Halloween Costume Contest 2021

Games Oct 16, 2021

Hello there, lost souls!

TG here, with more spoopy Halloween tournament content. But today, rather than a summary of the tournament itself, I instead bring to you the entrants for the costume contest!

Going over all the entrants and their amazing submissions, we will see what flair and style our contestants brought to the table. I couldn't have done this without the amazing Mara and Queen Scarlet, who kept on top of the submissions to allow this post to come to life. So without further ado, let's get this show on the road!

First up, we have the gorgeous honey bee herself, Mara!

Mara is, as you may notice, a cutie little bee girl, collecting nectar for her bee queen. Her aim in our little tournament is to get all that sweet nectar, whilst also protecting her own sweet, delicious nectar at the same time. As well as just being exceptionally skilled in the arts of nectar extraction, she's ready with a stinger, capable of paralyzing you and leaving you at her mercy, whilst her magics and abilities go to work on taking your precious nectar. But, catch her and ravish her enough, she may just release her own honey. All over you as she buzzes and hums with blissful excitement.

This of course can work wonders in the RP of tournament matches, letting her use the right actions, altering how they flow a tiny bit, to do whatever it takes to get your sweet nectar. You want to see this bee girl buzzing hard? Of course you do, so I give the gift... of links to logs!

Mara's first round.

Mara's second round.

Next up, we have the powerful sorcerer empress, Imperatrix Winstonina!

A vampire sorcerer empress, no less. Her thirst for conquest and victory knows no bounds as she uses all means of magic and trickery to achieve her goals. Her red and black dress highlights her curves as she moves into an arena, though fans seemingly preferred it when she was shed of all garments entirely. Coming at her opponent with both magnificent breasts and a thick dick, nothing will stop her in claiming victory... until she runs into Luan, the vampire hunter, who put an end to her before she had a chance to get started...

See that RP unfold quite skillfully by clicking on the link below.

Winstonina round 1.

Next up, we have The Composer!

Jay, the conductor of contracts, could be best described as an Incubus of music. His profile gives us a wonderfully written poem, detailing what he's looking for and what his intentions are, as well as what will happen should you dare to cross him.

Don't let his innocent-looking PFP fool you, he very much means business and backs up his will with force. I invite you to read that poem to understand him better, but be warned. Should you enter a contract with him, it is binding. Be sure you know just what your desires are before singing with this one. And be sure you are ready to pay that price...

Sadly, no costume-based RP took place for Jay's matches, but that doesn't stop them from being amazing to witness.

The next contestant comes in the form of Alissa!

An ancient vampire who only roams this land when the dark times fall on us once a year, she hides in a home as old as she is, biding her time until she can hunt. A queen of darkness, she stalks humanity for the pleasure she can harvest from them, draining the lifeblood from anyone that falls victim to her charms.

Don't let her demure look fool you. This one is a predator, waiting for the right moment to pounce and claim you as her own. Her long black cloak hides her in the shadows, her silver hair covering her beauty. Once out from the shadows, her pale skin and talents of seduction will enthrall you if you don't have the will to resist...

Our next entry into the costume contest is Reddd the clown!

Many people fear clowns, so this is one to look out for. Complete with a scythe and a jester's outfit, he's easy to see coming with that blazing red hair and the touches of clown make up for that extra spooky affect.

The costume may be a simple one but with just the right touches, he can strike fear into anyone as he goes about this tournament.

Following up, we have the lovely Diana Adams!

Warning: The content of Diana's profile gets dark, reader discretion is advised.

With Sci-Fi armor and a trusty shield and gun, this heroine found herself beset by zombies in her own home, surrounded by evil hordes of the undead. Despite her brave attempts to escape, she was captured and stripped of her armor and weapons, left defenceless as they encircled her, not letting her go...

From here, the profile takes a dark twist, so I shan't divulge too much, especially as the profile is an epic read, one that I absolutely recommend looking through.

Armor like this may not be scary to some, but I'd be intimidated to see this fiery warrior trying to take me down. And also a little aroused but that's another story.

Folks, I am happy to showcase our next entry, Andy, aka Damned Silly, bringing us the character of Hot Dawg Damned!

Now, I know what you're thinking...

"TG, this appears to be a sentient hot dog"

And you'd be right! Sort of. He wore the costume early on in his time here at EF. As he grew more confident, we grew to love him. And to partake in the contest, he made some alterations and donned this rather striking looking pose.

