Halloween Tournament 2021: The Sex Fight Project

Games Sep 29, 2021

I rise from the grave once more, smashing out of my coffin to tell more tales of battles once fought, orgasms once had and songs of victories sung in a long-forgotten age!

Huddle around the fire as I go other some of the electrifying duels that took place in this spooky tournament. If you want to be kept abreast of when the tournament fights take place, slide into our Discord server to learn more.

Valerie Vs Alice

With the event in full swing, we come to a much-anticipated hentai tie-breaker match!

These two sexy brats were both naked within two turns of kicking off, ready to get this match heated up before the audience even had a chance to get comfortable. Within the next couple of turns, they are both gagged, with Alice's body getting explored and prodded more than once with ice cream!

A gagged 69 here, a prone fucking there, these little vixens hold nothing back, moaning lewdly behind their ball gags as they attack each other relentlessly. As Valerie tries to catch her breath, Alice takes her chance and rubs her pussy against her opponent's, trying to make her cum... with resounding success. Getting all worked up from the touching and teasing, Valerie cums hard under the superior pussy!

Val then takes some revenge fisting, managing to get free and pin Alice on her back, getting her in a scissor special and bringing her to orgasm all over her thighs. With all to play for, Alice is merciless with Val, putting her through multiple tests as she finger fucks her and strap-on fucks her ass. But all the while, Val just taunted and begged to be fucked harder. Taking matters into her own hands, she grabs a couple of dildos and has Alice suck one as she is fucked with the other. Feeling the dildo getting twisted inside her pussy, she can't hold back and erupts a second orgasm, unable to stop sucking the dildo in her mouth as the one in her pussy is thrust harder and faster. Reduced to a drooling mess, Alice cums on the dildo one more time before being thrown into a tentacle pit, leading Valerie into the next round!

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Amathyst Vs Axel

Up next, we saw our resident cultist Ama taking on Axel the axe!

Getting settled into each other, the wholesome silliness is abundant between the two competitors. Such loveliness would bring a smile to anyone's face. Whilst this is happening, Ama manages to sneakily get at Axel's cock, stroking and caressing it as he marvels at just how soft and warm her hands are. Before long, his cock has been taken into her warm, wet mouth, sucking and kissing and licking his length, using her tongue expertly to drive him wild with desire.

Making a clone of herself, Ama teases Axel all the more, before having the copy ride a dildo, to which Axel responds by having Ama herself ride a dildo as well. Bushing hard, she doesn't back down and rides as instructed, before giving in to carnal desires and sitting on his dick instead. Fucking hard and teasing her with a plug that she was wearing before the match, Axel stands firm and resists her attempts to make him cum. She counters by getting off him to suck him some more, then bringing the copy clone back to jump on Axel and dominate him, one riding his dick as the other sits on his face. Not many could handle two of Ama and Axel felt that as he came hard inside her pussy.

Axel then retaliates as he reveals that, when sliding her plug back into her ass, he switched it with a vibrating one, which he uses to his advantage. With the new plug turned on, Ama cums hard from the pleasure it brings. In a frenzy, Axel fucks her hard, trying to overwhelm her with the pleasure of his cock and the vibe in her ass. She turns and takes it all in her stride, using more copies of herself to pleasure his dick. Trying to end it, Axel summons a tentacle demon to make her submit, only to be shocked as she resists this, fighting back harder as she keeps going. Soon, Ama gets him into a fast handjob and he finds no will left to fight with, feeling his orgasm ripped from his cock as he cums all over her hand. The win goes to Ama, with Axel and Clara eliminated from the tournament. Well fought, sex fighters!

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Darkice Vs Weiss

The detective and the lady meet once more to break the tie and Weiss has revenge on her mind as they begin. Turning her back on Darkice, refusing the offered seat, he fondles her gorgeous breasts from behind, claiming to remember all her weak spots from their last interrogation.

Stripping and fondling each other, Darkice employs a spell to summon some magic hands, groping Weiss all over as his hand slides between her legs. Loving every second, she responds in kind, wrapping her fingers around his cock and stroking him. Using more magic, tentacles are summoned and used to tease Darkice, who flips the tables and has the tentacles spank her for being such a minx!

With snaps of fingers, more tentacles are used to pin down as they fuck each other hard, moving up from tender teasing and fondling, holding nothing back as they try to dominate each other. Weiss just manages to hold back her orgasm before having the tentacles restrain Darkice and amazon ride him hard, making him explode inside her. Still riding his cock and close to the edge, Weiss finds herself immediately in trouble as he fucks her from behind again, this time making her cum all over his cock.

Not stopping for a second, Weiss pins Darkice in a headscissor but the detective slips away easily, fucking her back in retaliation. She bounces hard on him as he pulls her hair, both struggling to maintain control and make the other submit. Darkice doubles down and fucks her doggy style, whilst she lets him wear himself out as she takes it, fucking him back until he needs to rest. Seizing the moment, she strikes and deepthroats his cock. Too tired to hold back, he cums hard, whilst she moves out the way to let it spurt all over the floor. Beaten, the detective is subdued by tentacles and left to get ass fucked as Lady Weiss hits the shower, her thirst for vengeance now satisfied.

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Diane Vs Milov

For our next hentai match, we saw Diane the witch taking on Milov. It started gentle enough, with Milov giving her a lovely headpat. Diane responds by hugging him with her boobs, making his bulge all the more noticeable. Suddenly, as if by magic, Milov no longer had pants, which led to him getting even more worked up. With a touch more magic, they were suddenly both naked and raring to go!

Taking the initiative, Diane has Milov lick her sweet pussy, controlling his movements and rewarding with some fellatio, only to find herself face fucked as he snaps out of it and fights back hard. Taken over by animal instinct, he gets her down on the ground and fucks her hard from behind, making her moan as she fucks him back from below, teasing him with some salacious dirty talk. They keep at each other, even after Diane got off his dick and sucked him harder, she just found herself bent over again and fucked roughly. Hitting her limit, she tries to fight back before it's too late but cums hard on his girthy cock. After taking a second to recover, she pounces on him and rides him hard and fast, making him cum deep inside her, milked by her tight pussy.

Needing more of her, Milov chokes and fucks her hard, taking Diane back as she cums on his cock again. But with having just cum not long ago, she still has the power to keep going and stay in this fight. Diane tries a hypnosis spell but fails to get Milov's load on her tits. Impressed with this, she smiles and climbs back on him, forcing her pussy onto his cock and fucking him hard, goading poor Milov to just let go and to cum inside her. Despite all his best efforts, he couldn't hold back and gave her a creampie, filling her with his load. And with that, Diane moves on to the next round.

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Now, I have more tales to tell, but time is cruel and demands that I return to my shallow grave before this saga fully unfolds. Fear not, for I shall return to delight and enthrall your senses with the story of this epic contest. Don't do anything I wouldn't do in the meantime!



Greetings! I'm Terrible, only in name, not in nature. I'm into sexfights and debuchery, so it looks like I'm in the right place. Thank y'all for having me, let's talk about stuff.