ravenous for one another as the fight goes on. The teasing takes a sharp turn as Kathy finds a dildo in her mouth and a tongue at her pussy, yet still teases and misbehaves, leading to her tying Lucia up and fingering her dropping pussy. Strap-ons start making a show as Lucia fucks Vixen hard, yet still finds herself tied and fingered again. Soon, Lucia is fucked as her clit is rubbed, making her shy and subby and oh so adorable. But her foe gives as good as she gets and fights back with all she has. Both lost in a haze of lust, Kathy gets Lucia down and strap-on fucks her rough and fast, making her cum intensely. Completely cum drunk, the puppy needs a few moments to recover, then takes revenge by pulling Vixen's hair and fucking her with a Strap-on, making her cum just as hard.

Whispering into her ear about how her new Mistress will love another puppy, Kathy doesn't hold back as she fucks Lucia deeper, ramming her strap into all her holes. Try as she might, puppy can't hold back after such a rough fucking and cums once more, becoming a broken horny mess. A mess with a new master as Kathy talks the win.

Read the fight in it's full detail here.

That brings us up to date with the latest of our fights!

Which one got you the most hot under the collar? Who do you think will take the most pets? And who do you think will win the tournament?!

Come on back here for more fights that will blow your mind and make you blow your load!



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