Will his creativity help him secure victory in this contest? Is he as tasty as he looks?!

Only time will tell!

Next in line, we have Tigresa, the Aztec warrior woman!

Ready to ambush you before you even know she's there, this little sex kitten comes close to bearing all in her very skimpy, yet tasteful outfit selection.

Lithe, tan muscles and looking to dominate during her time here on EF, what more could anyone ask? She calls herself the queen of the jungle and seeks to dominate outide of the ring now, by taking this costume contest by storm!

Be sure to have a nice treat if any ladies try to tame this kitty.

Who just came sailing in? It's The Dread Pirate Bravo!

A genuine swash-buckler, here in our little contest!

A delight to speak to and to watch play, Ben brings this character to life in his role-play. Decked out in black and a sword at the ready to disarm his opponents, before using his other sword to make them cum, this pirate is one to look out for!

Intent on storming in and raiding and pillaging his way to victory, he comes equipped with so many puns, you won't know what to do. This cunning rogue has already performed well and doesn't show any signs of stopping.

To see some of his amazing puns and exception RP, check out his first match.

I have here and now, everyone's favourite Kitsune, Evilthorn!

Decked out in spooky attire, complete with wings, blood-red eyes, and an ominous aura, Evilthorn enters this contest with a chilling and enticing backstory.

This is the kind of horror story told around campfires. Some say it was used to scare folks at Halloween, others say that it was just an elaborate hoax and none of it ever happened. But I can confirm now that it did. And it will happen again...

A creature, unidentified as the committed sinful crimes all throughout the month of Halloween, only to disappear after October was through. Now, the dark times return and this creature rises again, to take lives and win this contest and tournament, by any means necessary...

Sneaking in, we have Alya, the adventurer goblin!

The narrative for this amazing costumed character grabs your attention, then edges you as you find that it is not yet finished and more will come soon enough!

Wandering the land of EF, she has encountered many beings and plundered a lot of loot in her time, sneaking past obstacles with her short stack size and nimble fingers. But one time, she came across a beautiful singing lady, one that soon turned out to be more than she seemed. We still don't know what happened on that fateful night...

But with more to come, we can only be patient until this story unfolds!

The sound of horns rings through our ears as Chaste, reborn as Valerie, rides into gloriously erotic battle!

Taking flight as EF's own Valkyrie, she forever searches for her next battle and conquest, deeming which of our warriors are worthy of Valhalla and which are worthy only to be drained and fucked into submission!

Our protector knows how to bring it to every battle she partakes in and her mission in this contest is clear. Win, whilst escorting the worthy to Valhalla. A fiery contender in both contest and tournament, she's one to watch out for!

From the depths of an ancient mansion, swallowing up the village around it, one young villager at a time, taking them deep into its halls and the depths of pleasure, the Sadistic Bride Madelaine lies in wait!

Coming in with a very provocative white get-up consisting of not a lot, yet retaining the elegance of a bride, she lured all the young villagers and rendered them unable to even think, with every single one of them falling desperately in love with her.

Many moons after the village was abandoned and resettled, there can still be heard lewd moans and groans of her sexual servants, devoting their lives to her every whim. Some may say an ill fate... others may call it paradise. Watch out, or she'll add you to her growing list of slaves...

From the shadows Strikes Luan, dressed to kill as Blade, the vampiric, vampire hunting badass himself!

Decked out in epic black leather and armor, with some red accents, he looks the part with those shades and is ready to strike down anyone that gets in his way in this tournament. With his dick, not the actual sword.

His goal is simple. Fight with all he has and win, no matter what. So far, this is working out for him as his first match went incredibly well. A strong contender and a pleasure to see in tournaments, it's a great bonus that he joins us in the costume contest as well!

Whilst he doesn't directly reference the character he has dressed as, he RPs the vampire hunter very well and looks to go the distance!

Did someone call for a detective? We got you covered, as I introduce Detective Darkice!

Complete with a suit and tie, packing heat in more ways than one, Darkice fills the detective role beautifully as he conducts some incredibly thorough interrogations of any suspects he comes across. Here to solve our spooky mysteries, he won't rest until he cracks the case, no matter how hard!

To see the logs of the detective's interrogative technique, have a look right here.

Did you expect an Inquisition? Probably not, but we have our very own Love Inquisitor regardless!

