Halloween Tournament 2021: The Lewdening

Games Oct 27, 2021

I have returned once more, to recount the battles long past, to fill your mind with knowledge and sexual desires!

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Let's jump right in from where we left off and see where this road leads our sexual gladiators.

Michael Vs Valerie

Their eyes meeting across the battlefield, it was the will of the fates that these two meet to do battle. Kicking it off with some lewd as all hell hand-holding, of all things, Val and Michael begin almost softly, followed up by Chaste flashing her tits quite a bit as Michael asserts dominance, grabbing Val and bringing her back to him to kiss and tease her soft skin and body.

With some footplay and some naughty pegging from Val, the match truly begins to heat up. Michael is soon inside Val, feeling her tight, warm pussy gripping his cock. Wanting to keep her that way, he binds her with tape and fucks her hard, leaving her incapacitated. Taking the initiative from there, he tries to break her and make her cum whilst she can only take it and resist, yet the Valhalla warrior would take more convincing than that!

Breaking free, she turns the tables and attacks Michael with her strap-on, fucking his ass as he melts, starting to surrender to the pleasure. Calling her by the title of Mistress, you can feel the pleasure he's in just by watching. But with a contest on the line, he makes sure to be polite and ensure that Mistress cums first by tying her down and strapping toys to her pussy. Unable to take the vibrations, Val cums hard, finding herself in a precarious position. Michael, feeling the need, begs his Mistress to be allowed to cum. She responds by riding him Amazon style and taking his cum deep insider her pussy.

With tied scores and everything on the line, Michael launches a mating press assault. Despite her best struggles to hold her moans and orgasm, Valerie can't hold back and cums all over his cock, declaring Michael the winner and the one to advance in our tournament!

See how it went in more detail right here.

Isabelle Vs Shirley

In our next heated tie-breaker, we see Shirley the teacher taking on Isabelle, in a high-stakes lesbian match.

Not wasting any time, they get to touching and teasing each other, kissing and sucking and slipping their clothes off as they show off for the audience. It didn't take long to just delve into each other, kissing and licking pussy, as well as Isabelle getting collared early on in the match. Fingering, fondling, just raw sexual power on display as they try to dominate each other.

Ramping up, they strap-on fuck each other, tie each other up. There was no holding back. Soon, Shirley has Isabelle's fiery hair in her hand and a strap firmly inside her pussy, pounding her hard, testing her will. But Isabelle takes it in her stride and makes her pay for it by going down on Shirley, driving her wild, and making her cum all over her opponent's tongue.

Catching her off guard, Shirley takes her strap-on back and fucks Isabelle deep whilst vibing her clit, making her cum just moments after Shirley, making this fight hotter by the second. In the final part of this match, it was pure, sexual carnage, giving each other their all, using everything they had. Isabelle gets back between Shirley's legs and licks her pussy again, bringing the teacher to another shuddering orgasm, taking the win for her team!

That wasn't all, as Luan in the audience got to have a little bit of fun with Shirley before the end. See all this unfold by clicking on this thing.

Valerie Vs Jay

The next tie-breaker saw the Valkyrie taking on the Composer in their semi-final bout.

Tearing off her panties as his opening gambit, Jay starts with the rough stuff as he spanks Val with a paddle, showing everyone that he means business and doesn't intend on losing again. Val, being the little minx that she is, manages to pull Jay's pants off whilst falling away, which naturally let her suck his cock, getting it nice and wet so she could follow up by fucking him with her tits. Changing the speed, Jay gets Val on her back and teases her pussy through her panties, before peeling them down and licking her delicious slit slowly.

Mounting a defence, Val slips her skirt back on and gets between Jay's legs, sucking his balls in return for the licking she just received. Taking advantage of this, Jay pins her and tapes her up, preventing any immediate escape  as he takes her skirt back down again. Getting free of the tape, she lays on the bed as Jay teases her pussy again, then uses her tits to fuck his girth as she recovers from the teasing.

Spanking him to teach him a lesson, they continue teasing and goading each other, with Jay trying and failing to make her cum as he fucks deep into her, hitting the right spot. Taunting her even more, she binds and rides him hard, his cockiness costing him the first orgasm of the match.

