Best Hentai Halloween Roleplay Contest: Meet the Judges!

News Sep 16, 2023

Hello everyone! Your friendly neighborhood bunny reporter has some juicy insights about the upcoming Erofights event, so without further ado, drum rolls please welcome the judges for the Best Hentai Halloween Roleplay Contest, Romantic and Foxy!!

We all know that one of the foundation of our favorite website and community is roleplaying, and tournaments can serve as the perfect platform for it! As such, we are now rewarding the tournament's best roleplay with a badge and some EF coins!

We asked our two judges their thoughts on the concept of erotic roleplay, so let's now hear from ROMANTIC!

I absolutely love everything about roleplaying on Erofights! People here are so creative, both in the lewd and SFW side. In these years I have seen here the best scenarios i ever read and joined online.
I expect for this tournament for players to go all in and express themselves in a safe and secure environment, and maybe the new Trick or Treat rules could be a wonderful inspiration for interesting scenes. In the end, be respectful and have fun!

Thank you, Romantic!

Now it's the turn for our beloved FOXY!

What I personally enjoy the most about roleplaying on Erofights is its dynamism and imagination that could came off from a scene. Moreover, it's always fun to just start a basic sexfight that will evolve into an intense sex scene!
I know everyone has their unique way to interpret a scenario, from one-liners to wall of text, but everything is  fine if players have fun! I can't wait to read some spooky-lewd situations happening during the tournament, and i'm sure the new "Trick or Treat" mechanic will spice things up quite a lot!

Thank you Foxy!

As you just read, our two judges are eager to read all your Halloween-themed roleplays, and if you manage to steal their hearts, 150 EF COINS and a SPECIAL BADGE are waiting for you. But remember, we're all here to have fun, and as long as you're having fun, you're a winner, so just be yourself and you'll get the spirit of the competition right!

Record scratch

Wait a minute, 150 EF Coins?

That's right folks - it's not a typo. Pardon the last-minute change, but given the release of the recent slime monsters action pack that cost 200 EF coins, we've decided to raise the value of our tournament prizes as well.

The following is the new, revised prize list:


  • 300 EF coins
  • A free signature move for Hentai
  • A special winner's badge


  • 200 EF coins

Best Roleplayer Award

  • 150 EF coins
  • Badge

Best Costume

  • 150 EF coins
  • Badge

Thank you for reading! I will be back soon with more info about Halloween event, until then, see you around <3



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