Sliding in with a full set of red robes and not much on underneath, this costume comes complete with the role-play of a fanatic devoted to the religion of love and cuteness. If found guilty of the crime of not spreading enough love, then expect to end up in his dungeons, where he will do all he can to purify you then and there!

Starting out as a catholic inquisitor, he went about his duties until he found a long-forgotten book, learning many secrets of love within its pages. Coming to worship his own Goddess, he left the church and formed this new religion, spreading love everywhere he went. Coming to a dark end, his book was never recovered.

Now, he returns to us at EF, still serving 'The Love', seeking to purify your souls and take home a tournament win as a bonus. Can he purify all his opponents and show them something new, or will he be made to submit as he tries?

Witness his art at work here.

Now, if you're looking for something tasty, my man Bradley over here has you covered!

Your eyes don't decieve you folks, thatguybradley comes to us in the form of a lovely ice cream wave, guaranteed to sate your tastebuds. Very flexible with his matches and RP, the main aim here is for all involved to have a good time. And, like any good ice cream, comes ready with some delicious sauce. You just may need to work him a bit first to get him to give it up.

As sweet as the cherry on that wave, he's all for some back and forth when engaging in sexual combat and is a brilliant addition to the tournament and costume contest roster!

Rolling in to settle business, we have Miss Jenna Croft!

Did you know that Lara Croft has a twin sister? I didn't, until I saw her in action in our tournament!

Turns out, Lara needs financing for all her adventures and often, life can get in the way and debts can appear. Well, Lara is too busy galavanting to sort that but her sister, who runs the finances, is more than happy to step in and settle those debts. With all the sensuous tricks in her book.

Let me put it this way. I would keep getting into debts with the Crofts just to have repeat visits from Jenna. And with sublime RP, she can have toes curling and brains melting as she negotiates the best settlement of your life.

See exactly what I'm talking about by clicking this thing.

Inviting herself along, we were happy to let Kyrael join our costume contest!

A devious little Cheshire cat girl, she first found us when she used her talents to encourage a couple of young lovers into acting on their more carnal desires, taking each other then and there under the moonlight. Watching them fornicate, she revealed herself only after they had finished, laughing as they took off without picking up their clothes.

Something tells me she's going to fit right in here at EF and in this competition. Watch out when you go up against her, she'll have more than a few tricks up her sleeves.

Now, as you traverse EF, be careful. Stay away from the moors. Many a poor soul went missing there. They say... The Witch of the moors still resides somewhere out there.

Out by the old church, where everything has fallen apart and there still seems to be no signs of life, people swear that they see a hearth burning brightly sometimes, in the dead of night. When curious travelers take to the moors, despite the warnings against it. None of them ever came back.

They say it was the witch. With pale skin, wrapped in a black shawl, raven black hair flowing around her face. She takes travelers and from there, the rumors only become more gruesome. I will not speak them here... lest I incur her vengeful wrath and hunger.

This is a damn chilling profile and gives us the stunningly spooky costume on top of it!

As you're staying away from the moors, you might want to try one of our bars. You never know who you might meet. And if you see Reikoku, tell her I said hi. And that I'll pay her for that last job as soon as I can.

Always armed with both two handguns and some killer looks, she often hangs out in the bars, drinking her whiskey and looking for work.

You have a problem? She can make it go away. For a price. Always for a price. And she always gets paid, one way or another. Be careful when you approach her. Assuming you can rip your eyes away from her gorgeously thick thighs and legs, you can buy her a drink and negotiate a deal. But try and back out of it once it's done... well, don't go looking for help. You're already dead, you just don't know it yet.

Whether she's been hired to infiltrate the tournament or just uses this to blow off some steam, we may never know. Just don't cross her, you'll probably be fine.

We have some royalty joining us for this contest. Bow down to Elliot, High Prince of Twinks!

Being crowned a prince for his achievements in seduction and sexual prowess, Elliot is a master at spellcraft but claims that he needs only his eyes are needed to captivate those he meets. Capable of giving pleasure just by a simple touch, you have to wonder how he does it.

Sadly, we may never know. It's rude to question royalty, after all. Whilst his outfit is not one that I would call scary, it suits him perfectly for this contest.

If you're the sea faring type and want to experience life on the perilous waters, then maybe you'll be lucky to join the crew of Captain Priscilla Morgan.

A captain by trade and calling, she demands nothing but the absolute best from her crewmates, making sure that they give their all or get locked in the brig and punished for their failings.

