Eropets Tournament 2

News Jul 20, 2023

An interview with two of last years cutest pets

What's better than a trap to catch me some pets? Two traps!

As I got up this morning I wasn't expecting that the traps I prepared to both have captured some fine prey. Sure, the bait was carefully chosen and placed expertly, but two in one strike is rare nonetheless.

So let's see what these two gorgeous examples have to tell us!

It just took an old blanket I carried around for a day to catch my scent to snare us Silvena, the lewdest of all sisters. She hissed and tried to scratch as we came near the trap, so high caution is always advised.

Frikka: Silvena. What made you join EroPets last year and what was your impression?

Silvana: This is an OUTRAGE!! Let me go this instant!!

Feral nun noises

Mmmfh! So, about Eropets... when I first heard about it, I was very excited!

It was my first tournament, and what really caught my attention was how fun and original its concept sounded! Owners got to amass a large harem of cuties, while pets get to enjoy being passed around like lovely little toys! I really liked the team system!

Pets being able to keep on progressing in the tournament despite losing made it a very friendly competition. Win or lose, you'll still get to be part of a lovely (and horny) team who have history with each other!

I also really enjoyed the creativity potential of this format. I remember players coming up with their own team names, stories or even emblems, just for this tournament. I'm really excited and hoping to see if people will embrace that creativity this year! can you please free me from that thi-..."

F: Ah. Just a second. I just have to check the other trap. Will be back in a second!

Even trapped, this little furball seems to be absolutely blissful while quietly playing with my old sneaker that I placed as bait. Somehow he seems like the most happy kitsune, but I have to interview him nonetheless.

F: Hello Evilthorn!

Tell us! How did you like the last year's EroPets tourney? Would you compete again and which role would you chose?"

Evilthorn: Hiii \o

Hide the sneaker to keep it for later, and wave at Frikka while wagging tail and sticking out tongue in a bratty way

Last year's tourney was fun! I really liked it, mostly because I had the opportunity to play against cutie pets I already knew from discord/EF website! So I had some funny and really intense matches, often ending up with an IRL climax.


I just can't resist cuties.


But that didn't mean I was weak weak \o/  In fact, I lost only one match!

swings tail proudly

But what is interesting in Eropets is, even if you are a pet winning all matches, you can end up being in the loser team every time.


That way, I went to switch from several owners and had the opportunity to get a lot of fun from it! I intend to compete this year, of course. It's not easy with my schedule but I'll do it still! I already have an experience as a this time I intend to play as master~

After all, the strongest master and pets will win in the end, right?~ "Gotta catch them all" as they say.

giggles playfully

And as to whom will be my pet...well I'll leave you all the surprise to discover it in proper time!

lick lips seductively

F: How was the communication with your master? Was he strict? How far did you guys go with the roleplay?

E: Well like I said, I got 3 different owners that were all my friends already! I started with Winston, then went to Alissa's hands (and not only hands\o/) before finally ending up with Romantic and ending the tournament like this. We didn't really developed the pet/master RP during the tournament though.

Of course, just doing a bit of it during the public match, but not so much more. The fact I went with two guys as master and me being straight was kind of a limiting factor to involve myself more in any roleplay/IRL things with them.

But they respected that, so we just enjoyed the tournament during match. It was a bit different with Alissa, but...what is private will stay private!"

Sticks out tongue

None of them was strict with me, but I heard some pets had to be a little...'tamed'.

giggle playfully and wag tail

F: Excuse me for a second, I have to make sure that Silvena doesn't bite the mailman!


What was your impression of the real life punishment system? What did you like, what didn't you like?

S: I really liked the diversity of punishments that losing pets got to choose from. I remember there being a big brainstorming for punishment ideas. That way, people got to pick their preferences! Some people like edges, spanks, denial...but others could prefer other kind of tasks.

My favourite one was the body writing punishment: the owner got to order the loser pet to write anything they wished on their bodies, during their matches. What a way to show support to your team! \o/

I hope we'll see more of this kind of creative tasks!

Perhaps the punishment system was a little tricky to understand. There were different "tiers" of punishments, so that chronic offenders who couldn't help themselves to keep on losing would get harder tasks. That could tend to be a little confusing for pets, at times!

F: Your team advanced pretty far in the tournament. How did you treat the captured new pets? Was there a hierarchy?

S: Yeah, we did pretty well indeed! Me and Eva made a pretty good pair, and got all the way to the final round! So, I might've been the starter pet back then, but I never got punished!

...ahem...almost... <_<

But anyways! As far as we were concerned, Eva was more than happy to make her lovely newfound pets melt...and I, more than happy to assist in that!

So I guess there was kind of a hierarchy! But then again, I'd love to see how this year's team organisations will look like!

copyright @ swr3

F: Evilthorn. What kinds of punishments did you chose for yourself and why? Is there something you were missing? Would you add anything?


Pouts a bit at the term of punishment

Well, I mostly chose denial, ending up with a full week if I remember correctly!

Doing more is hard for me and I'm afraid of chastity devices, so denial is the best way to be horny and to just get desperate easily with few tease. Though, I'd love more breaking denial...or being forced to break it, forced to climax.

stick out tongue

I maybe missed that, maybe a rule of managing to break a pet punishment, to get an advantage for the player who managed it.

Like for example "One climax = 3 turns of pass for the pet whom broke punishment."  It's totally unfair in term of balance, but I think it's a good way to properly mix IRL and ERP game. And to test the pet's will.  \o/

And that concludes this little interview with two of the cutest pets of the past EroPets tournament.

I will give Silvana her anti-rabies inoculation real quick and then they are both ready to return to freedom. :)



After falling in love with the EF community and spending way too much time with chatting and rp´ing, I decided to help out a little with texts and alike. :)