Friends? Foes? Family! - Part 2

Erotica Feb 16, 2022

Romantic cinches the knot of his tie and dons his jacket. On the bed, covered by the blanket, Aria mutters something in her sleep. The young nobleman lays on her and leaves a kiss on her forehead. Aria mumbles again and smiles, moving her head, making the red rose Romantic left on her ear tremble.

"I will come back soon, dear. Let me get something to drink. I feel… drained."

He moves out of the room and closes the door behind him. A noise at his left startles him. As he turns his head see sees Drake looking at him, his hand still on the door handle of his room,

"Drake? What are you doing here?" The young noble lowers his sight and raises an eyebrow. "Why are you naked?"

"I could ask you the same" The young adventurer raises his sight and scratches his head. "Why are you wearing a tie?"

"I am not in my home, so I stay fully dressed."

"Well, I am in my home, so I stay full naked."

Romantic sighs.

"Drake, please, could you wear something? I can see your dong swinging before my eyes…"

"If you look at it, it means you like it!" Drake laughs, reaches him and grabs his shoulders. "C’mon, I know why you are here…I heard you having fun with your wife…and I bet you heard me too!"

The young gentleman blushes.

"Y-yes…I mean, no…I mean…how were you able to hear us? We paid attention in doing as little noise as possible."

"Dragon ears: I could hear the moans of a rabbit from a mile away…and, despite being cute, you and Aria were not rabbits at all!" Drake laughs louder. "On the other hand, me and Anna weren’t silent at all…I mean, she was wild like she hasn’t been in a while: I wonder if this is related with her sister being just on the other side of the wall…"

The half dragon shrugs and walk away, pulling Romantic with him.

"Ah, stop talking. Come with me; if you are drained half as much as I am, you need a drink for sure!"


Anna yawns and sits on the bed. She looks around: there is no one else in the room. She puts on a nightie and moves closer to the wall. She knocks on it four times quick, two times slow and four times quick again.

Someone answers her with the same code. Anna smiles and goes out into the hallway: the next door down out opens and Aria comes emerges from her room.

"Drake is not in the room. Where is Roma?"

Anna shrugs.

"He has gone too. I bet these two are drinking while bragging about their sexual performance," she reaches her sister and caresses her triangular ears. "Just as planned…I told you that we didn’t need an all night long enchantment."

Aria purrs under the pats of the princess. Anna hugs her, smirks and kisses her forehead.

"So…my sweet kinky sis…how was it?"

Aria blushes.

"You were right: Drake was so passionate and wild…"

"And Romantic was so sweet. He really knows how to please a woman," Anna caresses the cheeks of Aria. "It seems we both made a good choice with our husbands."

"Yes, but I still don’t get why we had to use the shapeshifting magic to have fun with them."

The succubus princess sighs and pats the head of the sabercat again.

"You don’t know Drake: he is so shy…if I have proposed him to spend the night with another woman, he would have not accepted or he would have behaved like a virgin boy. Our little trick didn’t hurt anyone and…"

"Oho! It looks like our ladies are awake!"

Anna turn her head: Drake is waving at her while squeezing Romantic's shoulders with the other arm. Their red cheeks show that they must have drunk quite a bit while she and Aria were resting.

"Did you sleep well, my wuv?"

Drake hugs and kisses her. Anna kisses him back. Moving her eyes at her left, she notices Aria jumping on Romanic and covering his face in kisses. Romantic looks surprised for an instant, then gives her back the same passion.

"A-Aria…why do you have hickeys and bites on your neck? You didn't have them before."

Anna looks at the neck of her sister and notices the signs. Drakes does the same and scratch his head.

"You know…they look the same of the ones I gave you before, Anna. How strange."

"The same for the rose Anna has on her head: it looks like the same I left on the ear of Aria."

Anna moves her hand, touching a rose on her left ear.

Drake touches the rose too.

"My wuv, why do you have a rose on your head?"

"W-well…I wanted to see how it was to wear it and Aria gave it to me." She smiles and turn her face to the sabercat girl. "Am I right, my sweet sis?"

Aria gets pale. Her chin starts to tremble. She moves her face right and left from Romantic to her. Her eyes get lucid. Romantic caresses her hairs and cheek.

"Aria…is it all right?"

The sabercat girl lets it go a sob, push her head on the chest of the gentleman and starts to cry.

"I am sorryyyyy! I slept with Drake and Anna slept with you!! We used magic to trick both of you!"

Anna can feel the hug of her husband getting rigid.

"M-my wuv…what does this mean? Did you really use your power to have sex with that man?"

Anna sighs.

"You should really learn to lie, sis…" She looks at Drake and shrugs. "We just had fun…nothing to be jealous about."

Drake opens his embrace and turn to Roma.

"You had sex with my wife!"

Romantic faces him himself.

"You are the one who slept with mine!"

The two look each other growling. Drake whips his tail. From the sleeve of Romantic’s jacket vines of roses full of thorns moves out, swinging like tentacles.

Anna moves herself between the two men.

"C’mon, guys: no need for violence. Why don’t we just talk about it?"

"Yeah…talking…" Drakes bares his teeth,"I know a place where you and me could… talk, Roma."

Romantic nods and follows Drake. Aria grabs his shoulders, but Anna puts her hand on hers and remove it. The two men move away, leaving the corridor.

"What are you doing, Anna? We must stop them!"

The princess hugs her sister and sighs.

"Do not worry. They are males; they need to mark their territory, like animals, but once they will have vent their rage, it will be fine."