Tying Jay down soon after his orgasm, he responds by calling in some of the audience members and have them gang bang Val into orgasm, giving him plenty of time to get free. All the excitement turns to passion as they lay down and fuck intensely, whispering salacious words into each other's ears. Jay takes her by the neck and fucks her hard, trying to push her over the edge. Val endures it and slides down him, returning the favour and blowing him hard, teasing and taunting as she works him over. Unable to hold it, he cums all over Val's face in a huge explosion of lust and cum. Beaten and fucked into submission, he takes his place as Val's slave, getting taken into the crowd for some humiliation amongst the adoring crowd.

See these two marvels do battle here.

Isabelle Vs Michael

Vying for the right to play on, Izzy and Michael take the stage in their semi-final battle.

It took... about 6 minutes for Michael to take his clothes off, then Izzy to collar him. I have to say, this was the fastest I've seen that happen in recent times. Some said that his odds didn't look great. But this could all be a part of his master plan...

Eager to please the one he calls Mistress, he slides her pants down, then kisses he pussy through her now wet panties. Through some teasing foreplay, Michael peels off her panties with his teeth, before getting overcome with arousal at the sight of her naked body. Taking control, Michael picks her up and 69s her, before putting her down and trying to brainwash her to suck cock. Resisting the effort, she pushes back and rides him, enjoying every second of it.

Keeping him on edge, Izzy grabs her strap-on, fucking Michael's ass, as well as some cheeky fingering. Loving the sensation, he repays this by fucking her from behind relentlessly, making her cum hard all over him. Barely even taking a breath, she wraps her thighs around his cock and thighjobs him to orgasm, another victim claimed by the thighjob technique!

At one apiece, they take a moment to recover some energy, then Michael fucks her intimately, which seemingly gets her warmed up as she lifts him up and standing 69 sucks him! An impressive show of strength. But that may have just been to lower his guard, as she pounces by sliding a strap-on into his ass and stroking his cock, grinding his prostate hard. Unable to handle all those sensations at once, he cums hard, quivering in her grip. Using him as she seals this victory, she proclaims that is on a roll and tells her defeated opponent to pass on the message. With such a track record, is there anyone that can stop her as she leaves a trail of cum and pleasured lovers on her way to glory?

See all the sensual details right here.

Isabelle Vs Valerie

Hot off the heels of their last matchups, we see two sexual titans take each other on in a lesbian hentai tie-breaker!

Settling in, they get naughty as Izzy flashes her ass whilst Val performs a standing tease. Making sure the audience gets an eyeful, Izzy flashes her tits as well, leading to Val flashing her ass. I think they were trying to out flash each other.

Getting heated up, as well as wet, Izzy embraces Val in a deep, passionate kiss. Melting into it, exploring each other with their tongues, they moan and caress each other with wanton desire. Popping her ass up more than once for the audience to see, Val changes the pace and has her opponent sit on her face, exploring her deeper as she feels how wet Izzy has become. Switching from this to a standing, upside-down pussy eating, Val feels Izzy getting handsy, so gets free and slaps the handcuffs on her foe. Izzy's response? Fuck herself with a large dildo. As you do, of course.

Declaring her intentions, Isabelle grabs her strap-on and fucks Val's ass, making her moan lewdly for all to hear. Pushing back, Val makes Izzy feel it as she's fucked, trying to mount a defence. Wriggling free, Val massages and fondles her rival's body, only to be tricked into riding that strap-on, urgently resisting an oncoming orgasm. She fingers Izzy in defence but so far, all attempts at making one another cum have failed. Getting the upper hand, Isabelle slides her fingers into Val's pussy, fingering her back and bringing her to a squirting orgasm as they finger fuck together!

Whilst recovering from this, Chaste launches a girl attack, having multiple women kiss and lick and lap at Izzy's sensitive body. Try as she might, she couldn't prevent the orgasm they coaxed from her. Both collapsing near the toys, Izzy strikes and manages to stuff her holes with them, fucking her ruthlessly as she tries to keep the pressure on. Feeling the moment is right, she discards the toys and slides her body onto Val's, rubbing their pussies together in a scissoring special move. Their wetness coats each other as they grind and fuck, until Val can't hold out any more and cums all over Izzy's pussy.

Giving her a sweet defeat, they kiss and cuddle as Isabelle claims yet another victory and progresses to her next battle. Try not to drool over this epic tale folks.

And that gives us the last semi-finals of the tournament!

The next match will be the first of our finals as we close in on a champion. But the true question is who will stand and who will fall??

Come back and join me again and we will find out together.



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