EroPets: A tale of all the tails

Games Apr 13, 2022

Another match came by and people came hard as they witnessed some flexible wrestling take place. No team changing this time but still some erotically charged sex fighting taking place in this one. Let's see how they got on.

Evilthorn took on Amber in a clinch for a climax

Warming up is important before any activity. Be it sexual or just going for a jog, be sure to warm up. Amber has a unique way of warming up in this case, which she showcases by locking Evilthorn in a head scissor, after some initial taunting and teasing takes place. With quick reactions, Foxy flips the table and gets her on the floor with some wrestling moves of his own. As they playfully tease, he manages to undo and remove her bra, which results in Amber sitting on his face, asking him oh so politely to be good and submit. But that would not be such a good show (or maybe it would), so Evilthorn continues to misbehave as he gets her in a school boy cock teasing scissor hold. Amber responds by breaking free, locking his head in a scissor hold and stroking his cock. Not backing down, despite having Amber continually pin him and stroke his cock, Evilthorn soon has a reversal of fortune as he holds her down and fucks her ass, reminding her how good it would be to be a subby little kitten.

As things heat up, Amber shows that she has no intention to simply submit and ends up blowing him good and hard to prove it. Struggling with the pleasure her hot, wet mouth was applying, he switches things up and starts fingering her roughly, trying to distract her from his cock. Whilst this works for a brief moment, Amber gets a hold of his throbbing shaft and strokes him fast, trying to get him to blow his load. Ignoring how very good that felt, he contains himself and prepares to make his next move. But before he can blink, she's sucking him again, racing to make him cum. Once more he resists her charms and launches a counter-attack, fucking her in the good ol' missionary style. Being all pent up, she cums hard on his cock. Not too thrilled with that result, she gets on his face and forces him to give her oral pleasure. He locks eyes with her before having a friend help fuck her, making her moan with the combined pleasure of two cocks at once. Yet she manages to get free and blow him harder than ever, making him cum in her mouth and bringing the orgasm score neck and neck.

The wrestling takes a back seat and they begin an orgasmic war, fucking each other hard and rough. Amber brings the smack talk, trying to derail her opponent. His response is to fuck her harder still, making her moans louder as he gets her into a prone position and fucks her to another orgasm, making her cum all over the mat. Feeling the pressure, Amber sucks his cock fast, in an attempt to try and weaken his resolve. Once more, he calls for help from the crowd and gets her filled up with cock. Seizing this final chance, he puts her on his face and tongue fucks her viciously, making her squirm and cum all over his face for the last time this match.

Claiming victory as he makes her cum all over his face, she becomes very subby as they end proceedings, with Evilthorn needing a drink and a rest after this one. Who could blame him, I'm certainly very thirsty after taking in all the details of this fight. If you wish to become just as thirsty, do so by reading this fight log here.

That brings us all up to date. I know, just as we were getting to the edge, we were suddenly cruelly denied. But I shan't tease you too long, as there'll be more fights to come and you know this is the place to get the blow by blow of them all.



Greetings! I'm Terrible, only in name, not in nature. I'm into sexfights and debuchery, so it looks like I'm in the right place. Thank y'all for having me, let's talk about stuff.