"But they could hurt each other! Haven’t you thought about it?"

Anna shrugs.

"Drake is almost immortal, your husband looks full of tricks and none of them is a murderer. No way they will seriously get hurt."


Anna pulls the head of her sister on her shoulders, lulling it and caressing your hairs.

"Listen, my sweet kitty, I have planned every possible outcome for our little game, even the one of their fighting like primal apes, and all my previsions ended with them becoming friends. There is no way this will not happen; they have too much to share!"

The roar of an explosion makes the palace tremble, only overcome by the voices of Drake and Romantic yelling to each other.

"Dragon breath!"

"Rosa rossa di sublime bellezza!"

Anna tightens her embrace on her trembling sister and sighs.

"I just hope they will become friends before razing my home to the ground…"


Drake pants. The rose vines tighten their grip on him, blocking his wings and tail and forcing his mouth to stay closed. The thorns scratch his scales without being able to break them but, in a couple of points, they are piercing between one scale and another. From the only eye he can keep open, he is able to see Romantic standing before him: his suit is half burned and both his arms and legs are turned to stone. The young noble looks at them and sighs."

"Alright…we’ll call it a draw."

Drake Nods. The man sighs again.

"Could you…undo your trick?"

Drakes look at him. His lamia heritage flows from his eye, breaking the curse he launched on the man and making the stone turning back into flesh and bone.

Romantic falls on his knees and sits on the floor with him, his back on the wall. Drake turns his head to him.


"Oh, yes, yes, you are right," The gentleman caresses the flower on Drake's chest. "You did good, Prototype nr. 1. Now come back to papa’s eyelet."

The red flower purrs like a cat and crawls back on Romantic’s jacket. His vines hide under the clothes until the rose looks like a normal flower once more.

Drake takes a deep breath and stretches his arms.

"What…that the hell is wrong with that rose?"

Romantic smirks.

"It’s a bio-weapon made by my scientists. You know, in a world where demons, dragons, robots and stranger things are real, a man need some protection."

The young noble takes two cylinders out of his jacket, puts one in his mouth and offers the other to Drake.


Drake takes the cylinder, sniffs it…and then bites it.

"Yum! Spicy!"

Romantic shakes his head.

"My poor Toscanello Gran Riserva…" He clicks the button of a lighter, but nothing happens. "C'mon, how can the fuel be finished already? I just…"

Drake moves his hand under the cigar and raises his thumb. A small flame comes out from it that turn on the tip. Romantic takes a deep breath and puffs a cloud of smoke.

"Thanks, Drake."

"You are welcome, Roma."

Drake swallows what is left of the cigar. Romantic puffs more smoke. He massages his chin.

"Dammit…you have a good jab, Drake! I will feel it for at least a week."

"I train a lot." Drake moves his hand on his left horn, broken in half. "And you are lucky this will need less than a week for coming back to its normal state, or I would beat the shit out of you, old man.

Romantic raises an eyebrow.

"Silly lizard."

"Old man."

"Silly lizard."

"Old man."

"Silly lizard."

"Old man."

The two looks each other growling…and start to laugh.

"Fuck, Roma you are too funny to stay mad at you!"

"Yeah, I feel the same." Romantic smiles and throws the stub of the cigar in a pile of rubble. "So…What do we do about the fact that we slept with each other’s wife?"

"I dunno…they had fun…we had fun…there are no bad feelings…I guess we could call it a draw too."

"Wise words."

Drake smiles and sighs, looking at the hall they have destroyed. Anna will be not happy for that.


"Yes, Drake?"

"So…you had sex with my wife and I had sex with yours, then we punched each other in the face until we become friends…what does this make us be?"

"Family, Drake," answers the gentleman. "This makes us family."


Romantic checks his email on his laptop. Aria is laying on her lounge chair, reading “The Tigers of Mompracem”. The only sounds are the ones made by the tapping of the man and the low hum made by the engines of the jet.

"Mmmmm…The Jarjayes family is having a party next weekend and they have sent us an invitation."

Aria lows the book a little.

"Who are they, dear?"

"One of the most ancient families of Erofights City. They have won a huge public contract for the government and they want to celebrate it." Romantic bites his lip. "Dammit, participated at that contract, but I guess their project was better…"

"Will I need to wear clothes for that party, dear?"


"Don’t count on me, so; I have had enough of staying dressed at my sister’s place." Aria raises again the book, hiding her eyes. "Also, I want to spend some time in the woods. Bears have just finished their hibernation, time to hunt them."

Romantic stops writing.

"My love, I think you should study our language a little more; those animals are called “deer”, not “bears”."

"I could never mistake a deer for a bear, dear, Bears usually fight to the last before falling under my claws."

Romantic open his mouth wide, but no sound comes out if it. Aria giggles. He sighs and go back looking at the mail.

"Well…I guess I will have to ask Lis for a favour…"


· Hello, horny citizens of EF and good 2022! So, this story is not inspired by a game but by a series of roleplays that me, Drake and Anna/Aria had some months ago. If you remember the logs of “Hunter and Prey” at the beginning Anna was the partner of Romantic but. at the same time, she was having some rps with Drake that ended with them being married. So, since she was married both with Roma and Drake, who was the cuck of them? This question leaded to some really crazy rps and to the first “death duel” between Romantic and Drake, until Anna decided to create the character of Aria only for Romantic;

· I want to thank you both Aria and Drake for their support. Drake is a good friend and a funny roleplayer. If all will go as planned, he well keep the role of “support” of Romantic, as he was in our rps.



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