Through sheer force of will and determination, her ship will venture where few dare to go and makes a solemn vow that her crew will return home, no matter how perilous the journey.

Making landfall on EF's shores, she enters the tournament to claim the prize, as well as some swag and booty too, then from there, will surely heed the call of the sea once more.

Look who swung by! Many people's favourite red-head, Mary-Jane Watson, under the hero guise of Spinneret!

Playing in character, she swings into action with tremendous vigor, bringing a fire that red-heads seem to always carry with them... Or is that my thing for red-heads kicking in?...

In any case, Isabelle donned the costume and persona of Spinneret, using her strength and skills to best her opponents in our erotic battles. Careful of her webs, they taste awful and will surely have you bound and gagged if you don't watch your step!

Here are just a few of her matches that involved her stellar character RP.

Her second tournament bout.

Her round 2 tiebreaker match.

And her 3rd round battle.

When trouble calls, don't look up to the skies and beg for his help. He'll just whisper under his breath...


It's Rorschach, coming in as... well, Rorschach!

With his namesake test adorned on his mask, showcasing his sense of moral, consisting of only right or wrong, he is the vigilante with an attitude, a masked badass that will hunt you to the ends of the earth should you cross him.

I don't know what it is about leather trenchcoats that look so damn cool but it makes me want to buy one. I would ask where he got his but... well, I like having all my limbs attached to my body, thank you.

I also don't know who will be brave enough to go pussy/ass to cock with this masked marauder but it will be one hell of an epic showdown. Looking amazing in this costume, Rorschach is looking to stand out in our costume contest!

Sliding in with some impressive EF credentials, we have Leon, dressed as Squall!

Looking fancy as hell with one impressive sword, Leon has held a number of EF titles and a list of amazing matches under his belt. His costume portrays a character from Final Fantasy, a mercenary that has been described as cold and focused. Maybe he'll be bringing those qualities as he battles his way to victory!

Hailing from far away lands comes a knight to serve as protector, in the form of Don Quijote, Knight of EF!

Roaming these lands, Don Quijote has vowed to help any and all that need aid, no matter the problem and by whatever means necessary. Dedicating his life to this cause and to the one true love of his life, he strives to be a gentleman at all times. A perhaps loud and eccentric one, but a gentleman nonetheless.

A believer in the many mystic arts, he is one to look out for as he travels through our tournament. Whether he believes there is evil lurking in our halls or that the prize will aid in his quest, we may never know. But he will always be ready to help you, should you need it!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an alchemist got bored and decided to go full chaotic neutral?

Stop wondering, because here comes Sarka, the Underworld Alchemist to fill in those details.

Bored with just about everything in the light realm, she stole some tomes and alchemical ingredients and made a hasty dash, all the way to the underworld. Learning this art further at a school for demons, nothing will stop her from advancing her power.

Mastering the art of shapeshifting potions, she now has one goal in mind. Seduce and destroy, turning all the light dwellers to a darker path. All this, simply because it is fun. My kind of lady, not gonna lie.

A fascinating costume, especially when bathing with a mermaid tail in her cauldron. But would the cat become a mer-cat if it fell into the mixture?

Now, I think there is one more- AHHHH GHOST!!!!

Oh wait... It's Anais, dressed up as a spooky ghost!

The latest addition to the costume contest, Anais is convinced that once a year, every October, she is haunted and possessed by the ghosts of a haunted mansion that she was dared to enter just last Halloween.

Whilst that adventure was spooky, what really chills the spine is the specific ghosts that will overtake her in erotic battle. Keep her collared or bound long enough, a sex-crazed Succubus will take her over. Using every method of foreplay possible until the possession ends, this Succubus is wild and will stop at nothing to have her opponent give in to their carnal desires.

Fuck her from behind enough times and Mira will come out to play. A horny, slutty ghost, she will mount and ride you, all whilst growling and moaning as she tries to use you as a plaything!

There's more where that came from but honestly, my recommendation is to read her profile yourself, as it's an amazing read and shows a strong contender to win this competition... even if it is just a good ol' fashioned white sheet... which she's naked under, by the way...

That is all of our wonderful contestants for this Halloween costume contest!

Give them a hand... or a finger or other appendage, depending on the situation. And wish them all the best of luck. The winner will be decided and declared in due time!



Greetings! I'm Terrible, only in name, not in nature. I'm into sexfights and debuchery, so it looks like I'm in the right place. Thank y'all for having me, let's talk about stuff.