Go EF! It's Ya Birthday!

Personal Apr 21, 2021

Okay, it's not quite anymore but we still cherish EroFights and wish it a very happy birthday! To celebrate, we had a little contest on the Discord server, asking the community to put together some lovely cakes for the occasion.

3 amazing individuals answered the call, 2 of them with cakes and one with a drawing, celebrating EF and the bond they share with the community. We thought it would be nice to share these creations with you all here!

Does this look scrumptious or what?!

Our first submission came from the amazing Mara T, presenting a two-tier vanilla cake and some chocolate almond muffins topped with some peppermint chocolate buttercream. I am salivating as I type this...

I was able to take a moment to speak to those that put a submission forward and ask them what EF meant to them. It's hold a special place in all our hearts but these three put in some great work into their creations and it was only right we got to hear from them too. Mara told me:

EF is a wonderful and loving place. It's welcoming, warm, and embraces people. It's helped me discover myself in new ways when I thought I had myself all figured out. People are so supportive and fun and there is a very light environment that makes things easy to ease into. I'm really glad I discovered Erofights.

Thank you, Mara! I hope they are as tasty as they look!

Next up, the brilliant Kitsune that we all know and love, it's Evilthorn!

Look at this icing! So detailed! So good!

A delicious looking chocolate cake with some of the best icing on a cake I've seen! Well done to Evilthorn for putting this beauty together. When I had a little chat with him about EF, he told me:

Since I literally stopped to play all of my MMORPGs, where I spent all my teenage and young adult life, EroFights is my only place where I'm integrated into a community. I created this character, this little Kitsune, gave him a background, projected myself into him, and loved him. EroFight is, today, like... It's a home, for my little Kitsune, a place where I feel good, happy, where I find comfort, and even sometimes, being sad. EroFights means a lot to me.

We love having you here too Foxy, I doubt EF would be the same without you.

Last, but most certainly not least, was the entry by Kobono. He submitted to us a lovely drawing showcasing his thanks to Illusion and fellow Kitsune, Evilthorn.

This may be one of the cutest drawings I've seen.

Kobono speaks of Foxy as his guardian angel and thanks Illusion for creating such a wonderful website, as he has made many good friends here. Sitting down with him, I put to him the question of what EF meant to him, to which he replied:

Ohhh well for me EF is a good way to pass time but also where I have met some people that I consider friends as I talk to them regularly. The people here also helped me when I was feeling down. Over all, I think the EF community is amazing in every sense of the word.

Please join me in thanking these three amazing members of our community for submitting these pictures to celebrate EF's first birthday. And here's to many more birthdays and celebrations down the line!



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